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Be able to work in a team: why is this skill so important and how to learn it?


Health, material well-being, personal and spiritual growth, mastery of any kind of art (music, drawing, etc.) require, in addition to specific techniques, certain general skills.

1) The ability to set goals and make informed decisions quickly.
It is necessary to understand: what do I want from life? What will allow me to feel joy and satisfaction from every day I live? This will bring clarity to your life. The skill to make informed decisions quickly will give impetus and strength to actions in the chosen direction.

2) Planning.
As a result of planning, the usually uncontrolled flow of time takes on order. Only you need to be able to plan correctly, then you clearly see the process of achieving your goals. Planning will allow you to use the time most effectively. Every evening write your plans for the next day, at the end of the week for the next week, at the end of the month for the next. The decisive order is set by your main goals, from which smaller ones flow. So planning is based on long-term plans.

3) Work up to the result.
I made a decision, planned - act until you get the result. Whether you are in the mood or not, you go and do what you must do. The initial enthusiasm often subsides quickly, work on this result can be boring, but you do it because you made such a decision and know that it is right. Initial enthusiasm usually subsides within a few days, sometimes weeks. To continue, perseverance, fidelity to the decision, perseverance and patience are required.

4) Responsibility.
Said - done. Understanding that you are responsible for your life and for the results of your actions or inaction. Do not look for excuses - this is the victim’s thinking style: relieve oneself and blame others or circumstances. Such thinking makes a person weak. Responsibility in the little things is even more important than in big things, because the small ones are more common and they form our character. Punctuality (accuracy) is one of the sides of responsibility. Keep your promises, including or even first of all, to yourself.

5) Patience, as the ability to withstand boring, uninteresting, routine work.
Tolerate misunderstanding and even negative attitude to your business from others (often from relatives). Persistently go to your goal. Naturally, your goal should be environmentally friendly, not harm the people around you. But this is a very delicate question, because your loved ones may have some discomfort if you change something in YOUR routine. This discomfort will come from a novelty that will affect their established routine or familiarity with you. You cannot give in to this. Do your thing.

Of course, to achieve success, you need other skills, but these are necessary in the first place.

Learn how to become rich and successful!

- Key skills of successful people from Brian Tracy.

The first skill is continuous development and self-improvement.

Sometimes one new skill can increase income tens of times. Everything that is invested in itself always pays off! What is also very important - you never know where a new idea will come from. Therefore, you must always be open to new ideas, opportunities, no matter how they come. By developing consistently in your field, daily devoting time to honing your skills, you can achieve the highest results. Nothing is impossible!

The second skill is consistent practice.

How to determine what skills need to be developed? To do this, you need to analyze success stories in your field, choose leaders to study their development path. Having collected the necessary information, make a plan for your movement! And of course to learn every day. Development always goes step by step, at first active growth, then a plateau - a state of stagnation, in which it seems that nothing is happening and is not changing. It is very important to continue to develop and move forward, since after each plateau a breakthrough upward is necessarily. Persistently developing people will reach a maximum. Studying, we accumulate both our own and others' ideas, create a certain set of ideas in ourselves. Sometimes random information, a small note helps us combine different ideas or create a new one based on existing ones. This is called synthetic creativity.

The third skill is the ability to accumulate ideas and create new ones.

But an idea will remain an idea if nothing is done to realize it. Therefore, it is necessary to reformulate your idea into a goal. The ability to set goals and achieve them is a key skill of successful people! It is very important to write down your goals in a notebook or notebook.

The fourth skill is the clear setting of goals and their achievement.

So, in order for the idea to become a goal, it is necessary:

1) Clearly define what you want.
2) Record
3) Set deadline
4) Make a list of everything you can do to achieve the goal.
5) Organize a plan from the list, determine the importance / priority of the tasks.
6) Immediately go to action!
7) Every day, take a step towards your goal (even the smallest one, but every day) !!

Another very important skill is time management and control over the sequence of actions. Successful people always choose important and difficult tasks in the first place. And of course they concentrate on one thing until completion, until the result.

The fifth skill is the ability to prioritize correctly.

And I want to remind you that self-development is the best type of investment of all possible. Because you invest in yourself (and your capital is always with you). Increasing your income requires your personal combination of the right thoughts and effective actions. Create your self-development plan.

- 10 skills needed by a successful person.

