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How to stop playing computer games

This is one of the popular questions we get from gamers. How to approach the issue of combating computer addiction? Throw sharply or gradually reduce playing time? What will be better and more efficient? We will try to give you answers to these questions.

You need to understand: it’s impossible to develop a technique that works for 100% of people, always . We are all different, the channels of perception of information, the reasons for which we play, the game “experience” and so on - have intersection points, but in some ways they are unique. You can detect certain patterns that are observed in the majority, and use this knowledge. We went this way. The tips below work in the vast majority of cases, but cannot take into account all possible situations.

Based on our experience, the most effective and justified way to engage in computer games is a sharp rejection.

If you have already fallen for this hook, you are at risk.

Often gamers are not ready to part with computer games forever, they want to play less in order to better manage the situation.

The truth is that even after a long break, if you return to the game, the chances of returning to the previous state of computer addiction are too high. If before you quit, you played 10 hours a day, after a break you can break this bar.

The main mistake of people who are trying to cope with computer addiction is a misunderstanding of what they should come to.

Instead of quitting computer games, you seek to reduce the amount of playing time so that you can better control yourself and your hobby does not harm your core business. This can be achieved if you just did not bring yourself to the state of an obsessive desire to spend all your time at the computer. If you really want to take control of your life, set REAL goals and move in their direction.

If you understand that computer addiction interferes with your life, but you try to deal with it gently and gradually, from the point of view of logic, you act irrationally. And that's why.

Imagine that computer addiction is the shoes that were presented to you for your birthday. They are made of high-quality materials, of a very beautiful appearance, a lot of memories are associated with them, in general - a valuable thing. But they are no longer your size, so much so that it is literally impossible to walk in them.

You noticed that you have long grown from them, but for some reason you continue to wear them. You understand that at a certain moment you cannot go outside because of them, because all your legs are disfigured by corns, two layers of plaster can no longer save, and any walk on the street is hell. And how did you decide to deal with the problem of tight shoes? Try to wear shoes less often.

Stupid, isn't it?

When you choose the path of phasing out computer games, you do the same. If you understand how much time you ALREADY lost, how many complexes you acquired, why do you force yourself to still wear these tight boots? The main problem of computer addiction is that the addicted person can't control time, held at the computer. How are you going to reduce it?

It's just as ridiculous as an alcoholic who devours an average of 4 bottles of a strong drink a day will try to reduce his appetite to three bottles. Or switch to low alcohol drinks. What is the chance that his attempts will succeed?

A gradual decrease in playing time will work only in the case of people who do not have problems with computer addiction. And for those who ask similar questions, there can only be one answer.

It's much easier to just stop playing using techniques that work. Why choose a difficult path if there are ready-made solutions? You need to understand what prevents you from making the final decision to cope with computer addiction.

More often than not, this fear. Fear that you will never again be able to enjoy the achievements of modern gamedev. Fear of losing your virtual friends with whom you chatted for hundreds of hours. And the fear of losing a lot more. This is an illusion that your brain considers a real threat to your life. Living outside of virtual reality is much more interesting and more fun, it all depends on how you react to certain events.

Therefore, instead of following false assumptions based on fear, try to work with this condition.

Computer games are a scam

But let's get to the point. The first step in the fight against any addiction is the realization that the object of addiction harms you. I can describe the harm from computer games in one simple phrase - you are bred.

First of all, you are bred for money. In civilized countries, computer games are usually bought, but even the cave dwellers of torrent trackers with the spread of the Denuvo protection system will be forced to spend their hard-earned money on this digital trash.

Ok, bought the game, what's next? For its work, you need a modern computer, but the system requirements for games are increasing with each new release, and the gamer is forced to update his configuration once every two to three years. As a result, you spend money both on the copy of the game itself and on the gaming computer, whose full power you no longer need for anything.

