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A stay or a night at a SPA hotel

The organization of a wedding takes a lot of energy from the bride. Therefore, at the end of all the organizational aspects associated with the wedding, it is customary to hold a bachelorette party. If the bride, as well as her friends, are not going to turn the event into an evening of frenzy, it is worth thinking about organizing a party at the spa. There, girls will be able to relax, to feel the effect of wellness procedures. How to arrange a party in the SPA salon so that it gives visible results and is not boring?

Which spa to choose?

Each SPA salon offers a certain range of services, and some salons provide guests of the bachelorette party with entire programs that involve the conduct of certain procedures. All programs vary in duration and cost. Many salons provide programs for a certain number of people. Firstly, you need to decide what result you want to get from visiting the spa, and secondly, make a list of guests at the bachelorette party.

What beauty programs do spa salons often offer? Consider possible scenarios.

  • Bachelorette party begins with a visit to the hamam - Turkish bath. There you need to arrange an entertainment program on your own, and also order exquisite oriental treats. In addition, there is allowed to try a hookah. After visiting the Turkish bath, a pool with a waterfall effect, peels, body wraps, massages is provided. End the wellness party with a tea ceremony.
  • The next program begins with a visit to the hamam, then peels for the skin of the face and body are provided. Jacuzzi and cedar barrel will help restore normal blood circulation, make the skin velvety.
  • The anti-cellulite program includes a visit to the entire spa area, hammam, massage under water. A prerequisite for such a program are chocolate wraps. To finish the bachelorette party should be a drink of ginger tea, which relieves the body of toxins and toxins.

The above programs conducted in SPA salons are considered standard for pre-wedding girls. Optionally, you can add other elements to a pre-compiled script. It is worth mentioning that many spa salons offer significant discounts, so you can save on a bachelorette party. Therefore, in the process of finding a suitable salon for a bachelorette party, be sure to ask about the current discounts.

How and whom to invite?

Before planning a bachelorette party, do not be lazy to make a list of invited friends. So it will be easier for you to navigate when choosing a wellness program for the SPA salon, because they are all designed for a specific number of people. There are few guests to invite, 5-6 close friends will be enough, because a noisy party is not provided. Next, send the guests invitations, where the date and time of the bachelorette party, as well as the coordinates of the location of the SPA salon, will appear.

Package “Light”
  • Event organisation
  • SPA area rental
  • SPA area will be strewn with rose petals
  • Decoration with candles and lanterns
  • Romantic music
  • Fresh Fruit Basket
  • French or Italian champagne
  • 2 classic massages (duration 50 minutes)
  • Duration 180 minutes
  • The cost of the Light package is 11,000 rubles
Package “Sweet”
  • Event organisation
  • SPA area rental
  • SPA area will be strewn with rose petals
  • Decoration with candles and lanterns
  • Romantic music
  • Fresh Fruit Basket
  • French or Italian champagne
  • Two aroma-relaxation massages with aromatic oils (duration 60 minutes)
  • Duration 240 minutes
  • The cost of the “Sweet” package is 13,000 rubles

How to spend a bachelorette party?

On the eve of the bachelorette party, you should carefully consider all the nuances regarding the design of the premises where the event will take place. Fresh flowers will become a very appropriate decorative element. Complete the room with other accessories as you wish. Proper design will help create a good impression when entering the spa.

It is good to meet guests with a light buffet consisting of seafood and snacks. It is better not to make a menu of heavy dishes, because this will interfere with a good rest in the SPA zone. It is advisable that during the buffet dinner light music be heard that is conducive to rest, relaxation - this is a great way to set up friends for a pleasant pastime. We offer to end the buffet with a photo shoot in a swimsuit. After this, you should proceed to the main part of the bachelorette party.

Spa treatments

Modern SPA salons have a wide range of services provided to their clients, thanks to this you will definitely be satisfied after a bachelorette party. The standard set of procedures consists of a sauna, body wraps, peeling, manicure, pedicure. This range of services helps restore your skin and hair in just one session of spa treatments. Therefore, a bachelorette party will bring you, as well as your friends, not only joy, but also benefit. Consider the effect obtained from the procedures in more detail.

Each spa area has a sauna: this is not surprising, because steam has a beneficial effect on the skin, revealing pores, and removes all impurities well from them. Modern SPA salons offer several varieties of saunas - hammam, infrared sauna, Roman steam room. There is a great option - to use several of them in the bachelorette party program.

During the procedures carried out in the sauna, you should arrange an entertainment program for yourself, as well as for your guests. So, so as not to get bored, spend a few quizzes (for more information about entertainment programs at such a bachelorette party, see the section "Contests and Games"). It will also be appropriate to order a striptease if the company does not have ardent opponents of this action. Admire a slender male body before separation from his unmarried life - what could be better at a bachelorette party?

Body and face care

To restore the skin of the face and body before a responsible event - and the wedding always looks like this - the SPA salon provides several varieties of cleansing peels:

  1. Saline - deeply affects the skin, removing black spots, pimples, small scars. Peeling with the use of mineral salts also helps to eliminate the first wrinkles.
  2. Coconut, using shavings - cleans steamed skin well. In addition, after such a peeling, the possibility of irritation, peeling of the skin is minimized.
  3. Mud - is carried out using volcanic mud, which contains useful minerals, as well as trace elements. The skin looks much younger after such a peeling.
  4. With grape seeds - tones and rejuvenates the skin, because the acid contained in the peeling mixture helps to renew collagen in the skin cells.

After peeling the face, it is necessary to moisturize the skin with the help of various masks. The SPA salon offers masks based on honey, milk, cosmetic clay, black soap, salt, as well as other effective elements that make the skin beautiful. Masks after peeling eliminate the feeling of tightness and prevent skin irritation, and all the girls will enjoy this.


The wrapping procedure helps to get rid of cellulite, extra pounds, toxins, toxins. With the help of useful cosmetic mixtures, the skin is saturated with beneficial trace elements and minerals, which makes it healthy, velvety. Modern SPA salons offer a wrap with honey, chocolate, algae, mud, rice, coffee grounds. Wraps are warm and cold. If you are not a fan of extreme sensations, then you better stop on warm wraps.

Manicure and pedicure

A bachelorette party in a fashionable SPA salon will help to prepare your body for the wedding completely, as a wide range of services allows you to do this. During a bachelorette party, you can not only restore your skin and hair, but also make high-quality manicures and pedicures.

Manicure, pedicure in the spa provides for softening, as well as removing the cuticle from the nails, giving them the correct shape, creating a beautiful pattern on the nails at the request of the client. In addition, herbal baths, which are done before manicure and pedicure, soften the skin of the hands and feet, saturating it with nutritious vitamins, trace elements. After such procedures, your arms and legs will look great!

Are you curious how to carry out hand spa treatments in the salon? Then watch this video, which demonstrates the procedure of peeling and hand massage:

Watch this video if you are interested in learning about the foot spa:

Contests and games

When carrying out cosmetic procedures, there will certainly be time for an entertainment program at a bachelorette party. Drinking hot drinks or tasting a delicious cake, it is worth holding games and competitions so as not to get bored. Let's see what contests, as well as games, can be held during the bachelorette party, which takes place in the SPA salon:

  • An original compliment to the bride. Let's not forget that at the bachelorette party, most attention should be paid to the hero of the occasion - the bride. Therefore, wishes, as well as compliments to the bride at the bachelorette party, will be quite appropriate. But the speech should be original, with humor. The winner of the most successful compliment is determined by the bride herself.
  • Guess the man. The essence of this fun contest is as follows: one girl depicts the walk of a man who is known to everyone present at the bachelorette party. The one who first guesses the person will win, only on the basis of the depicted gait.
  • A story from the unmarried life of a bride. Before the wedding, it would be nice to recall the adventures of the future wife, and the girlfriends of the girl will also have some fun, remembering joint tricks. The winner is the bride’s closest friend, that is, the one who tells the most stories about her friend.

