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Lose 1 kg in 1 day

There are many ways to lose one to several kilograms in just 1 day. True, not all of them are safe for health. In addition, the faster the weight leaves, the faster it usually returns. But if you really need to lose one or two kilograms per day, you can try to resort to the following recommendations.

Is it possible to lose a kilo per day

Initially, you should understand the significant difference between the two concepts: a decrease in body fat and a decrease in body weight or volume. Each of them means weight loss, but they are fundamentally different. Burning fats per day is unrealistic, since any human body can remove only a few tens of grams of fat during the day, a maximum of a hundred. To reduce the volume of the body is quite real. If desired, and the right approach in one day can be removed from the total weight of up to 2 kg. Such weight loss consists in removing excess water and wastes from the body, as well as by reducing the volume of the stomach. This can be achieved using mono-diets and fasting days, as well as cleansing fasting.

Reset kilo per day

Important! With frequent use of hard methods of weight loss, the body remembers a similar state and, when trying again, confronts it, trying to save as many fats as possible. If you often try to lose weight quickly, then instead of real 100-150 gr. fat will only remove 11-20.

How much can you lose per day

How much can you lose per day

Theoretically, you can lose 3 kg per day, but this is a very complex process that can adversely affect your health. Depending on the goals set, methods will be selected:

  1. If the goal is to lose 1 kg in 1 day, then you can choose simple methods: fasting day, going to the bath or sauna, bowel cleansing.
  2. If you need to lose about 2 kg per day, then you need to combine several methods and at the same time add sports.
  3. Dropping up to 3 kg per day is possible only theoretically. To do this, you will need to switch to complete starvation (drink only water), be on your feet all day, go in the evening for 2-3 hours to the bathhouse. The body is not able to cope with such a load without stress.

Beetroot salad

On a note. This is another way that will help cleanse the body of excess waste and water in just a night.

Small beets are cooked, grated. A little olive oil is added to the beetroot mass. Such a salad should be eaten at night and washed down with a glass of warm water.

Using beetroot salad works in a similar way because beets are rich in fiber. Under the influence of water, it swells in the intestine, collecting all the toxins. Beetroot is also a non-nutritious product, the digestion of which requires a lot of energy.

Fast weight loss without diets

During the day, you can seamlessly get rid of a couple of extra pounds. If the question arose, how can you lose 1 kg in weight in 1 day, then the main emphasis should be on cleansing the intestines and removing excess fluid from the body. Below we will consider the most gentle and harmless options that will help to lose the desired kilogram in a day, maybe two. Such options can be used even by a young girl without harm to health.

Removing excess fluid

To get rid of the maximum amount of fluid in the body, you should adhere to two basic principles:

  1. Arrange all conditions so that water does not accumulate.
  2. Ensure the free disposal of fluid from the body.

Potassium and sodium salts are responsible for water metabolism in the human body.

On a note. Specifically, sodium salt is responsible for water retention in the body, so it should be completely excluded from the diet on this day.

But completely removing it from the menu is not enough, it is important to contribute to the conclusion of salt accumulated inside. The water itself will help. During the day, you should drink up to 3 liters.

Pure water consumption in such a volume will lead to increased potto - and urination. To enhance sweating and activate metabolic processes, it is recommended to take a long walk in the morning with a quick step. A walk is performed on an empty stomach, after drinking a few glasses of water before going out. For a walk, grab 0.5 liters of fluid.

Salt is responsible for water retention in the body

One more walk before bedtime and a spoonful of low-fat cottage cheese will help bring the water balance back to normal. If you add a fasting day to the water diet, you can lose about 1.5 kg per day.

Bowel cleansing

Many are used to associating bowel cleansing with enemas, but in fact, this procedure only helps to remove the contents of the colon. The small intestine remains intact.

On a note. To lose weight by one kilogram in one day, you can cleanse the intestines using plant fibers (bran, dietary fiber).

You can use the following breakfast option: a few tablespoons of bran, a teaspoon of olive or any vegetable oil are added to a glass of kefir. The result is a mushy mass, which should be eaten in small sips of a teaspoon.

Kefir has a laxative effect, bran is an excellent adsorbent. At its core, bran is cellulose, which, when moving along the digestive tract, absorbs everything around and removes it from the body.

Important! Bran not only absorbs toxins and excess accumulations in the digestive system, but also water. Therefore, when cleaning, you need to drink at least 3 liters of water. Otherwise, dehydration may occur.