But what do we get in return for our money? The release of the hormone of pleasure is dopamine. The whole joke is that our primitive "animal" part of the brain does not know how to distinguish a picture from reality. That is why the naked woman on the monitor screen causes sexual arousal, although in fact it is just a set of pixels, though the animal’s brain will never understand this.

Dopamine is produced as a reward for useful, from the point of view of the animal’s brain, activity. This includes domination over other individuals. And what is a computer game? This is a process consisting of attempts to dominate players over each other, or a player over computer opponents - “bots”. Put a headshot? Get a dose of dopamine. Gathered an army more than your opponent or “torn” him in microcontrol? Here is another portion for you. Did "multikill" in the bunker? Eat dopamine, honey, the brain loves you.

And if it didn’t work out, and you lost? The dose of the hormone has not been received, the buzz is unavailable, and you experience anger, resentment, irritation. You start to break down on family and friends, and all because of a defeat in your favorite game? No, you just didn’t receive the dose when it was so close, you are addicted, you are a gaming addict.

But back to our rams. We spent the money and in return we can get a dose of dopamine, or maybe not, we won’t be able to constantly win. The brain of a gamer is able to enjoy virtual victories, but what remains in reality? A hunched, emaciated, or vice versa, obese body, with its nose buried in the monitor. There are no victories in the real world, there is no success, there is only scoliosis, myopia, tunnel syndrome, headache.

Enormous losses of time that could have been spent with greater benefit, health problems, a complete collapse on all fronts in real life. And all this for our money. Well, isn't it a divorce? Playing computer games, we are deceiving our brain, we are rewarded for something that actually does not exist, we spend our money, health and time in the void, we merge our life into the toilet.

How to quit playing. Substitution method

Realized the harm and scope of the problem? Ok, it's halfway done. Left to drop this shit. How? Replace it with healthy, wholesome activities in the real world that are enjoyable. It can be something commonplace, like reading books or playing sports. But personally, I rely on creative activity. It is she who is able to deliver a lot of pleasure to a person, to include in the work not the animal, but the human part of the brain, allows herself to prove herself as a creator and achieve success in the real world.

Play a musical instrument, write poems, stories, blog, draw, embroider, engage in any activity that deserves to be called human, not animal.

Be an interesting person, not an object for earning money.

Why do people develop gambling addiction?

Millions of people would not play computer games if they did not get something from it.

But when we play computer games, it gives us not just harmless interest or pleasure. The virtual world is formed in its own space, and the player becomes its full member.

This virtual world can become a springboard for the realization of human abilities. However, having finished playing, when a person leaves the virtual world, he does not see the results of his works, because in reality they do not exist. A guilty feeling is imposed from this: a person realizes that he has wasted time in vain. Feelings of guilt reinforce gambling addiction, forcing the player to hide again in the virtual world in order to escape from this unpleasant feeling of remorse.

Who is more addicted to gaming?

Why is it more often that the dependence on computer games is formed in the male?

A man by his nature strives for achievements in life, it is important for him to achieve goals, to realize himself in every possible way in the world, to conquer new horizons and so on. Not finding a realization in reality, many men (or guys) find themselves in games.

Girls are also subject to gambling addiction, but to a lesser extent than men.

In online games, they often seek communication and attention from the opposite sex, which they lack in reality.

The effect of full inclusion in the gameplay

The enhancement of computer addiction is influenced by the positive emotions that a person experiences during the game, quickly achieving the set result (the goal in the game is reached, the mission or level is completed). The player can immediately see the result of his efforts.

In reality, you don’t have to wait for the results of a mouse click; changes do not occur in a couple of minutes. And to achieve even the smallest result, you need to make efforts for a long time, you need to overcome obstacles and suffer defeats, which is sometimes not very pleasant.

Therefore, a person finds an easier option for himself - to go into virtual reality. However, for this choice a person will have to pay a high price. You will learn about this by reading the article to the end.

