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How red stone is mined and used in Minecraft


The most common way to extract red stone dust is by mining red stone ore. You can find ore of 10 blocks (or layers) above the bedrock, or between the bedrock. This means that usually it can be found from blocks 5 to 12, and less often above layer 16 or below layer 2. You will need an iron pickaxe so you can mine red stone ore.

Method 1 Production

  1. 1 If you prefer to mine, dig a ladder into the bedrock.
    • Dig two blocks in front of you, and one block below them. Jump and repeat.
  2. 2 Once you reach the bedrock, if you still haven't found the red stone, dig a room more and hang torches.
    • 5 blocks wide, 5 blocks long and 3 blocks high is a good start for a mine.
  3. 3 Select the middle block of each empty wall, and dig a tunnel 2 blocks high until you no longer see.
  4. 4 Hang a torch at the farthest end of this tunnel.
  5. 5 Go back along the new tunnel to check if you find ore (red stone or other) on the walls, ceiling or floor.
  6. 6 Starting in a large room, go through 3 blocks into a smaller tunnel and select a wall.
    • You must skip 2 blocks of the wall, and must face the third.
  7. 7 Press down on the wall, and dig your way back through the 1-by-1 tunnel, the height of your head.
  8. 8 Check the walls, ceiling, and floor of the tunnel for ore. If you see her, dig and get her.
  9. 9 Turn to the opposite wall and repeat.
  10. 10 Continue to make small tunnels, skipping 2 blocks each time, until you return to the torch.
  11. 11 Place the torch on the floor, remove the torch from the wall, and dig back until you no longer see.
  12. 12 Repeat steps 7-13 until you find redstone ore.
  13. 13 Keep in mind that this is only one way to mine ore. Choose the style that suits you best.

Method 2 Caves

  1. 1 Find a cave, preferably near the sea level, which leads underground.
    • If it abruptly goes down, you can dig a ladder along the edges of the hole to go down.
  2. 2 Follow the cave for as long as possible.
  3. 3 If your cave is not deep, find another.
  4. 4 When you find lava or bedrock, you are at the right level to start mining red stone ore.
  5. 5 You can either start mining right from the cave wall, or you can explore the cave tunnels that lead even lower to find the red stone in the ceiling, walls, or floor.

Method 4 Jungle Temples

Jungle Temples can only appear in Jungle Biomes when you have Natural Structures enabled.

  1. 1 Find the jungle.
    • The jungle is characterized by its tall trees, bright, green grass and vines.
  2. 2 Find the Temple of the Jungle.
    • These are large cobblestone and cobblestone buildings with moss.
  3. 3 Go through the door of the temple, and follow the stairs leading down.
  4. 4 Walk along the corridor that leads far from the levers.
  5. 5 Walk along the corridor, keeping aside so as not to be shot through by the distributor.
    • Sometimes, the distributor can be hidden in the vines, so be careful!
  6. 6 After you wrap it around the first corner, you can start digging out a red stone that leads from the stretch to the distributor.
  7. 7 Continue down the corridor toward the chest, holding onto the wall again.
  8. 8 Next to the chest, there is another trail of red stone that leads to the distributor above the chest.
  9. 9 Return in the same way that you came, but go towards the levers, instead of the stairs.
  10. 10 You must pull the levers in the correct sequence to open the hole on the left side of the stairs leading to the upper level through which you can pass.
    • Another alternative is to knock the middle lever off the wall, and dig the wall behind it.
  11. 11 In this room you can find several pieces of red stone, as well as a chest, red repeaters and a sticky piston.
  12. 12 There are 15 pieces of red stone dust in the jungle temple.

Exchange Method 5

Sometimes, priests in villages will exhibit 2-4 pieces of red stone, in exchange for an emerald. Emerald can be obtained only in the biomes of the Mountains.

  1. 1 Find a village.
  2. 2 There should be a high tower, which is the best place to find a priest.
    • Priests wear purple robes.
  3. 3 Right-click on the priest, and see what he put up for exchange.
  4. 4 If he has a red stone, put an emerald in the exchange cage, and transfer the red stone to your inventory.

Method 6 Of the Witches

Witches are enemies who attack from a distance, and which appear only in swamp huts, in swamp booms, and from which red stone powder falls.

  1. 1 Find the swamp biome.
    • They are characterized by their vines on trees, dark water, dark grass and water lilies.
  2. 2 Find the swamp hut and the witch inside it.
    • Witch.
  3. 3 Kill the witch.
  4. 4 There is a chance that when you kill a witch, 6 pieces of red stone dust will fall from her.

Description of how red stone is mined and used in Minecraft:

Among the materials of Minecraft there are resources born of the imagination of the developers of this game and not existing in the real world. One of them is a red stone. If you understand its properties, you will be able to create unique designs similar to electrical circuits. In this article we will look at how red stone is mined, which objects are made of it, and what application is used for them.

Material extraction

Red stone, or, as it is often called, "redstone", is mined from red ore, the blocks of which are located very deep - they are generated 1-20 blocks above the bedrock. Having found one red ore block, do not stop there and continue to “dig” in the bowels - this material runs through entire veins.
Particles of red dust are mined from red ore. To get 4-5 pieces of dust, the red-ore block should be broken with an iron or diamond pickaxe.

In addition, red dust is sold in villages. It turns out to buy it from the priest.

Use in the game

Red dust is used to craft many objects. For example, by combining it with gold bars, you can create a watch - they help to know the time even in deep dungeons. Together with iron, a compass is formed from dust - a very useful thing for orientation in virtual reality. It also creates a red torch, a repeater, a music unit, electric or push rails, a distributor, a piston, a lamp ...

For all these objects, there will definitely be an application in your game: a lamp will illuminate the house, the distributor will quickly supply the character with a certain set of resources, the piston will push other blocks in the vertical or horizontal direction, the music block will play the plate, the electric rails accelerate the trolley, and the push rails activate the inclusion of an additional mechanism when a trailer passes by them.

Red dust is used to create wires. When you need to activate a device at a distance, you should prepare a switch and connect it to the main mechanism with a dust path. It simply pours onto other solid blocks and performs the function of a conductor - the resulting tool is called the red wire.

When assembling such structures, it is very useful to understand the purpose of the repeater. It is also made from red dust. Usually the signal on the red wires passes no further than 15 blocks. If a repeater is installed there, it will perceive and reproduce it, which will allow the signal to continue for another 15 blocks. In addition, the red repeater helps to create timers - it has a function of delaying the transmission of a signal from input to output from 0.1 to 0.4 seconds.

The presence of red dust and mechanisms makes it possible to invent a variety of schemes. You should include imagination and logic in order to come up with their own application. How would you design a mob trap? Or automatically opening doors at home?

How to power the created designs?

The essence of the operation of circuits and mechanisms made of red dust is very similar to the action of electrical appliances in the real world. And they also require energy. It is given by two devices obtained from the same dust - a red torch and a block of red stone.

The red torch energizes the wires, but turns off if a charge is connected to it from it, from another torch or from a red stone. If you quickly turn on / off the torch, it will burn out.

Red stone is a constant source of energy. It works even in difficult conditions like underwater depths.

When you create some cool high-tech designs on the Minecraft server, you hardly want them to be destroyed by evil grippers. Read our article on how to occupy and secure a section of the virtual world.