1) Oratory.
An extremely important success factor, every person who wants to succeed. Sooner or later you will have to speak in public, and it will be very bad if you can not clearly explain to the people watching you what you want and why. Constantly develop your art of speaking, if you are too shy, try to speak for yourself, then give a speech to friends, and then you can already launch heavy artillery and oratory to an unfamiliar audience,

2) Writing skills.
In order to clearly state your thoughts on paper, you need to think logically. But if you express your thoughts in an accessible and beautiful way, then anyway, it is unlikely that anyone will be able to read what is written normally if you have a "doctor" style. Logic and calligraphy are the components of this skill. (Read the article on the formation and development of skills).

3) Self discipline.
In other words, willpower. In order to work, you need to be a fairly disciplined person, and save less for later. Then there will be nothing but disappointment if you do not do your work here and now.

4) Skill to work in team.
This does not necessarily mean any office. Even if you are a lonely pro, you still need to be able to attract customers, employees, colleagues and just acquaintances who can help you with your ideas.

5) Critical thinking.
Optimism is a very good trait, but optimism should not be confused with pink glasses. Soberly evaluate your ideas - and you can become a successful person. Otherwise, you risk tearing yourself at the beginning of the journey.

6) Making decisions.
All that is described above is relevant in only one case - if you know how to make decisions and implement them. You can plan a pile of things for a day or for a year. All of them will remain on paper if you do not know how to carry out what you planned.

7) Mathematical thinking.
You do not need to be able to calculate matrices or triple integrals in your mind, but you need to be able to quickly work with numbers if you want to achieve something in this life.

8) Search.
New ideas will never come up unless you look for new information useful to your current activities. Be sure to look for something new, and creative ideas will appear at the same moment.

9) Relaxation.
A successful person should be able to relax. You can be successful for five years, and then tear and "burn out" at work. Are you comfortable with this? It is unlikely, because success is very pleasant, and you can enjoy it forever. A person who knows how to work must be able and relaxed. (Read exercises for relaxation).

10) Basic financial skills.
No one forces you to calculate Microsoft's annual budget for three seconds, but you must know the basics of the economy if you want to succeed.

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What is teamwork

A team is a well-established mechanism. Where each person takes his own specific place. All members of the group, like cogs, set the mechanism in motion.

It includes no more than 15 people. Why not more? The answer is simple. Because it is quite difficult to unite a large number of people with one goal. The work of the participants is cohesive. They solve the problem according to the plan, but each performs certain duties.

If earlier this word was used only in the field of sports and competitions, now it is becoming more and more appropriate in the work environment. As soon as you get confused with the definition of the terms “team” and “team”, think a little. Imagine a group of people who are participating in competitions. Their common goal is to reach the finals first. There is an action plan. Each performs its tasks: one runs, the other jumps, the third passes the standard with the ball. Here is a comparison should be in your head to easily determine what is in front of you.

What includes the ability to work in a team

Each manager wants to see this skill in the candidate during the interview. Why is he good? And what does it include? Now let's talk about it.

In order for the company to be more successful, the head sets several goals for himself. By the way, you can read how to set goals here. Some of them sometimes occur spontaneously. He is not able to solve all the tasks on his own, and this is useless. Then it's time to attract a few people who will deal with their decision.

For the first time, I had the opportunity to experience teamwork while studying at the institute. Of us, managers were prepared who should initially represent this process from the inside. And I can tell you, in the beginning it is not easy, but terribly interesting! Over time, coping with each task, you get involved in the process, and it becomes much easier.

Of course, these are slightly different things: tasks in the framework of study and work. In practice, at work, I realized that not everything is so easy. Not every employee can explain how to work collectively. And also not every person is suitable for this. We will talk more in detail later. For those who are not given a team spirit, there are other tasks that should be assigned to them.

So, each participant must follow some rules that affect the whole work as a whole.

Team Rules

  1. Collective decision. Each employee has the right to express his opinion, which will be heard. It will be adopted with the support of most people.
  2. Everyone is equal. If you have more experience or you are a leader, this does not mean that everyone should agree with your opinion. Each employee has the same rights. Criticize only in the case and treat others with respect.
  3. Transfer of experience. In such a workflow, one transfers one’s experience to others. Not only can you teach someone, but you too. More professional employees in a relaxed atmosphere will show in practice how to act in one case or another.
  4. Fix all the ideas. Some suggestions may look out of place at first. But practice shows that often they become the main decision. In order not to forget anything proposed, everything is worth writing down.
  5. Control your emotions. In work, you need to forget everything personal and tune in only to business communication. A person to whom you have a personal dislike, is able to be an excellent professional in his field. It is necessary to treat such people objectively.
  6. Accept constructive criticism. If you are criticized in the case and objectively, then it is worth listening to the comments. Do not take comments critical of you. It is better to listen carefully to them and take note.
  7. Delegation of responsibilities. It is very difficult to learn this, but you can’t do without separation of duties. You need to be able to give tasks to people who will cope with them better than you, and not to control their every action. After all, each participant has one goal, he is interested in the quality of work.
  8. Follow the plan. In order for everything to be carried out clearly and on time, you must be guided by the plan.
  9. Stop intrigue. There is nothing worse than an employee who, for his own benefit, brings discord to a group of colleagues. He also aims at a common result, but he is more concerned about being able to stand out in a bad way. Gossipers and schemers appeared in the group? It is necessary to get rid of them. If you are a leader, and this person is a professional, fire him without regret. Disagreement in the team can lead to large losses.
  10. Divide success at all. Forget the word "I". There is only “We” in the team. A successful result will be common and deservedly belong to each employee.
  11. Joint rest after solving the task. It is very important not only to share success at all, but also to celebrate it together. This will help to rally the group of participants even more.

What skills are needed

If you still have no idea whether you are capable of working together, then it is best to learn this from experience. Suppose today there are quite a lot of volunteer organizations. You can try yourself in them, and also for the benefit of society. But if you start from personal qualities, it is worth noting that they play an important role. Are you ready for such work if:

  1. know how to quickly join the team, establish communication. In one of the articles, I talked about introverts, who have difficulty and long to establish contact with new people. They definitely will not like such activity.
  2. Able to quickly understand the tasks and take to their decision. Slowness in working together does not play into the hands. Having carefully listened to everything that they want from you, you need to immediately take up work.
  3. Admit your mistakes and raise team spirit. If you do not consider yourself always and in everything right, you know how to support others, then this activity is for you.
  4. Know how to occupy different roles in the team. You must instantly adapt to the situation and be not only a leader, but also a performer.
  5. Help other participants. This is important, but you do not hesitate to ask for help. If many employees previously preferred to contact you for help, this is a good sign of your willingness to work together.
  6. The interests of the company are above your own ambitions.
  7. Respect others. It’s great when you maintain a sense of tact towards colleagues.
  8. Team members want to see you in it. So you like them, it’s easy to work with you. And that determines a lot. Not every person is able to win over a whole group of people.
  9. Colleagues are often interested in your opinion about situations or their solutions. Therefore, it is valuable to your colleagues.
  10. You always smooth out conflict situations at the initial stage. With a large number of people, controversial situations and conflicts are inevitable. It’s great if you are the one who knows how to prevent them.

I have listed these points for you in order to form a certain idea of ​​the team member. You should already imagine what kind of person he is and whether you are him.

The advantages of teamwork

A serious task that has several stages of solution is not easy to cope alone. At best, it will take a long time and be completely unproductive. There are tasks that simply require a combination of different opinions. A number of benefits of group work:

  • You have the opportunity to participate in an interesting working draft. Thanks to this, you will gain valuable experience.
  • Brainstorm. An interesting form of teamwork. Participants are given a task that they must solve together. Everyone expresses his opinion, offers his own options. It develops creative thinking well.
  • You will learn to hear others, to accept their point of view objectively.
  • The leader will receive a unique experience that will help him move up the career ladder.

So, the team and the team have a huge difference.

I will give you an example. Office. The working day has just begun. Каждый сотрудник сидит (а их всего 17) на своем рабочем месте и занят своим делом. Все работают в одной компании, с одной целью.

Другой пример. Середина дня. Руководитель отдела собирается группу людей из 10 человек и предлагает им совместно решить одно задание.

Где, по-вашему мнению, коллектив, а где команда? Хорошо подумайте и оставьте свое мнение в комментариях.


Friends, not all the tasks that confront the leader, he is able to solve independently. For some cases, teamwork is good when you need the opinions and thoughts of different people.

Before applying for a job, superiors always pay attention to a person’s ability to work in a group. This can be revealed by simple questions that relate to the personal qualities of the candidate.

Learning to work together is not difficult. If you have not encountered this, then you can try yourself as a volunteer. He, like no one else, knows what collective labor is.

I believe that teamwork is very important. It will be useful to you not only in working moments, but also in life. Even in the family! After all, you learn to hear and understand others, to perceive their opinion.

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