In a computer game, the addicted person is fully included in the virtual world. During the game, he does not separate himself and the game character. Self-identification takes place, which further enhances the dependence on computer games.

Now the achievements are no longer an individual character, but a person ascribes them to himself as a real person.

During the game in an atmosphere of full involvement in the game process, a person receives strong emotions, such as: fear, excitement, interest, dedication, joy, victory success and bitterness of defeat.

Such a flurry of emotions a person can experience in just a few minutes.

In reality, we do not run with a machine gun and do not kill 5 people in 5 minutes, and also do not drive around in the tank and do not capture the city.

A computer game makes it possible to feel strong emotions in a short period of time. Going on emotion release.

All would be nothing, if not for the features of the human body.

What is addiction to computer games similar to drug addiction?

Gambling addiction is similar to other strong addictions, including drug addiction.

In order for a certain occupation to cause dependence in a person, three conditions must be met:

  1. Purpose of the lesson: get away from reality (get high, get away from uncomfortable feelings)
  2. Getting high (getting strong emotions in a short period of time)
  3. The lesson itself is considered "not very good" and socially condemned (which ultimately causes guilt)

The consequences of gambling addiction

Of greater interest is the period when a person stops playing. Then the main consequences of the game begin, which cause addiction. What are these consequences?

  1. Since the game caused a person to have strong emotions, the nervous system continues to remain in a highly excited state for a long time. It also affects the work of the cardiovascular system (the heart beats faster, an irregular heartbeat is observed).

The human body is not a computer that can be abruptly switched to another mode of operation without any particular consequences. The nervous system is not adapted to dive from reality to reality, which happens with gambling addiction. A person, being in a computer game, does not realize that this is just a game. He takes it for a really existing space of action.

  1. Some time after the end of the game, a person begins to experience internal discomfort.

Unexplained feelings of anxiety and anxiety, irritation come. A person begins to feel uncomfortable in the real world.

  1. Guilty feeling that he went into virtual reality.

After all, everyone understands that computer games just burn through time and do not give anything else.

  1. Due to the fact that periodically the nervous system received a strong emotional arousal, it comes into an unstable state.
  1. After the game, a person wants to feel calm again, because there are no reasons for further excitement. But the nervous system continues to “rattle” for several hours and is in an excited state.
  2. Then there is a projection of the caused pain on external circumstances. This reinforces the dependence on computer games.

A person begins to look for an explanation of the uncomfortable feelings caused by the game in the outside world. (he does not understand that his discomfort is caused by a computer game).

  1. As a result, reality becomes uncomfortable and unbearable for a person.

She no longer matches his mental attitude.

  1. A person begins to think of the game as a way to escape from reality and relieve tension. This method seems to the person the best in order to achieve the desired goal - to regain peace and feel good.
  1. The man starts to play again.
  2. Instant immersion in the game process removes negative thoughts, since the person is now focused not on himself and not on his reality of life, but on the game process.

He is again in the game.

The cycle repeats over and over.

Over time, the enjoyment of the game will be less and less, and discomfort will arise more and more.

A person can assume that he controls when and how much he will play a computer game. However, it is not. The dependence is that the game itself dictates to a person when he will play. The game takes freedom of choice.

Sufficient development is when a person devotes time to the game all his free time. And when he does not play, he plans what he will play and how to play (thinking over tactics, strategies). He lives in a remote world, doing only the most necessary, trying to do everything as quickly as possible in order to free up time for a computer game.

Real life becomes uncomfortable

When a person has no opportunity to play, he tries to use other islands of virtual reality:

  • Sits on the Internet, in social networks
  • Listens to music constantly
  • Watching a video

How to beat addiction to computer games?

What needs to be done to get rid of gambling addiction?

  1. Firstly, a person needs to realize that the game affects him negatively.

It is necessary to stop perceiving the game simply as harmless entertainment, and to see in it a source of strong psychological dependence that destroys life.

