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How to make french fresh cream

Each country prepares its own dairy products.

For example, in France and some neighboring countries there is such a dish as Fresh Cream or Creme Fraiche, which translates as “fresh cream”, and is very similar to our sour cream.

Its fat content is not more than 30%, and you can cook French sour cream from high-quality cream.

Unlike sour cream, in fresh cream, whey does not separate during heating.

But the main difference is in the bacterial composition with which the French product is fermented.

It is because of him that it turns out to be incomparable pleasant taste with a slight sourness.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to repeat the fresh cream recipe with yogurt or buttermilk at home - only a special sourdough is needed. Pure bacterial cultures are bred in laboratories.

After ripening in the refrigerator, a foreign sour cream acquires a rich taste and becomes very thick, literally such that “the spoon is standing”.

  • cream with a fat content of at least 25% - 250 ml
  • sourdough for Creme Fraiche - 1/4 sachet or according to the instructions

How to make fresh cream at home:

1. Warm the cream in a water bath in a glass jar to 30 degrees Celsius.

2. Evenly sprinkle with leaven the surface of the cream, leave it for 2-3 minutes, and then mix well.

3. Cover the jar and leave at room temperature for 12 hours or until the mixture thickens completely.

4. Transfer the can of fresh cream into the refrigerator for ripening.

Store French fresh cream in the refrigerator for 5-7 days, no more.

All home-made fermented milk products are recommended to be eaten as quickly as possible.

They prepare first courses with cream fresh, various sauces, add them to omelets, mashed potatoes, marinades for subsequent meat frying and, of course, eat just like that.

Step by step recipe with photo

Cream-fresh - (fr. creme fraiche - fresh cream) - French dairy product, similar to sour cream.

Such a product is convenient for those who do not have sour cream on sale. Yes, yes, there are countries where there is no sour cream. For example, here in Vietnam. Rather, we have what is called sour cream. But to call this product this way can only be done with an o-o-very big stretch.

For example, we have sour cream - this is what is poured, and not laid out with a spoon. Therefore, we have to somehow get out of the situation, because sour cream can be added to borsch - it will be very tasty, and there are still plenty of dishes where sour cream goes.

I often cook cream fresh at home. It will take 2 minutes to cook it - no kidding! If you do in the evening, then in the morning the cream fresh is ready.

The product is very tasty!

Choose a jar convenient for you in which you will make cream-fresh. In it you will also keep it.

Pour the cream into it.

Add kefir to the jar of cream.

All! This is all that was required of you!

Close the jar with a lid and put it in a warm place for 8-12 hours.

I clean the unglazed balcony. There is no direct sunlight. The air temperature during the day is about +30 degrees, at night - +27. There is no difference in temperature conditions, as you can see.

It was this jar that stood on the balcony during the day at a temperature of +30 degrees from 11 a.m. to 12 a.m.

I just forgot about her, and when I went to bed, I remembered and ran to photograph the result.

Here is the result - cream fresh is ready.

Cover and store in the refrigerator.

How long such a product is stored - I do not know. We have not lived for more than 2-3 days.

And this is cream fresh in the morning, after a night spent in the refrigerator.