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The harm of a mobile phone to human health

On May 31, 2011, the World Health Organization announced that mobile phones could be the cause of cancer and put them in the same category as lead and exhaust, calling it “carcinogenic.” An expert study conducted by 31 scientists from 14 different countries found evidence of an increase in the number of certain forms of brain cancer (gliomas and neuromas of the auditory nerve) that take time to develop, and scientists are worried that the continued use of cell phones may lead to an even greater spread of these forms. cancer.

Mobile phones communicate using microwave signals. Invisible streams of RF (radio frequency) signals penetrate our bodies when we hold the device, and in addition to the likelihood of cancer, there is also the possibility of affecting the cognitive functions of memory and the occurrence of impaired orientation and dizziness. In this article, we will tell you what precautions to take when using a cell phone.

The nature of radiation and the myths of mobile radiation

A different set of communication modules are built into a modern mobile phone, each of which transmits a signal at a specific frequency. Due to the fact that the human brain is a biochemical system, and the signals are transmitted to it along the nerve endings with weak electrical impulses, any, even the smallest electromagnetic effect has long-term consequences, a kind of interference of your own electric fields with the signal from the outside. To this day, heated discussions continue in the scientific community about the scope of the radiation problem, and so far the best minds cannot come to a consensus on this matter.

The effect of waves on the body

The fear of electromagnetic fields is rooted in the era when smartphones did not yet exist in the usual sense, and cell phones no longer resembled a square panel with a screen, but a portable grand piano. Indeed, the harm to health from such "devices" was disproportionately greater - communication systems were not perfect and a powerful receiver was required to ensure transmission. Although the smartphone market only developed rapidly in the early 2000s, the scientific community was worried about the problem of background noise from electromagnetic radiation much earlier. Even having a bulky communication point in their hands, no one used it as often and with the same duration as we use our smartphones today. Most experts agree that only constant and excessive use of the device, which ideally should be turned off at rest or should be in “airplane” mode, harms health. The corollary follows: To minimize the harm from the effects of smartphone radiation on the body - limit the time you use the phone. This is more a preventative measure than a full-fledged fight, and not only the amount of time spent with the phone, but also the location of the transmitter relative to your body plays the most cruel joke with us. If you spend more time in telephone conversations than in real ones, it's time to seriously think about Bluetooth headsets. Few people think that excessive enthusiasm for the virtual world entails not only financial losses, but also health problems, especially when it comes to modern electronic devices.

Ways to counter radiation

First of all, you need to clearly describe your habits of using a smartphone. Along with this, a behavior model is chosen in which the presence in the radiation zone is minimized and the study power is minimal. How do we protect ourselves? There are a few simple rules:

  1. First of all, choose the phone model with the lowest SAR, the maximum power value can be found in the specifications, or in the accompanying documentation. There are models with both very high and extremely low radiation rates.
  2. Try not to hold the smartphone close to your head, ideally use headphones or a Bluetooth headset: in this case, the smart is far from the senses and does not affect directly. Even if you get a headset, the proximity of the emitter to the surface of the body can negatively affect the condition of any internal organs Therefore, it is best to keep the smartphone not in your pocket, but in a bag or backpack.
  3. Do not try to use the phone during a severe thunderstorm - an electric signal can serve as a discharge attractor. The strongest signal comes when a subscriber contacts another subscriber. Remember that with poorly functioning communication, the smartphone’s transmitter automatically enhances the power of the emitter, so avoid “weak” coverage areas.
  4. Get rid of the habit of chatting for a long time on your cell phone, because it is not only a matter of money, but also a matter of health - with constant conversation, we are exposed to an amplified electromagnetic signal.

If you have a baby , limit its contacts with any devices that generate microwave radiation. All this is necessary because the child’s body is just learning to protect itself from external influences, because powerful radiation suppresses the children's immune system and, moreover, directly affects the development of the baby.

Useful tips for radiation prevention

In order to reduce the degree of radiation received, it is necessary not only to actively counteract it, but also to reconsider your attitude to the use of a mobile phone in general:

  • Concrete walls and glass absorb radiation, but in a room using a smartphone is “more dangerous” - the walls resonate, shielding the outgoing signal.
  • The more communication modules activated on your smartphone (GSM, GPS, 4G, etc.), the stronger the radiation will be, therefore, bringing the phone to your ear, turn off all background functions,
  • Most often, the antenna is located at the top of the device, when talking, hold the smartphone by the bottom,
  • In conditions of poor connection, try not to use the phone, but ideally switch it to "Airplane" mode. With a weak signal level or in an area with poor coverage, the smartphone will generate increased radiation, trying to find the optimal communication line

Of course, there is a huge variety of special clothing, the protection of which shields or absorbs the effects of microwave radiation. But each time, observing this strict dress code is simply inconvenient, and why spend money on unnecessary accessories if you can use simple tips. Health is our most valuable asset, and the harm of radiation is no longer even mentioned in horror stories - this problem seriously worries the world scientific community.

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Stop using your mobile phone if you do not need it

There is no doubt that mobile phones are modern conveniences that are extremely valuable in terms of communication. However, you do not need to use it all the time. When the phone is not in use, you can simply turn it off. A cell phone does not emit EMF when it is turned off. If you need to keep it on, turn it on in flight mode when possible.

To keep distance

When you really need to use your mobile phone, try to keep your distance. At a distance of about 30-40 centimeters. It will also help not to strain your eyes. Loudspeaker talk mode reduces the need to bring the phone to your ear. You can also use a wired headset or earphone, but make sure it is a wired earphone that connects to your phone, not a Bluetooth or wireless earphone. These objects also emit electromagnetic frequencies. At night, do not lay the mobile phone near you, remove it away. Put it in flight mode and keep it on the other side of the bedroom.

How to reduce the effects of electromagnetic fields at home?

There are other alternatives to stay in touch without a mobile phone. You can call on a landline or landline phone. Refrain from using wireless connections as much as possible. This includes WiFi connections on computers and devices that use wireless features.

Use an EMF protection device

These devices are often in the form of cases and holders for cell phones that can block radiation. To find a shielding device that blocks most electromagnetic fields, be sure to check the specific absorption coefficient (SAR) on the product label. The SAR value is an indicator of the speed at which energy is absorbed by a body subject to electromagnetic fields. You can also buy a radiation protection device that can be worn around the neck or attached to the phone.

Look for a good welcome

Here is another good reason to use your mobile phone only when you need it. If the phone has good reception, it will use less power to transmit, thereby reducing the amount of radiation it emits.

Try to periodically travel to nature, where there is a minimum of electromagnetic fields and just relax.

The article uses materials from the journal Detox News.