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Friendship Bracelet


Each person has his own hobby. For some it is collecting or sports, while for others it is needlework. One of the options for needlework is weaving bracelets.

This technique is complex, and it has its own nuances, however, such a hobby will be interesting to everyone, and a bracelet as a gift will be a sign of attention for your beloved people. Finding out how to make a bracelet out of threads is a snap.

Necessary materials

Anyone can master the technique of weaving bracelets from threads, it is necessary to correctly combine colors and choose the size of the threads, as well as take into account various weaving techniques and nuances.

A small deviation from the bill or size can ruin the whole thing and affect the whole work.

Previously, such a product was called a friendship bracelet, as it was given only to friends, however, as the popularity of such a direction as “weaving baubles” grew, the bracelets began to be used as a gift to loved ones.

Before weaving a bracelet of thread, It is necessary to prepare some materials:

  • threads
  • scissors,
  • a pin.

It is advisable to use threads with a mouline thread, as they are quite soft, and the choice of colors is diverse.

The combination of colors can be any. An ornament made of one color of thread will not look, therefore it is recommended to take at least two colors.

Also, the mouline thread allows you to make the product accurately, since the nodules are thin.

The variety and brightness of colors allows you to choose what really will be combined.

Crafts can have various shapes and weaving, as it all depends on the imagination and skills of the needlewoman.

However, it is better for beginners to start with simple forms.

Before you make a bracelet of thread with your own hands, you need to familiarize yourself with the techniques for its implementation.

Types of weaving

Existseveral ways of weaving:

Initially, it is better to use oblique technique, as it is much easier.

With the increase of skills and mastery in weaving, you can use other tactics and weave bracelets in different patterns.

This method is used by most needlewomen: it is much simpler, and it takes less time to complete it.

The essence of the first method is that the pattern consists of knots that go diagonally one after another in different directions.

Most often, patterns such as rhombuses or stripes are used. Another of the common patterns are "Christmas trees", but they are used less often.

To knit a product using direct weaving for many becomes a daunting task.

This method requires perseverance and skill.

Usually he used for knitting on a name bracelet, allows you to create ornaments, as well as enter various phrases, usually initials, surnames or certificates of love and friendship.

That is why such a method is considered difficult, since the technique requires a lot of care and free time. In the second case, most often a thread of the same color is used under the background of the ornament.

Usually this color is white or black: both are standard and fit any pattern.

Here the role is played not so much by the chosen background as by a certain ornament.

Having chosen a complex pattern, not everyone can cope with it, so you need to choose the one that will definitely be affordable.

Preparation and selection of design

Before you make a beautiful bracelet, you need to carefully consider who you can give it to and what kind of pattern it will be on.

Each idea has its own advantages and disadvantages, which are also important to consider when drawing up an ornament.

In addition, an element should be prepared that will indicate the beginning of weaving.

Usually a pin is used for this purpose.

But if she’s not at hand, You can always find the following items:

Before you begin, you need to check the availability of all the necessary materials and feel free to follow the instructions.

Weaving is very similar to knitting, but there is no need for a canvas or lining, it is enough to have threads at hand.

The design of the bracelet can be anything, it all depends on the desire and capabilities. There is no need to start with a heavy one; it is better to learn first a simple weaving technique and gradually move on to more complex ornaments.

Using a clamp or adhesive tape, it is necessary to fasten the beginning of weaving - knots so that they do not get confused and do not interfere in further work.

It is required to distribute them at the required distance and stick them with tape to a post or table.

On the table, of course, knitting is easier, since all the necessary materials will be at hand.

It is much more convenient for many to use a tablet for weaving, since you can make the necessary notes on it so as not to forget important details.

The easiest way to weave is in the form of pigtails or nodular.

It allows you to quickly master the technique and proceed to more complex projects.

For a pigtail, you need three threads, preferably different colors, since the threads of the same color scheme will not look.

Braiding is simple.

Each thread is superimposed on another by interweaving colors.