A set of exercises for weight loss

The best assistant to weight loss is jogging

To cope with excess weight without physical exertion is simply unrealistic. If you don’t have time to go to fitness centers and gyms, you can arrange homework. They are also effective and help to lose weight. The most effective classes are those that are performed not during periods when you need to lose weight, but every day throughout the year. They support the body in good shape:

  1. Squats When performing the back should firmly press against the wall, at the lowest point should be delayed, then smoothly return to its original state.
  2. Press training. The legs should be fixed in any convenient place, for example, under a closet or bed. From this position, one should lift the body. To enhance the effect, you can rotate the torso in turn in different directions.
  3. Push ups. This will help develop the muscles of the arms and chest.
  4. The best assistant to weight loss is jogging. This exercise helps stimulate heart function and increase stamina.
  5. Normal cardio training and help to lose weight will be banal jumps. They can be performed in different ways: to jump in place, to do lunges in turns, jump with a swoop on a low bench.

As you can see, the answer to the question of how to lose weight by one kg in one day, lies on the surface. It will not work to remove a kilogram of fat per day from the body; it is quite realistic to reduce body volumes if one is involved in cleansing the intestines and removing excess moisture. Strengthen the effect will help fasting days and physical activity. It is not worth it to be in case, you just need to correctly approach the issue of losing weight.

Fasting days

The essence of such hunger strikes:

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  • a limited range of products can be included in the menu (1-3, no more),
  • the amount of allowed food is extremely limited,
  • eat exclusively fractionally, in small portions, up to 7-8 times a day,
  • drink as much fluid as possible.

Due to what you can lose weight:

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  • removal of toxins, toxins, excess fluid,
  • stopping the process of fat deposition,
  • calorie deficiency
  • digestion improvement,
  • accelerate metabolism.

In this way, you can lose 1-2 kg per day. But before starting a hunger strike, evaluate its cons:

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  • each fasting day has a huge number of contraindications,
  • fats do not burn
  • few people manage to lose more than 2 kg
  • side effects are inevitable: irritability, poor mood, digestive disorders, etc.,
  • the diet is not balanced
  • attacks of hunger at the end of the day make themselves felt.

The main product can be supplemented in small quantities with other low-calorie and healthy ones. Among them:

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  • oatmeal, rice (brown is preferred), buckwheat,
  • green / herbal tea, slimming cocktails, juices, smoothies, mineral water,
  • lean meat: chicken, turkey, rabbit, beef, veal,
  • lean fish
  • eggs
  • low fat dairy products,
  • vegetables without starch,
  • unsweetened fruits, berries,
  • whole grain breads.

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Under the ban are:

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  • fatty meat: pork, lamb, ducklings, goose,
  • meat offal,
  • fatty fish,
  • sour cream, butter, cream,
  • semolina, millet, box, barley,
  • sweets,
  • oils
  • sauces
  • alcoholic and carbonated drinks, shop juices, black tea, coffee,
  • potatoes, corn,
  • bananas, persimmons, grapes, avocados,
  • pasta, pastries, bread.

Rating of the most effective fasting days, allowing you to lose weight as much as possible in 1 day:

If you decide to do unloading on cereals, they are usually steamed in the evening with boiling water in the amount of 1 cup, and then eat this volume during the day. The daily rate for drinks is 1 liter, water is unlimited, for fruits and vegetables - 1-1.5 kg, for cottage cheese and watermelon - no more than 500 g.

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A few examples will help you create your own menu for the day, depending on the option selected.

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Rigid kefir fasting day scheme

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* In its place may be green tea, low-fat milk, medicinal infusion, juices.

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** 1- or 1.5 percent.

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A sparing version of kefir unloading day

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Classic Oatmeal Fasting Day Menu

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Menu for fasting day on cauliflower

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Serving sizes and daily calories adjust yourself. The smaller this figure, the more kilograms you will lose weight. For the strongest in spirit and impatient, who want to lose maximum, unloading on the water is ideal. Divide 3 liters into smaller portions and drink every hour (more often, as starvation occurs). No solid food or other drinks should be.

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Detailed instructions for holding fasting days are described in a separate article.

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To lose weight in 1 day, you can cleanse the intestines with enemas or laxatives, or remove excess fluid through diuretics. This procedure will not save you from fat, but it will lighten the body by 1-2 kg. But keep in mind that this event is primarily a medical one, so be sure to consult with your doctor if you can organize it.

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They are made on an empty stomach, immediately after waking up. The total volume is selected individually and depends on age, weight, existing diseases and the selected solution. For example, a liquid with potassium permanganate or soda needs about 2 liters, but 200 ml will be enough for castor oil or garlic infusion. In the first case, you need Esmarch’s mug, in the second - an ordinary rubber bulb.

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How to set:

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  1. The approximate temperature of the solution is not more than 35 ° C.
  2. Be sure to strain it so that solid particles that can injure the mucous membrane are not caught.
  3. Lubricate the tip with oil / petroleum jelly.
  4. Introduce the solution, taking the knee-elbow position.
  5. Waiting time - 10 minutes.
  6. Relax.
  7. To wash yourself.
  8. Proceed in 30-40 minutes to breakfast.

