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How to clean a baby car seat

Hello, I want to share a little crazy, but effective way to wash the seats, who loves his four-wheeled friend, he will understand. And for whom the car is just a means of transportation, they will say "what for!" But since I want everything to be fine in the car, I spent time and effort, and there was little money for the procedure, which took about three weeks.
I bought a cube in 2001, after all the flavoring, which the seller poured into the car, was weathered, I realized that the previous owner was a heavy smoker and smoked more in the car than drove along the way.
First of all, it was decided to try out several low-cost methods, and I bought a couple of bottles of some foam and, having waited for the hot weather, I rolled into the country to wash the seats.
I will not describe the procedure, but I will describe the result.
Not only were the seats covered in black and yellow stains, they also began to stink 10 times stronger! For a week I drove with my windows open and my friends, not only getting into the car, but letting close people in was embarrassing! In general, the result did not please me, and a week later I decided to turn to the professionals for a sink, but due to the limited budget for the test, I limited myself to only the front seats.
At the sink, they used the "some" profs, and when the seats dried out, they looked much cleaner, but the question arose: "where did the dirt go with this cleaning?" Of course, inside, in the foam.
And a few days later the smell of rotten damp crept up the car, in principle, it is clear where it came from.
And this time, the result didn’t suit me and it was decided to take extreme measures, so to speak, “If you want it to be good, do it yourself!”
And as a result of gestation and deliberation for 2 weeks, I developed a method of washing the seats, which really cleans the seats, and does not inject dirt into the foam.
The technique is very labor-and time-consuming, but it seems to me that the result is worth it.
1. Phillips screwdriver
2. The key to 14 and 10
3. Thin-nose pliers
4. Scissors
5. Carpet brush
6. Washing powder and lysol
7. Bath and running water
8. Vinegar and fabric softener
9. Washing machine (for spin)
10. Heater
11. Plastic clamps
12. Beer

1_Removing the front seat.
There is nothing complicated, everything is clear from the video, only when you pull out the seat, do not scratch the car.

2_Removing the backrest of the front seat.
Everything is also quite simple, try to do everything carefully.

3_ We unscrew the substopopnik.
The bolts are tightened very tight, so watch carefully that my hand does not slip, I beat off my finger.

4_ Removing upholstery trim.
Here we unclench the rings with fine pliers. When reassembling, they will not be needed, we will use plastic clamps for cable ties.

Remove from the car

Make sure you have plenty of space in a well-lit and well-ventilated area where you will clean your child's car seat.

Place a towel or tarp under the car seat to protect the bottom from water and soap if you wash baby seats inside. It is better to wash it on the street, this will protect the lower part of the car seat from dirt and scratches.


Use the upholstery nozzle to collect all crumbs, dust and debris from the child car seat.

Pay particular attention to the seat, back and other soft areas.

you also can vacuum cracks and crevices in the car seatas these areas are difficult to reach with a cloth or sponge.

Clean the fabric

If possible, completely remove the upholstery, washing in a washing machine.

You can also gently clean the fabric by hand with a damp cloth, warm water and mild soap. Clean the cloth car seat, gently rubbing it in a circular motion.

Stains clean with a small amount of fabric stain remover.

Let it air dry

To prevent mold and mildew growth in a clean car seat, let it dry completely, then put it back in the car.

Leave the car seat in a well-ventilated, preferably sunny place, where it can dry completely and quickly.

You can remove excess water from the seat cushion, pushing gently on it with a dry towel.


The minimum set of tools and tools for cleaning any car seats

There is no point in buying things like a steam generator or ionizer for domestic use, just as there is no point in buying industrial vacuum cleaners. We describe the minimum set, which will be enough to carry out dry cleaning of your car seats yourself.

  • A vacuum cleaner. The more powerful the better. The vacuum cleaner should be without a bag to collect dust. In principle, such are now used at home. Do not worry, you will not spoil it, it will be necessary only for collecting foam.
  • Sponge. Any one will do, but it’s better to choose a larger and denser one, it will be more convenient to work.
  • Brush. It must be selected individually, just focus on the upholstery material of your salon. Do not overdo it with stiffness.
  • Bucket and rubber gloves. Here for your taste and color.
  • Hot water. It is hot, not warm.
  • Well, the most important component of the process - cleaner.

Let us dwell on the choice of chemistry for cleaning the interior of a car. We will not focus on brands and manufacturers. We will analyze the qualities and characteristics that this chemistry should possess.

  • Concentrate with high foaming rates. Do not take foam in spray cans. It will be expensive for you and hardly lead to the desired result.
  • Chemistry should not contain aggressive solvents.
  • Preferably, neutral pH chemistry is used.

Do not look for such chemistry in car dealers; you rarely find it there. You can buy it in any city in which car washes exist.