Contests and games at the bachelorette party is a great opportunity to have fun in the spa. But no competition is complete without gifts, otherwise all the excitement with participation in it disappears. Therefore, it is worth preparing symbolic prizes for the winners.

Giving presents

As prizes for winning or even participating in a contest at a bachelorette party, women's trifles, such as tights, stockings, panties, nail polishes and the like, are suitable. Also, your friends will be pleased with unusual gifts, such as tarot cards, fragrant spices, exotic tea. A perfectly appropriate present will be a bottle of champagne. Make sure that no guest is left without a prize, then your bachelorette party will leave only pleasant memories.

A bachelorette party spent in the spa will bring a lot of pleasure and positive emotions. In addition, after useful pleasant procedures, you will relax and look updated. And interesting contests and games will make this evening memorable, fun. So that you can refresh the memories of this evening at any time, take care of creating photos or even videos from a bachelorette party.

Do you have experience organizing similar bachelorette parties? Or have you ever participated in a party that took place at a spa? Leave a comment on the article!

Premium Package
  • Event organisation
  • SPA area rental
  • SPA area will be strewn with rose petals
  • Decoration with candles and lanterns
  • Romantic music
  • Fresh Fruit Basket
  • French or Italian champagne
  • Two aroma-relaxation massages with aromatic oils (duration 60 minutes)
  • Duration 240 minutes
  • LUXE room for 24 hours
  • The cost of the “Premium” package is 17,000 rubles

Date or night at the SPA hotel.

Spa for two - heals the body and refreshes thoughts. Indeed, in our body everything is interconnected. A pleasant massage procedure using oils or in a classic technique will bring a lot of pleasure. After it, in the lounge area you can chat and have a glass of cold drink with a friend or husband.

Renting a spa can be not only a gift for your beloved, but also for a romantic meeting together. In the twilight, rose petals are scattered, calm music sounds, you enjoy champagne, fruit and chatting in an undertone. It is in a whisper that the words of love or the marriage proposal sounds especially mysterious. And you can continue the evening in the deluxe room of the hotel, which is included in the Premium package. You will also be provided with a shuttle and a bouquet of flowers for the lady.

In a few hours the spa in St. Petersburg you can achieve complete peace and harmony with yourself. In this space you will be completely alone. And only well-trained staff will unobtrusively enter your “comfort zone”. Take a deep breath of hot air, plunge into a cool font, trust the hands of massage masters and this evening will be unforgettable. And your relationship with your loved one will go to a new level, because spending time together is priceless.

The program of the SPA-bachelorette party in a beauty salon

Each salon offers certain services, and some provide finished program SPA bachelorette party, which has already included a number of treatments. Each program is different in duration and price, and also accommodates a different number of people.

Before arranging a SPA bachelorette party, you need to decide on the program, and then make a list of invited friends. The optimal number is no more than 5-6 people

What kind cosmetic procedures are offered in SPA salons:

  1. Thermal complexes - the main part, which is represented by different types: a sauna in Finnish or Turkish, Russian bath, Roman steam room, infrared sauna. After which the pool or jacuzzi is usually visited.
  2. Body massage - The procedure will help to relax and forget about all the problems. There are Thai, anti-stress, aromatic, exotic and other species.
  3. Body wraps (healing mud, chocolate, algae) - help in the fight against excess weight, nourish and cleanse the skin. Often this procedure is combined with massage.
  4. Body and face peeling - to restore the skin. There are salt, with volcanic mud, with coconut flakes and other types of peeling.
  5. Manicure and pedicure - care procedures for the feet and hands, massage and directly treating nails with the help of a hardware, trimmed, European or hot look.

There are a lot of salons offering spa services. Therefore, when choosing one of them you need pay attention to the following points:

  • convenience of the location of the salon (if located outside the city, arrange a transfer for all guests),
  • equipment
  • hygiene
  • qualification of staff
  • spaciousness, program duration and price,
  • the possibility of additional services (refreshments, karaoke, entertainment),
  • customer reviews.

