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Crochet Boxes: Lovely Details for Comfort

Hearing the phrase "crochet box", do not rush to imagine a formless nonsense, the main purpose of which is to collect dust at home. Knitted box can be not only an interior decoration, but also a completely functional thing that will help to clean up and organize the reasonable storage of the necessary small things. No matter how ideal the hostess you may be, in everyday life there is still a thousand and one trifles, which are lying around anywhere and waiting endlessly for their time to finally be in their place. A torn button, a hairpin forgotten by a friend, a tube with lip balm, a broken pendant, a business card with the phone of the master who was repairing the camera - all this junk can fit in storage boxes.

Take time and opportunity to choose the right yarn for crochet box - if you follow them in the same color scheme and the same style, then, in addition to a convenient tool for storing things, you will also get beautiful accessories for your apartment in the load. Having found a little more time, do not be too lazy to knit the same covers for flower pots, coasters for hot cups and a clock on the wall - after the work is finished, you will feel like the most talented interior designer!

Look around. The bathroom contains cosmetics that you rarely use. In the corridor - chaos of keys, trinkets, batteries, notes, cogwheels. In the kitchen there are leaflets with recipes, a lid of no-understand-what, five beads that had to be sewn to a children's sweater a month ago. And all this is lying around, accumulating and being lost! Perfect solution - DIY storage boxes: Stylish, beautiful, practical and fun.

You are already thinking about how to make a storage box little things? Right! And the surest answer to this question is faster. Let your house always be in order and in a good mood!

Crocheting small round boxes

They are convenient to use and look organically on the dressing table, and the shape is ideal for storing jewelry and hair ornaments.

To make a box yourself, stock up:

  • a round base with a lid,
  • glue "Moment",
  • hook number 2,
  • peach and turquoise threads,
  • scissors,
  • a needle
  • several beads to decorate the core of the flower.

The following types of generally accepted abbreviations were used in the master class:

The bottom for the box is ready! Form the side walls.

Knit 1 row with connecting posts.

Lock it with an additional connecting column and tie the air loop for lifting.

Continue the work of Art. non-cash

In 22 p. change the color of the yarn and knit it several rows.

Then go back to the main color.

Tie the walls of the base to the end and finish the work with a connecting column.

Take the hook and drag the tails from the threads to the wrong side.

To form a cover, use the bottom knitting pattern.

Carefully put the canvas on the base and coat with glue.

While the box is dry, align the joints.

To decorate, tie a volumetric rose, leaves or a butterfly.

A tutorial video tutorial on creating a butterfly.

Crocheted rectangular box for storing yarn

Such products should be large. In them will be coils of thread and various ropes, buttons, beads, elastic bands. All improvised means of the craftswoman.

Prepare a cardboard box of the right size. In addition to the basis for the future container: PVA glue, a brush, a thick hook, a centimeter tape, a skein of twine, scissors, coffee beans.

Product execution technique:

  1. Measure the perimeter of the cardboard box with a measuring tape.
  2. Tie the air chain (the length is equal to the perimeter of the base).
  3. Lock the chain in the ring.
  4. Continue to knit the product in a circle around Art. non-cash
  5. Proceed with the formation of the cover.
  6. Pins her future location.
  7. Then continue knitting in this place using the back rows.
  8. When the lid is ready, cut the twine and hide the remaining tip.
  9. Tie the edges with a crayfish step.
  10. If desired, additionally make a rectangular bottom.
  11. Put the resulting workpiece on a cardboard box.
  12. Glue all sides of the workpiece alternately to the base.
  13. After drying, decorate the yarn box with coffee grains or knitted elements.

Crocheted elegant square shaped container

Such needlework is not just an interesting hobby. With the help of a hook, an ordinary box for small things turns into an exquisite element of decor.

To create a miracle, simple things are needed:

  • a piece of tissue of good density,
  • scissors,
  • yarn of 2 colors,
  • hook,
  • lace.

A detailed lesson for beginners:

  1. First prepare the bottom for the future box. It will be replaced by a square of dense fabric.
  2. After that, tie all sides of the square (as in the picture).
  3. “Grow” the square workpiece to the desired height with ordinary columns.
  4. To preserve the original shape, it is better to make a crocheted container from dense threads. Craftsmen use twine for this purpose.
  5. Decorate the top of the box with lace (as in the photo).
  6. At the end of the work, insert the lace and bend the lace edges.

Simple starter box

It is difficult for beginners to tie together a single piece. Therefore, when creating caskets, containers and covers for organizers, they often use grandmother's squares.

Each craftswoman can independently choose the appropriate scheme.

The description is simple. Crocheting boxes from grandmother's squares begins with the creation of 5 or 6 squares. Then the parts are combined using connecting posts.

If there is a lid in the box, then its replacement square is attached to the workpiece on one side. Most often, the top of such a detail is decorated with a convex decorative element. He will replace the "pen."

Interesting ideas for creativity

A fascination with crocheting helps to turn standard boxes into exclusive items that become a real decoration of the interior.

Stylish and feminine look products with lace and ribbons. They are used to store cosmetics, jewelry, yarn, as well as the original gift "packaging".

Breakfast containers tied with yarn look cute. Children and adults enjoy having dinners in them.

To cover the lids of such boxes easily open, they are decorated with volumetric elements. Knitted pineapples, apples, pears, pumpkins and even radishes are used to decorate food containers.