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Do not believe 5 stars: March boom of fake reviews on Amazon

Amazon products - fakes or not? This question is asked by many buyers, because the opportunity to buy an expensive thing at a price lower than on the official website is always associated with deception.

We have already talked about how prices are formed on Amazon and why inexpensively - does not mean poor quality. So are there fakes on Amazon? Unfortunately, cases of the sale of non-original products were recorded four years ago. Since that moment, Amazon has tried to deal with fraudsters, and in 2017, company representatives declared the year to be a fight against fakes. Work in this direction is carried out by a team of Amazon specialists who are developing effective methods to prevent the receipt of non-original products on sale. The main way to deal with unscrupulous sellers was to register manufacturers. In total, there are about two million of them on Amazon.

Under the new rules, each seller must provide Amazon with confirmation from the trademark owners that they have the right to sell their original products. If the seller has such permission, he can register on Amazon and immediately start selling his products. In addition, Amazon has already identified some scammers who managed to sell fake items to customers, and sued them.

The question remains how the buyer himself can understand whether the fakes are presented by the seller on Amazon. To do this, you need:

  • get acquainted with the characteristics of the goods,
  • get seller ratings on Amazon, read reviews,
  • Compare prices on the official website of the brand with prices on Amazon.

Of course, if you want to buy Apple products or Rayban glasses and you see the price on Amazon is half the official price, you should not trust this seller. Most likely before you fakes. If the product’s card says Sold by Amazon, it means that the sale is carried out by the trading platform itself, and not by a third-party manufacturer. In this case, it is not necessary to doubt whether the original items are presented or not.

If you still encounter the fact that the product purchased on Amazon turned out to be a fake, we advise you to immediately issue a refund. Amazon provides this opportunity to users from any country, including Russia.