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Water, dish detergent and more: how to make the perfect summer washer

Are you ready for the autumn rains? Perhaps you think that you have provided absolutely everything in the checklist of the necessary preparations for your car for the rainy season, but, as practice shows, many drivers forget about windshield washer fluid!

The windshield washer and “wipers” operate in tandem to provide you with an optimal level of visibility when nature decides to bring the wrath of heaven down to your car and direct dirt, water, debris and insects that fly from all sides directly on its windshield.

Even if you forgot to get glass cleaning fluid in a timely manner and nature took you by surprise, do not worry! Before you are options for how to get out of the situation by filling the tank for washing glass of liquid with what you probably have at home. This is quite convenient, in addition, will save you some money!

What water is suitable for this? Very simple: distilled. There can be no exceptions here! Before we move on to the formulations of home-made analogues of purchased glass cleaning liquid, it is very important that you remember: use only the purest form of water! I cannot but pay attention to the fact that pouring ordinary tap water into the washer reservoir is very harmful. Why? The fact is that in the composition of tap water there are minerals that can clog pipes or nozzles that spray liquid onto a windshield.

Now that water is already a stage for us, it's time to turn to creating the optimal solution for cleaning glasses.

Option 1. Window Cleaner + Distilled Water

Take a container that holds approximately 3.5 liters of liquid and fill it with на distilled water by ¾. Then add one part of window cleaner to it and mix well. The composition that you have is perfect for getting rid of unpleasant traces of wood tar and road dirt that remain on the windshield. Do not forget that you need to store the liquid in a cool dark place where children can not reach it.

Option 2. Dishwashing liquid + distilled water

Take the same container, заполните fill it with distilled water and add a few drops of dishwashing liquid there. Shake the container well after that. Try not to overdo it with the amount of dishwashing detergent, because if you overabundant it, you will get too much foam - this will badly affect the visibility while driving. The composition is perfect for degreasing the windshield.

Option 4. Isopropyl alcohol or vinegar

There is also a mixture of isopropyl alcohol. It acts like antifreeze - in warm countries this is irrelevant, but for those who live in a more severe climate, this supplement can be very useful. White vinegar can be used as an alternative to alcohol, but, as experience shows, its unpleasant smell is a serious reason to refuse to use it.

You can buy environmentally friendly concentrated products that do not contain methanol, which must be diluted with distilled water before use. If you do not want to do this yourself, get ready-made fluids that you just need to pour into the tank. In any case, be sure to follow the instructions on the labels, especially in the case of concentrates. Also, see what your car manual says about this.

It is important. It is quite common practice that our windshields are wiped by gas station employees when we arrive there to fill gasoline in the tank. Unfortunately, most gas stations use aggressive detergents that dissolve in tap water. It drains onto the nozzles and as a result can clog them. Now you are armed with the necessary information and know that you can take good care of your car yourself.