  1. Stop playing completely.
  • Simply removing the computer game will not help.
  • Promises to play only 20 minutes a day, or only once a week will remain unfulfilled.
  • And a person himself, without noticing it, will begin to play more over time, since any game will support computer addiction.
  1. Go through the weaning period.

During this period, the psyche adapts to the life of reality without games.

  • There will be weaning pains, tension, depression can also come - as the most common signs of gambling addiction.
  • In the period of weaning from computer games, irritation is observed, a person literally does not know where to put himself.
  • Obsessive thoughts come to play again. A person begins to scroll in his head the advantages of a computer game, savor the positive qualities, forgetting about the shortcomings. This is called euphoric memory.
  • It is necessary to resist all temptations. Soon the symptoms will stop.

Gambling addiction is a type of compulsive behavior. I wrote about this in the article "How to get rid of compulsive behavior?"

Remember that the arising desires to play are not their own desires, but tricks of a game addiction.

Dependence on computer games for the first time will live inside a person and have access to his thoughts and feelings. A man needs to understand that at first his own feelings and thoughts will seek to deceive him, dictate his will to play a computer game once. Under various excuses.

- there will be nothing from one game

— сыграй разочек, получи большое удовольствие и дальше не играй

-игра — это не так плохо, это безобидная штука

  1. Нужно найти замену игре, альтернативное занятие. Это может быть хобби, спорт, общение с людьми, новое увлечение, новый проект.
  2. Помнить, что игра приносит несоизмеримо больше дискомфорта, чем дает удовольствия.

Тогда человек сможет остановиться, победить зависимость от компьютерных игр и вернуться к жизни в реальном мире.

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27 Comments “Game addiction. How to stop playing forever? Game Over ”

Tell me, if sometimes playing is also bad?

I still did not understand how computer games affect health, and the psyche, not misleading people, I have not noticed any deviations or symptoms from computer games from my own experience, I can play for days on end, and at the same time go on working in a good mood, and communicating with colleagues in full is normal, and doing my job adequately, I don’t understand why some individuals attribute some kind of evil to computer games, and that it’s drugs, on the contrary, you can develop logic, thinking, it’s not even necessary there will be games in 3d, I will I understand that vodka, beer, wine, all kinds of alcoholic substitutes are dangerous, a person simply degrades himself, digs a hole for himself, this is understandable, and argues that alcohol is good, this is unrealistic, there is still such addiction as masturbation, and porn, they are like one drug whole, and this should also be given special attention, and no less even alcoholism, as for this
articles about gambling addiction, then I just suspect the author of my blog’s PR, raise it in the search engine ranking, but I don’t think that a lot of visitors drive in searches about gambling addiction, of course, they’re looking more for “how to quit drinking”, write better about alcoholism, it’s about Your topic is immediately visible.

Your opinion from one point is correct, but from another point I would say that a person who cannot refuse computer games is a slave. If you tried to stop immediately find irritation. Aren't you a computer slave? Drugs and alcohol have the same effect, and I agree with you. But a person who goes into another reality loses his skill and ability to live in the real world because he is used to the virtual one. If he cannot refuse it, then we can say that the games have a negative effect on him. This is more a minus than a plus.

after 10 years, look at yourself

I read millions of articles after I abandoned the DotA 2 game. I quit, and after half a year I started playing again (2 weeks) but already 3 hours a day, before 4 years I sat for 10-12 hours. Began to notice the strong tension of the whole body. Everything is written correctly, I will subscribe to every word of the article. In an unconscious age, I think it is almost impossible to overcome computer addiction. When I was 25 years old, I threw it away easily, but wandered like in darkness for half a year, and then I started to play again - I thought that not everything was bad to play. But then he was convinced that this was only negative. All gamers - good luck in recovery. While this may sound ridiculous, but we (the end of the 80s, the beginning of the 90s are hooked on games since 2000, ks 1.3, warcraft, and even worse - WWII) we still do not see the results of negative consequences. Someone’s nervous system is destroyed faster, someone’s slower. Therefore, I wish everyone to sit around the fire with friends more often and play the guitar!