Head massage in the spa

How to spend a bachelorette party in a spa

Before a bachelorette party in a spa, you need to consider what is possible room decoration. It is appropriate to arrange vases with fresh flowers or other accessories if the holiday is thematic (for example, in the style of a Hawaiian party). Design will help you quickly tune in to the desired wave of relaxation.

You can meet girlfriends small buffetconsisting of light snacks: seafood, sweets, vegetable and fruit slices, berries. Hearty meals are not recommended to be included in the list, so as not to interfere with a comfortable state of health during the procedures.

During the buffet, you need to include a pleasant musical accompaniment, which will arrange the girls to rest and relax in body and soul

You can also hold a small photo shoot for memory or capture some fun selfies.

The procedures should be combined in different ways with each other or choose a ready-made evening scenario offered by the salon.

Party Development Options:

  1. Visit of a hamam (baths in Turkish). You can come up with an entertainment program and treat your friends with oriental sweets. Then go to the pool with hydromassage, undergo peeling, massage and body wraps. At the end of the evening, treat yourself to herbal tea.
  2. Visit a hamam, after which undergo procedures such as body and face peeling. Relax in a cedar barrel or in the jacuzzi.
  3. Anti-cellulite program: hammam, underwater massage, chocolate wrap. And at the end of the evening - drinking ginger tea.

Procedures can be diluted with entertainments, for example, contests, board games, astrology sessions or karaoke singing.

Chocolate wrap in the salon

Competitions for a SPA-bachelorette party

During a bachelorette party in a beauty salon, attention should be paid not only to cosmetic procedures, but also entertainment program. During the tea ceremony or cake tasting after the sauna and massage, you can hold comic contests so as not to get bored.

What games and contests can be spent at a bachelorette partyif it takes place in the spa:

  • competition for the most unusual compliment for the bride - do not forget about the person for whom the evening was conceived (wishes, friendly parting words and compliments to the bride will be very appropriate),
  • competition for the fastest manicure - in order not to spoil the coating of the nails, you can use ordinary watercolor or gouache,
  • competition for the most original face mask - you can use vegetables, fruits, herbs,
  • история из жизни невесты – отличный конкурс, который поможет окунуться в воспоминания о беззаботных совместных днях, о веселых проделках и влюбленностях,
  • самая веселая прическа – в ход пойдут разные бигуди, резинки, ободки и заколки, а также цветная тушь, которая легко смывается обычной водой.

The competition with hairstyles can be represented in the form of a Slavic rite, when before giving a girlfriend to a girl, the girls untied her, combed and washed her hair and braided a braid with flowers and ribbons.

Any competitions must be held with gifts.. For the bachelorette party, you can prepare various cute little things: a pocket mirror, hygienic lipstick, nail polish, exotic tea. No girlfriend should be left without a souvenir so that only pleasant memories remain from the party.

Girls at hen party with face masks

Benefits of a SPA bachelorette party in a beauty salon

There are several reasons that will become decisive in choosing a venue for a bachelorette party. The main advantages Spa parties for the hen party before the wedding:

  • saving time - if you have a bachelorette party on the eve of your wedding day, you can kill two birds with one stone: meet and have fun with friends, and at the same time tidy up your appearance before the celebration,
  • the benefit is a visit to a beauty salon is not only a pleasant procedure, but also good for health, because after different procedures the girls will feel really rested and happy,
  • simplicity - to organize a party, it is enough to choose a number of procedures and arrange a time with the salon.

The idea to spend a bachelorette party in a spa is new for our country. Therefore, the party will be an unusual decision that all friends will definitely appreciate

Of the shortcomings, we can distinguish only that a beauty salon cannot accommodate a large company. There will be not enough space, someone will stand in line to the master - this is very inconvenient. Therefore, only the closest friends can be invited to such a bachelorette party - no more than 5-6 girls.

Hawaiian-style spa

SPA bachelorette party will bring a lot of pleasure and pleasant emotions, if you approach the choice of salon and procedures. You can relax and feel updated, and fun contests and other entertainments will make the evening memorable and sincere. So that at any moment you can remember the most interesting moments of the bachelorette party, you need to take care of the organization of photo or video.