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5 fashionable looks for summer


Deciding what to wear at a pool party (or a foam party in a club) is no easy task. This is the same as going on a hike - you want to be fashionable and practical at the same time. You will definitely want to plunge into the water or find yourself in the foam, but at the same time continue to have fun and be beautiful after that. The best way is to have a wrap with you that matches your swimsuit. So you can enjoy the sun in style, we offer you guidance on how to dress for a pool party.

1. Knitwear. The style of the 70s returns, conquering us as easily as he did 40 years ago in the USA. So think about a sarafan or tunic crocheted. Wide knitting provides the desired density for the beach cape, as well as the necessary ventilation.

2. Transparent material. Open a little, hide a little. Bloggers and magazines promote transparent fabrics, but not everyone is comfortable in a transparent topic through which a bra is visible. A pool party is your chance to wear a sheer cloak without showing anyone your underwear. You can wear a transparent tunic or mini dress, but a transparent maxi is an excellent version of a beach outfit.

3. Artistically torn clothing. This option requires some creativity. Take a T-shirt dress and make holes in it. This will provide proper ventilation. On the Internet there are many examples of how to “tear to shreds” such a dress in order to look stylish.

4. Sandals and slates. Some might disagree, but it's best to leave high heels at home. When it comes to water, it’s best to wear flat shoes. If you choose the right wrap, there is no need for exquisite shoes.

5. Long skirts. Denim miniskirts are a good solution, but get your long skirts out this summer. A closed bottom in combination with an open top creates an interesting balance. In addition, you have a huge field for experiments with different tissues. You can choose a skirt, like the Greek goddess, but here no one limits you.

6. Hats. Red is a great color, but not for skin. Protect yourself from heat stroke and sunburn with an ordinary hat. You can love or hate them, but these large and flexible hats from the 70s give extra protection to the face. There are no strict formulas. Just let the hat blend in with your outfit.

7. Shorts. This is not a new idea, but it's best to leave your cropped jeans at home. Wonderful fabric high-waisted shorts are a great alternative. Plain or with a pattern, they are comfortable and very light.

8. Do not forget about sunscreen, if the party will be held in the afternoon or in the evening (at sunset)!

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How to dress for a city walk

Combine in any outfit things of any color, provided that they are all pastel shades. Bet on feminine and classic silhouettes, and let the ironic and unusual accessory, for example, a bag in the shape of a camera, which will definitely become the star of your Instagram, make the central element!

"I like it when a girl looks feminine and fragile, I’ll go around all of Paris with such a thing."

Democratic monarchy: how Queen Letizia wears things from Zara

How to dress at the resort

Denim was amused with bright accessories - a walk can end with a party. A floral print backpack is the best friend of denim shorts and ballet flats.

On the beach, the girl should look as simple as possible, so that it would not be a pity to get dirty in the sand.

How to dress on a cruise

Remember: three colors is the maximum. White, blue, red - both patriotic and stylish. Anchors, flags, stripes are welcome.

I appreciate in girls the ability to dress for the occasion. Studs on the ship does not belong.

How to dress in safari style

The outfit of the conqueror of Africa is an excellent alternative to sports classics. Use the basic techniques when creating an image in a safari style: natural shades (beige, brown, green, olive, sand), natural fabrics (linen, leather), animal prints, camouflage, lacing, stand-up collars, patch pockets. Ethnic accessory is a suitable companion for khaki items.

A girl in short shorts, a vest with pockets and in a cap with a visor will definitely wake the beast in me!

How to dress for a pool party

Do you try a cocktail of exotic prints? Combine similar drawings of different sizes. Tropical patterns look best with vibrant and fun accessories.

Hats for the pool

A hat will help protect your hair. It happens: rubber, silicone, fabric or combined.

  • Rubber. Thin fit your head, inexpensive. Shortcoming: it is difficult to put on / take off, it is possible to spoil hair. Allergic reactions to the material have occurred. Another minus is that they break quickly.
  • Latex. Pleasant to the touch, easy to put on, stretch. In a latex hat you will look neat, as it will fit your head without creating wrinkles.
  • Fabric. These hats do not press on the head, are convenient for long hair, but do not protect them from water.
  • Combined (fabric-latex). The head and hair will be comfortable. The fabric base inside comfortably fits your head, the hat is easy to put on / take off, the hair does not deteriorate, the latex does not let water out (the hair does not have to be dried). Their only drawback is the high cost.

The accessory that protects the hair, you can choose bright, there are models with drawings, logos. There is an opportunity to buy a hat of the desired color and design, in harmony with a swimsuit.

Slates or slippers are another attribute. They go to the locker room, shower, near the pool paths. To prevent your gait from losing its grace, wear slippers with non-slip soles. Shoes protect your feet from bacteria, fungi that multiply in a humid environment.

More expressive look

Inspired by the insta-look of fashion bloggers, we have put together a selection of the most original sunglasses this season to complement your look at the pool party. Agree, this accessory will definitely add mystery to your image.

Sun protection

Having fun at the party, you must remember that your skin is in the sight of sunlight. Burnt shoulders and a red nose will ruin any look! We recommend that you pay special attention to sunscreen.

Recall that SPF-30 was created for pale skin, SPF-20 for fair skin prone to peeling, SPF-15 for dark skin and SPF-6 for brown or olive skin.

Stylish and terry

When creating a Wow image, you need to remember the details. Not only a swimsuit and glasses will create the mood for the party, but also a beach towel, bag, and shoes. To make a proper impression, choose bright colors that will organically combine with each other. At the peak of the popularity of straw products.