True, it’s not noticeable how you will swallow it. Also played DotA. This is complete destruction and dependence. You need to live real life and play real games .. such as football at least .. it will be much more useful

Why play get nothing?

that’s what interests me, I’m also a gamer, but as a rule, games don’t catch me for a long time, I can sit in them all the weekend from morning to evening, if the toy is interesting then it can drag out for a week, I'm a student of free time enough) so, but after this time, I’m just not able to go into the toy, it starts to vomit and it remains to gather dust on my computer in the farthest corner .. I’m sorry to delete, I still spent time on it, save everything, and play no I don’t feel like it .. bunkers literally were enough for a fortnight. the problem is that I often watch different people on YouTube, and they happen to sit down on some kind of game novelty, and if I like this game, then I, along with them, albeit not for long, after a week the game is already in the dump, where the others are, but this process is essentially endless, because every year we are “delighted” with different gaming innovations .. sometimes it just happens, after a year such nostalgia can flood that I can’t bear it, I download the same DotA, but again, more weeks unable to play, vadlyu not that to play, to do anything in it, even I don’t get the “start” button ..

I completely agree with the article, I saw myself in it!

At 22, I bought a computer, spent a year on VKontakte and 2 years in allods, my girlfriend left so she did not pay attention. Playing 15 hours a day, I no longer enjoyed it. This is a mmo game. I spat on VK and deleted everything; I don’t go there. True I play warfare is a shooter. not at 15 but at 1 - 2 hours a day, when even less. MMO games take people to their worlds. Gambling addiction and even along with alcohol and drug horror do not lead to anything.

At one time, something was also happening with my brother. Almost did not leave the room, my mother went crazy. We went to a psychologist and a psychiatrist, and took him to church ... Then the psychologist talked about the IMC clinic, praised it, we went there with my brother. Rather, dragged, almost barely persuaded. It was 3 years ago, now he is 20 - generally normal since then. They thought it would start again, but the computer was not removed. Everything is OK - I didn’t even think that because of the games I would need to be treated.

Yes, I also played for a long time in World of Tanks. Then I removed it. I don’t play for several months and it doesn’t pull. I do not think that games act like a drug. After all, there are games with a well-thought-out plot, where the gamer is invited to relive those emotions and feelings of the hero that he experiences. For example, the game "Assassin Greed" offers a person to plunge into those ancient times of the Middle Ages, to get acquainted with the delights of the Renaissance. I heard that many thanks to this game began to get involved in the history of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance. Yes, and Leonardo Da Vinci, for many became interesting. Thanks to the game, people became interested in this man, who he was, what he was doing. By the way, the game introduces a person with some developments of this magnificent master, which cannot but arouse delight, well, of course, interest. For me, games are not evil, and not even addiction. It all depends on the person, not on the game. In general, your point of view Arseny is quite interesting, thank you for creating the blog. Success in personal development.

To be honest, I don’t play anything for a long time. Once a year I download what thread

Explanatory article, thanks.

It's easy to say, "Find a new hobby." No interest. In general, I do not want anything except computer games.
I deleted all the games, eventually installed them back, because I can’t live in complete apathy.

