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How to catch Jirachi in Pokemon GO: Jirachi special quests

Is one important Pokémon missing in your Pokedex? Dzhirachi is one of the rarest Pokemon and, despite the fact that it is a steel type Pokemon, it weighs only 1 kg! It is very useful due to its mental attacks. It is very difficult to get Dzhirachi, and in addition to the special event (which has already passed), you can get it in just a few ways. Follow the directions in this article to get your own Jirachi and finally fill out your Pokedex.


  • Quick attacks

Confusion charge charge

  • Type MentalElectric
  • Strength 20 8
  • Cooldown 1.6 s 1.1 s
  • Energy per second 10 14
    • Powerful attacks

      Dazzling Gleam Psychic Doom Desire

    • Type MagicPsychicSteel
    • Strength 100 100 80
    • Cooldown 3.5 s 2.8 s 1.7 s
    • Energy in sec -15 -36 -30

    The first phase of the Jirachi quests,

    Twist 7 Pokestops or Gims,25 pokeball
    Find 3 new friends,10 Pinap Berry
    Send 3 gifts to friends.1 Super Incubator

    Reward for the entire stage - 25 Pokeball, 15 Lure Modules and 15 Silver Pinap Berry.

    The second stage of the quest Jirachi

    Catch 5 different Fairy Pokemon,Gardevoir
    Catch 5 different Pokemon Water,Kingdra
    Catch 5 different Pokemon Ghost types,Gengar
    Catch 5 different Ground Pokémon,Hippowdon
    Catch 5 different Ice Type Pokémon.Abomasnow

    Reward Stage: 3 Super Incubator, 5 Golden Razz Berry and 5 Incense.

    The third stage of tasks

    Passing quests of this stage, you will meet the musical Pokemon Jigglypuff, Bronzong, Chimeco, Loudred and Cricketune in your snapshot photo.

    Catch 3 Pokemon Anoun,1 Star Piece
    Make a snapshot of the Ralts photo in the habitat,5000 Stardust
    Take a Snapshot photo of Gastly in his environment,5000 Stardust
    Take a snapshot of Hippopotas in his environment,5000 Stardust
    Make Snapshot Foto Snover in the habitat,5000 Stardust
    Take a Snapshot picture of Horsea in his environment.5000 Stardust

    Reward 3 stages - 5000 Stardust, 5 Pinap Berry and 1 Sinnoh Stone.

    The fourth stage of tasks to catch Jirachi

    Quests of the fourth stage are completed automatically, and we get the opportunity to catch and get Dzhirachi in Pokemon GO.

    Reward,2019 XP
    Reward,2019 XP
    Reward.2019 XP

    The reward of the fourth quest is Pokemon Jirachi.

    The fifth stage of the quest Jirachi

    Trade 3 Pokemon,3 Premium Raid Pass
    Lay 5 eggs,3 Star Piece
    Make 3 snapshot photos from Jirachi.1 Super Incubator

    Special Mission Award: 20 Jirachi Candy, 5 Golden Razz Berry and 5000 Stardust.

    Do you have Pokemon Jirachi?

    Remember to stay safe. Have a great adventure.