For a pigtail, it is necessary to use thick threads, which should be a lot.

As such material, yarn is suitable, but it is very prickly.

When studying the structure of weaving bracelets, you can also learn to read patterns of various jewelry.

Friendship bracelet

For each person, friendship means a lot, and I want to express my love for a friend in various ways.

One of these options is weaving a friendship bracelet.

Design may be different:

  • baubles with the names of friends,
  • original bracelet "Friendship".

When choosing a primary color needlewomen’s bracelets usually stop at red - as a color of mutual understanding and love.

Before you make a bracelet from a red thread, you need to think about other dilution colors.

Usually use black or white, as the red color will stand out brighter.

Usually, a heart or the name of the person to whom the bracelet is intended is chosen as a pattern.

Before you begin, you need to select several threads of various colors that will be to your taste.

It should be understood that there should not be too many red threads so as not to spoil the look of the whole picture.

If you want to make a narrow bracelet, then 4-6 threads of different colors will be required.

If the bracelet is wide, you need to use 8-10 pieces.

The more threads used to weave the bracelet, the thicker it will be in width.

The thread size is selected as follows: you need to take the thread and place it from the tips of the fingers of your hand to the shoulder.

This will be the required length of the bracelet.

In this case, it is not necessary to press the thread too tightly to the hand, it should be freely located at the specified distance.

If you have doubts about the length of the thread, it is better to cut a little longer, since in the end you can remove the excess part.

Thus, it is required to prepare threads of all colors.

You can do trickier and cut the rest along the length of the first thread.

Before you begin, you must make a small knot at the ends of all threads and fasten it with a paper clip or attach it to a flat surface so that the threads do not intertwine.

Next, you need to arrange the threads in the order in which the pattern should go, and only then start weaving.

First you need to throw the first thread on the second so that a loop forms.

Next, you need to thread the tip of the second thread into the formed loop and tighten it to the beginning of the knots, while holding the loop so that the threads do not spread.

No need to make the knots on the loops too tight, otherwise the bracelet will look ugly.

It is enough to tighten the knot to maximum voltage. The same thing needs to be done with all the threads. After the knot on the last thread will end, you need to go back to the first.

This method is considered one of the simplest, which is why most needlewomen like it. In this case, you can use all the materials that are at home, and spend less time on work. You will get an original and unique gift that you can give to a friend. It is important to choose the right colors and have a desire, and then the master will certainly be lucky.

How to weave a friendship bracelet?

We need threads of three colors. You can stick to one color scheme and choose different shades, or you can choose contrasting colors. We also need a fastener to hold the craft together. They can be found in any department for creativity, since triple fasteners are now very popular. So that the accessory gently bends around the hand, in the center we make a ring. You can do without it, but then the bracelet will be a little harsh, like all woven accessories.

We fix one thread on the ring and take the second, start weaving, carefully examining the diagram in the photo.

We tie the ends with rivets and attach to the fastener.

Amulet Value

The main meaning that such bracelets have for friendship is the expression of appreciation between two people. When one person gives another such a decoration, he confirms a friendship. Baubles are light and cute accessories that do not cause discomfort when worn.

In friendship bracelets, it is better to choose colors that will be associated with positive emotions. You can choose a special color scheme that will remind you of special moments in a person’s life. Each color has its own meaning, which characterizes a character trait or an external sign.

There are 7 primary colors that are used to create talismans.

  1. Red. If it is used to make baubles for a loved one, it is a symbol of great love or passion. For a friend, this means sincerity or honesty.
  2. Orange is a sign of vitality or energy.
  3. Yellow is a symbol of joy and happiness.
  4. Green attracts to the person who wears it, good luck and luck in life.
  5. Blue color indicates fidelity.
  6. Pink or raspberry - mercy.
  7. Black color stands for wisdom and power.

To make perfect bracelets that will become symbols of friendship, you need to be responsible for choosing a color scheme for jewelry. Before weaving, all colors must be applied together to assess their compatibility.