Hooray, I found the first comment on the essence of the written problem, not a dumb retelling of someone's life. Plus, I also don’t understand what I should find interesting in this life.
In my experience, most articles on the Internet only very superficially touch upon the problem raised in them, but at the same time claim to be an absolute and unambiguous solution to it.
I am glad that in this article I have found at least something useful for myself and really applicable in practice. However, there are still many nuances that it does not affect and does not give an answer on how to get around them and what to do with them. All this: “just give up playing and be patient”, in practice it will look completely not so linear and much more complicated. For example, I’m not interested in anything in this life. Or rather: almost everything is interesting, but not like the games. This mystical “everything” does not allow you to relax and forget like games, and does not look so interesting and emotionally exciting. I’ll even say more when I found something that can be compared with them in terms of emotional intensity, I still needed a discharge and went into games for a couple of days.
I've been a gamer all my life. So parents raised - not my fault. I am 23 years old. A couple of years ago, when my brain woke up and I realized that some people were a big idiot, what else should I look for, I decided that it was time to end with mmo games, and with all the others, too, and just threw them away - went into the real world .
The effect and consequences of my actions were very informative. I discovered a lot of new things: that there is 24 hours in a day and that it’s a very long period of time in life without games, during which you can redo a whole bunch of things that I had planned to do earlier in the week, that there are a lot of interesting relaxing activities in life and that they are completely different in nature, not like games, but they have such a pleasant effect for the soul that the life of people who have never played games is completely different and that they think and live completely differently and that we never will understand.
However, in spite of all my desire to change and become different, which, to the point, lasting 2 years, I would not say that I have achieved any success and have really become different internally. No, I just began to spend more time in social services. networks or watching TV shows, or stupidly staring at the ceiling - for anything, but not for what it seems like to spend time: for a hobby, at work, at home. And all because I don’t understand what might be interesting in these matters.
I am sorry that most likely on the Internet I will find sources of information that would help me really become a different person and tie up once and for all with games. Likely, if you have really big problems with games and you spent many years in them, then you should go to a specialist, and not read any articles. But no, I won’t go. Just because I'm too ashamed of such a life: (((((

Not all the reasons are described, for example, I can’t stop playing because of the same interesting plot, because of the events you’ll miss and you will not have advantages and unique items, and indeed, during the time that you don’t play you understand that you will lag behind others, and if someday in the future, when there is free time, you return just like that to continue it will not work ...

Yes, I also think of quitting video games, I’m 16, I’ve already ruined my health enough with games, I realize that it was because of the games that I lost my physical form, and solidly planted my eyesight. I have a great desire to succeed in life and I understand what needs to be quit. Video games are a great opportunity to do what you don’t do in the real world. But when it turns into addiction, all thoughts are about games. Therefore, I quit and will be engaged in self-improvement.

I am 15 years old and I quit games declare to everyone.

I already wrote a comment, but it was deleted, apparently I exposed those who wrote this article). So, this article is complete nonsense created by grandparents who do not understand that there are different games, for example, which harmlessly affect people. Therefore, the article was created solely to raise ratings and make money on users like you. That’s the whole secret. What nonsense is written - just awful! I have never experienced the symptoms that are written there. That's all I wanted to say.

I played and never experienced what is written in this meaningless article, because I have no addiction.

Thanks to those who created the games. And shame on those who wrote this stupid, stupid article.
But there are vile people who write such articles.

How to make quit playing brother?
21 years old, 2 years old in 2 university, no desire to work. There is one BUT, physical inferiority, there is not enough left hand brush (such was born).
Sits on the neck of his parents, does not say why he does not want to work.
As everything about him is written in the article, he either plays or watches video streams. Sitting at home does not go anywhere

The gamer is like a drug, until the last one recognizes his illness, and comments from such vivid illustrations: “I'm not sick, the article is stupid, do not stop us from degrading further, uiiii-uiiii!” It’s bad that such scum mimics for a long time under normal ones, it starts families , multiplies, and some tepekhs also rejoice that husbands do not drink and don’t look, and after all, gambling is the same disease as dependence on hard drugs and is hardly treated in the same way, and life even in the event of a temporary “recovery” reminds smoking on a barrel with gunpowder - rather just explode, but it is not known when. It would not occur to anyone in their right mind to consider an individual who regularly consumes heroin as healthy, but for some reason many continue to call normal mental addicts. Apparently, they themselves are the same "healthy".