Just use the Internet and enter in the search bar something like: "Buy chemistry for car washes in the city of N". Managers will not refuse to purchase goods from them and, possibly, they will arrange delivery with a forwarder.

Do not take the most expensive. You can get good chemistry in the range of 400-600 rubles per liter, which is enough for you to clean more than one seat of your car.

How to clean the seats in the car?

Dismantling and removing the seats of your car is not necessary. If you manage to get to a polluted place, then you can do without unnecessary manipulations.

Cleaning is necessary in a place where you will have access to electricity and hot water.

Once you have acquired everything you need, you can get to work. The sequence of actions is as follows.

  1. It is necessary to dilute the chemistry you acquired in hot water. The instructions for use will describe in what ratio to mix water with the product. Stir the chemistry well with water (you can use some stick) and make sure that foam occupies at least 70% of the volume in the bucket, and the rest is water.
  2. Apply foam with a sponge to a stain or contaminated surface. so that it penetrates the fabric through it (if the seat is leather, just apply foam to the surface with a sponge). It is advisable to clean the entire element so that the seat does not have one clean spot, this does not look better than a dirty stain.
  3. Wait for the chemical to interact with the dirt. This will take about 3-5 minutes.
  4. Use a brush or sponge to grout the surface of the seat. Do not overdo it. It is better to repeat the procedure a couple of times if the stain is heavily ingrained in the material, than to rub and spoil the upholstery.
  5. Collect dirty foam with material using a vacuum cleaner and several wipes.
  6. Ventilate the interior. Your car’s seat will be wet, so if it is possible to leave the windows slightly open for several hours, it’s best to take this chance so that the car has fresh, odorless dampness.

This do-it-yourself cleaning method is perfect for any upholstery, regardless of the problem you need to solve. It is easy to clean car seats with household equipment and inexpensive professional chemicals at home. The product you purchase can be extended to several car seat cleanings.

If you have a baby in your family, this method will be indispensable, since in this way you can get rid of the smell of urine that has eaten into the salon, and other unpleasant “aromas”, as well as from almost any stain that little pranksters often put.

When cleaning stubborn stains, you can repeat the procedure several times. If you have chosen the right tool, it will not negatively affect the upholstery of the car seat.

If the interior of the car needs to be cleaned from an unpleasant odor, then this method can be used to clean the entire upholstery, and not just individual spots. Also, this procedure will help to quickly wash the interior of the car from spilled beer or kvass in it and get rid of the unpleasant intoxicating smell.

If you need to wash the cracks at the joints of the panel elements, then apply foam on them, let them stand a little and remove it with a vacuum cleaner. In the same way, at home, you can also clean other plastic elements of your car from stains without using additional funds.

Ceiling cleaning is done in the same way. But, in order to clean its surface, it is advisable to protect the eyes from possible splashes when working with foam.

If it is necessary to clean the car seats and its interior from blood stains, it is recommended to use cold water instead of hot water. The process may be a little more complicated, but cold water will not allow blood to clot on the tissue.

If the car interior is smoked, it is recommended to use additional flavoring agents. In addition, smokers form spots on the ceiling. Getting rid of such spots, do not overdo it with rubbing, it is the most difficult to replace the roof lining.

Estimated cost of self-cleaning

So, we have considered the option of dry cleaning the interior of your vehicle at home. The following items are used from consumables in this cleaning method:

  • chemistry - 500 rubles,
  • large and dense sponge - 200 rubles,
  • brush - 100 rubles.

Total costs for all material used will be about 800 rubles. You should have enough of these materials for one or two full dry-cleanings of the cabin, including elements made of plastic, a ceiling and a carpet.

Is it expensive or affordable - it's up to you to judge. But, according to experts, this is one of the few ways to carry out dry cleaning on their own and without unnecessary risks for interior materials.

The method is quite simple and does not require certain skills and resources.

Most importantly, do not forget about basic means of protection and protect your eyes from chemical agents.


Let's move on to practical tips for cleaning this hotbed of anxiety and germs. To clean a child’s car seat with their own hands, follow these steps:

1. Read the manufacturer's child car seat cleaning instructions. Sometimes covers can be removed and washed in a typewriter, sometimes manually (yes, all by herself).

2. Wipe the plastic parts with a damp cloth, and heavily soiled surfaces with dishwashing detergent or car shampoo for the salon. No, no bleach.

3. When vacuuming the vehicle, lift and clean all mats. A collection of crumbs under them can support the life of a small biological colony of protozoa during the flight to Mars.

4. Use vacuum cleaners with long nozzles to clean the space between the seats.

5. Sticky rollers for cleaning clothes will save from hair and hair in the chair and salon.

And a good scandal after cleaning will help to shake oneself: “So, I didn’t understand whose long red hair was on the roller? Whom did you take? “Honey, we have a collie, have you forgotten?” “Do not evade!”