Weaving preparation

To weave bracelets as a sign of friendship, first you need to determine the size. The more threads, the thicker the bracelet will be. It is better to take from 8 to 16 threads - these sizes are optimal. For weaving with your own hands, you need to take the threads of the floss. They are sold in many craft stores. They are used for embroidery. There are many companies producing these threads. You can choose any texture and color to your taste.

After the selection is made, measure the desired length of thread for weaving. So that the bracelet as a sign of friendship was the right size, you need to measure the distance from the fingertips to the shoulder joint with a thread. This thread length is considered the most acceptable. Masters advise taking longer threads - it can always be easily shortened. It’s easier to cut than to weave a new thread. This requires a certain skill. So that all the cords are the same size, they need to be measured on the first cut thread.

To start weaving, it is necessary to fold all the cut threads exactly into a bundle, and then tie them into one knot. You need to leave at least 10 cm from the end of the threads so that you can easily make ties. For this prepared knot, you now need to fix the friendship bracelets. This can be done with a pin - to a pillow, blanket or jeans.

Some craftsmen can weave even in the most difficult conditions. They can tie their bracelets, woven as a sign of friendship, to the toe and continue to work in this form, but the most convenient and reliable method of fastening is a pin. The weave does not slip on the surface and is smooth.

To weave your own hands easily and without problems, you need to arrange the threads in colors before work. This is necessary to get the desired pattern. To prevent excess knots from forming on the floss, try to reduce the number of crossed threads.

Do-it-yourself friendship bracelets are woven using double knots. This technique allows you to make the decoration strong enough. If you use one knot, as a result, the bracelet made of threads will twist. One knot in the weave is called a semi-node. This is done for convenience of notation.

Making a bracelet

To make bracelets, you need to take the first thread, which is located on the left edge. Any weaving always begins with it. It must be bent so that its lower part forms a triangle with weaving. After that, the free end is threaded under the next thread. On one thread this is done 2 times. After that, the lower thread is laid aside, and the first mouline thread further participates in weaving.

Knots in weaving do not need to be tied very tight. Then the handmade baubles will quickly lose their shape - they will become bumpy and uneven. Such bracelets are uncomfortable to wear on your hand - they will deliver the feeling of a foreign object and scratch the skin. It is not recommended to tighten too weakly - this can lead to the appearance of holes in the weaving.

After the first row is completed, you need to take the thread that was on the left. With it they repeat all the actions, as with the first thread. So you need to move to the end of the bracelet. When it is the required length, you need to proceed to the final stage of work.

All bracelets are completed with ties. Thanks to them, the jewelry will be held on hand. You can arrange the ties so that they are in the form:

  • braids of 3 threads,
  • braids of 4 threads,
  • fish tail
  • beads
  • harness.

Make out the ties as imagination allows. For the simplest design, by the type of pigtail, it is necessary to group the threads in 2 or 3, depending on their total number. In total, 3 beams should be obtained. Now they need to be crossed among themselves so that the pigtail turns out. In the end, before you tie the knots to the ties, you can put the beads. This will give a more elegant look for weaving. To make the harness ties, you will need to divide the remaining threads into 2 halves. They need to be twisted separately first, and then with each other.

Tips for Beginners

It happens that bracelets are very difficult to weave due to the fact that the threads slip. This leads to the fact that they get confused and the pattern is broken. This affects the speed of work, therefore, to easily weave complex bracelets with your own hands, you need to wipe the threads with transparent wax before weaving.

It is better to weave a bracelet at a time. You will not forget the places where you had to stop. If the weaving is too large, you can write on a piece of paper, where there was a moment of stop. In more complex patterns, you can leave schematic drawings to help navigate the weave. So that the friendship bracelet does not curl like a cord, after the work is completed, it can be ironed with an iron. This will keep the bracelet in shape.

Before you tie a bracelet, you can make a wish - it will certainly come true. You need to tie the bracelet by substituting the index finger under the eyeballs - this will be most comfortable for the wrist.