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  1. Introduce castor oil either in pure form in a volume of 100 ml, or by mixing 1 to 2 with water.
  2. Dissolve 50 g of sea salt in 2 l of water and the same amount of lemon juice.
  3. Prepare a manganese solution of a pale pink shade.
  4. 50 g of crushed dried herbs (chamomile, St. John's wort, sage, celandine have a cleansing effect), steam 500 ml of boiling water, leave for at least half an hour.
  5. Brew 50 g of coffee 0.5 l of boiling water, hold in a water bath for about 10 minutes. Cool.
  6. Boil 250 ml of water, reduce heat, add a pinch of soda in a volume of 10 g.
  7. Squeeze the juice from 2-3 lemons, dilute in 1.5 liters of water.
  8. Crush a clove of garlic, steam 200 ml of boiling water, leave for 2 hours.
  9. Dilute 100 ml of fresh beetroot juice with the same amount of boiled water.

Read more about how to make an enema at home + additional recipes for solutions, read here.

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Taking diuretics is not as effective in terms of losing weight as laxatives. On average, people lose no more than one and a half kilograms. Before use, be sure to consult a doctor.

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For this purpose, tablets may be suitable: Arifon (based on indapamine), Veroshpiron (spironolactone), Diacarb (acetazolamide), Clopamide, Furosemide. If you need a drug with a minimum of side effects, choose Diacarb. If more powerful, then Furosemide.

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Diuretics can be prepared with your own hands at home according to the following recipes:

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  1. Mix juices: 100 ml lemon, 20 ml viburnum and rowanberry. Add 50 g of honey.
  2. Dilute 1 tsp. baking soda in 200 ml of warm milk.
  3. The day before pour 200 g of millet 3 liters of boiling water. To insulate. Insist half a day. Use white foam on the surface of the infusion.

The method of taking folk diuretics: drink during the day 3-4 times before meals, 1 tbsp. l

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To increase the effectiveness of diuretics, you need to drink as much fluids and water as possible. It is advisable to opt for a drinking, juice or water discharge bottom.

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Diuretics and laxatives can not be used together. Choose one thing.

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Water treatments

Losing weight in 1 day can be done in more pleasant ways than taking medications and tormenting the body with hunger strikes. For example, this can be done in the bathroom or in the bath. Weight loss is achieved due to excessive sweating and removal of excess fluid.

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Some sources say that 2 hours of water procedures help to lose up to one and a half kilograms of weight. However, the figure of 0.5 kg will be more reliable, but in combination with other methods, it can be increased.

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How to take a bath

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  1. 2 hours before and as much after you can not eat.
  2. The bathroom should be well warmed up.
  3. Before the procedure, you need to take a shower with a scrub using a washcloth.
  4. In addition to the active ingredient (salt, soda, essential oils), do not add anything else to the bath.
  5. Water should be around 38 ° C. As you cool, you need to add hot to maintain the temperature.
  6. The time of the procedure depends on the state of health: on average - from 30 minutes to 2 hours. The longer, the more kilograms you can lose weight.
  7. After the bath, rub the body with a bath towel, insulate.
  8. Drink a fat-burning cocktail. Relax for half an hour.

What can be added to the bath:

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  • cosmetic clay (any shade),
  • baking soda
  • dry red wine,
  • sea ​​salt
  • Apple vinegar,
  • gum turpentine,
  • fresh fat milk
  • Linden blossom,
  • bischofite (salt mineral, can be bought at any pharmacy),
  • bran,
  • essential oil of orange or any other citrus,
  • shavings of laundry soap.

How to go to the bath

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  1. Have a cup of hot green tea. It is possible with lemon, cinnamon, honey.
  2. Make anti-cellulite wrap for half an hour.
  3. Rinse, take a contrast shower.
  4. Warm up in the steam room for about 5 minutes on the lower shelf.
  5. Have a cup of hot green tea.
  6. Rinse with cold water. A ten minute rest.
  7. Warm up in the steam room on the upper shelf, with a broom, for about 7 minutes.
  8. Have a cup of hot green tea.
  9. Take a contrast shower. A ten minute rest.
  10. And again the steam room with the maximum temperature. Time is arbitrary. Rinse off.
  11. Have a cup of hot green tea.

Losing weight in this way is possible not only in a Russian bath. Ofuro, sento, hammam, Finnish or infrared saunas - you can use any. For maximum efficiency, combine water procedures with a fasting day and physical activity.

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You can find more information about such pleasant and effective ways to combat excess weight in separate reviews: