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How to insert pictures into Blogspot (Blogger)

CODE 1 CODE 2 CODE 3CODE 4 I can’t judge how functional and interesting it is, but it works

Separately, upload your own or select the background and pictures on the Internet. Find links. We act according to the formula. I found a link to the background with the animation in advance. Code - I take the whole code of clause 8. Size = 100 * 4 +50 more gallery sizes set.


thanks, I will choose something for myself

but how to make sure that when you click on a picture, the picture doesn’t open in a new window - it’s enlarged there without going into a new window

Yes - I did this, I’ll look, though, as the Masters say, this is bad for a blog

Sveta! perfectly painted.
Good girl!

Svetlana, I can insert a picture into a blog, but your info is very interesting, thank you!

Svetlana, you always give interesting and useful information, which is very simple to apply. Thanks you.

Useful information. My reprint reworked for Julia

Creative processing turned out, with interesting tricks

It seems I can insert a picture, but you have so many things!
"Utilities" lives up to its name!
Svetlana, thanks))))

Very informative, thanks)))

I liked the pictures and recommendations for installing them.

Thank you for the article. I have a question: with the transition to the new version of the blogspot, my signatures and links under the photo began to spread to new places. I have no idea what to do.
And yet, earlier when changing the post, looking at it, I saw where the link to the photo begins and where it ends, now everything merges, I see neither the beginning nor the end. And I do not understand how to do it

Eve looked through your beautiful, simply wonderful works! What a talent!
On blogs, signatures are fine, but in order to tell you need to see "abnormal." Show. You can here.
It is possible through mail or via skype
The coordinates are on the business card

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For some reason, you cannot drag the picture, and the blue bar does not appear with functions.

Eva, you can watch the video on the topic - is on the Lessons page

Thank you. I looked and saw a strip there. I click on my pictures and nothing appears

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There is only one option left - click on Training in the upper right

Thank you, I press everywhere, so far without a result.

Eve - let's meet - skype svetasad54

Thank you, in a few days. Until I can, no time

Svetlana, thanks for the help. With difficulty, by typing I was able to find the blue bar by accidentally clicking on the "Create" toolbar, and she immediately materialized.
Now the question of saving photos to the desktop, I had in ipeg, now for some reason it is saved in bmp, how can I transfer them to ipeg?
Sorry for the questions

I just change the format, that is, the extension, in the picture to the one I need and save

Thank you, I’m a perfect burdock and don’t know how to change the format.

Svetlana, thank you for everything! I looked at you on the advice of a good friend Larisa Plys. She promised me that I would not regret it. And I am just delighted! A complete delight! You are so special!
I am a newbie, I also have a blog, it just goes to the 3rd week)))
I created it by means of a “poke” –experiment, and I named it the same way, because the name Utility has been sitting in my head for about a year now)).
But I’m a layman, I can do what I can. I really do not even understand how here they are added to Kroogi)) I have not tried it yet. Basically, I write different differences from the bottom of my heart, because I know so many interesting things, survived, saw that infa was just overwhelming me! Hope to help someone. And now for a couple of days I want to make a gallery of photographs for the story, I did not know where to go and with such questions.

And here you are.
It is true that the Teacher comes when the Student is ready!

I am so grateful to you! I don’t know what will work out for me, but now I can try it - everything is laid out on your shelves! I admire your usefulness to people!
Good luck and prosperity to your Blog!

Thank you, Victoria, for your kind words. Touched. And Larisa Plys is my Teacher - special thanks to her

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| Aug 6 2012 | 23:29
  1. Download (from computer),
  2. From this blog (Insert images inserted earlier in the blog),
  3. From Picasa Web Albums (all of your albums),
  4. From phone (Paste from Android and iPhone),
  5. From Webcam (online snapshot),
  6. At the url of the image.
  1. The size,
  2. Alignment
  3. Add signature
  4. Properties
  5. Delete

How to add an image to Blogspot

Thank you, thank you. Svetik, I discovered a lot of new things, I hear about group renaming for the first time, for some reason I ignore the Total Commander program, I need to urgently install it. I have been using PhotoShop for a long time, but I didn’t know that I could compress a whole folder of photos in it. That's for sure: "Live a century, learn a century."

Tan, perhaps group renaming is also in other programs, but I'm used to Total Commander)))

Hurrah. I also learned. Thanks Svetik.

Tan, congratulations! On the fly you grab)))

The teacher is good. Thanks Svetik :-)

Exactly. unbelievable. Thank.
Light where you used to be at all. I can’t live without you now)))
So far I myself have reached a dash between words - Kapets Kapets was generally.

Svetlana, accept my gratitude :) I’m doing some of this, about something — I heard it, but my hands did not reach to search for information. And here all the most necessary in one place! Save to bookmarks :)

Thank you, Sveta). I rarely shrink the folder, always open the photo in ACDSee and edit it in turn - if you need cropping, light correction, well, and size reduction, I’m right in this program right away and look through everything to select what I need. But rename like this - did not guess). About the description of the photo - generally silent. It’s probably worth describing one main photo, because if that's all, I'll go nuts and stay on the Internet))). I am too lazy to even make a signature for the photo, but this is just very worth doing)))

An, I also do not describe everything))) Only the most-most)))

Optimize pictures before uploading to blog

  • Make the picture unique. If the article is accompanied by screenshots, this step is omitted.
  • Optimize image: reduce weight, compress the image to a minimum size.
  • Give the correct file name.
  • Prescribe the ALT and TITLE attributes for the picture.
  • Names should be informative and contain keywords.

The correct image file name is:

If you upload a picture to a site with a Russian name, then its address will look like abracadabra, for example, like this:

For an optimized picture, the address will be informative:

The name of the image file must be in Latin and between the words a hyphen. It is best to use transliteration services. I propose using the online service "Translit online translator (Translit Yandex online)" for the translation of Russian letters into Latin according to the rules of the Yandex search engine.

Yandex transliteration

We go to the service, in the menu on the left, select the item "Transliteration according to Yandex rules." In the upper window in Russian, enter the name of the picture and click "translate". In the bottom window, copy the correct name and save it on the computer. I also use this service to select the domain name and for the CNC (the address of the site’s pages and publications).

Preparatory activities are completed. Now upload the picture to the site.

How to insert a picture in blogger (blogspot) in a post entry

How to add image to posts

In the post editor on the "Create"click on the icon" Insert Image ", in the window that opens in the menu above select the method of adding a picture to the blog.


"Download" allows you to add a file from your computer.

"From this blog" On this tab you will find all the pictures from the selected blog, which are stored in the Google albums archive (formerly Picasa web album storage). To reduce the size of the virtual file storage or download a picture, click on the link above the pictures.

"From the archive of photo albums" here are collected pictures of your Google account, these are Blogger albums for each blog (not even indexed) and from your Google+ profile. It is important to remember that all the pictures that you uploaded to the blog but didn’t add to the record are saved in the album, in order to unload the album and free up space it is advisable to remove all unnecessary garbage from the archive.

Upload a picture to blogger

I download files from a computer, and when I edit or modify an article I use the third tab.

We uploaded the picture to the blog and click "Add Selected Images."

The next stage, after uploading the picture to the blog, click on it with the left mouse button. We select the size and location of the image, add a signature, select the "Properties" tab in the menu, fill in the alt and title attributes in the window.

Picture Editor [open in new tab]

How to register ALT and TITLE tags to an image

Fill ALT and TITLE attributes for pictures

The TITLE attribute is the title of the picture, an alternative hint to the reader, which is displayed on the screen when the mouse cursor is over the image.

The ALT attribute (alt) is a description for search engines. It is this attribute that needs to be given special attention, so that search robots understand what is shown in the picture and how to rank it. You must include the keyword in alt.


TITLE = We write alt and title attributes to the image
ALT = How to correctly set ALT and TITLE attributes for a picture

Or so:

Title - In the picture a raspberry bush
Alt - How to Grow Raspberries at Home

The main thing is not to abuse the keywords. If you use the article title (title) as ALT and TITLE, then the search engine can find the page re-optimized and filter it for spam. Attributes for images must be different.