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Wheat flour bread

This is a common recipe for making white bread, only instead of white wheat flour you need to use spelled flour. Spelled is a grain, a type of ordinary wheat. If you have a slight allergy to wheat, but there is no such reaction to spelled flour, such bread will be a great alternative, since wheat and spelled are very similar in taste and texture.

Ingredients (1 bread)

  • Wheat flour 3 cups
  • Quick dry yeast 1 sachet (11 g)
  • Salt, sugar, vegetable oil to taste
  • Egg, milk for lubrication
  1. Do not wait now for mercy from nature - “planting” wild yeast on your dough. It’s easier to buy dry yeast that will do the job well. Moreover, they are always sold, always fresh and there are small "packaging". When using live yeast, the technology for making wheat bread varies greatly.
  2. Important! Please note that dry yeast is different. For baking wheat bread you need those yeast that are dry mixed directly with dry flour.

    Sift flour

    Add salt, sugar and yeast

    Shake the water with oil using a fork

    Gently pour water and oil into a hole in the flour

    Initially, the dough should visually seem too soft and sticky.

    Leave the dough to ripen for 1 hour, in a warm place

    In an hour, the dough will double in volume

    The dough should rise three times

    Transfer the dough from wheat flour to a baking sheet or in a mold

    Brush the dough with an egg mixture using a brush.

    You can check the readiness of wheat bread with a match or a toothpick

    The bread crust is thick, crispy and golden

    Baked bread in the form - a pronounced edge is visible

    Wheat flour bread cooked with soul

    Wheat flour bread cooked with soul

    Cooking method

    Dissolve the yeast in water, add sugar and 150 grams of flour, carefully knead with a whisk until smooth and the lumps disappear. This will be our bread dough, cover and put it in a warm place for about 30 minutes, it should rise well and then fall. Add salt to it and pour the flour in parts, knead the dough with your hands for about 8 - 10 minutes. So that it does not stick, lubricate the hands with vegetable oil. Do not rush to immediately pour out all the flour, look at the dough, it should be soft, smooth and tender, so that the bread turns out airy and soft.

    We cover it and set for proofing in a warm place for about one hour, until it doubles in volume. We kneel, shift to the form in which we will bake it, and leave it for another 20 minutes to raise. We bake wheat bread in a preheated oven until 195 C for about 40 minutes, until it is beautifully roasted and cooked, and then cool on a wire rack. Bon Appetit.