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How to upload photos to Instagram from PC or Mac


The new Google Photos app for Android is a great way to keep all your photos and videos in the cloud. But the possibilities of the service do not end there, right?

In addition to introducing many new features and enhancements to the image storage service compared to the previous Google Photos application, the company allows you to store all your photos and videos for free, and even with the ability to backup photo archives from Windows and Mac.

It is not necessary to store all the photos on the phones. If you have at least a few images on your computer that would not hurt the backup, we suggest you try the new Google Photos Desktop Uploader download tool. It is now available for download on Mac and Windows.

The installation process is quite simple. Just log in to your Google account and the program will immediately present you with a folder selection window.

From here, you can choose which Google Photos folders will automatically upload to the cloud. If you did not see the desired folder in the list, just click the "Add" button and navigate to the desired directory. By analogy with the installation process on a mobile application, you will have the opportunity to choose the quality level of images with which photos and videos will fall into the cloud. Remember, photos have a 16-megapixel limit, videos have a maximum resolution of 1080p, do not forget about this when choosing “unlimited storage”. If you want to backup photos in original quality, then select the “Original” download option.

After you are done with this step, you just have to wait until the photos go to the cloud. If you need to add or remove folders after completing this process, simply re-open the application on your PC and change the list.

The application settings on Windows offer several additional options, for example, disable the download of RAW files or choose to copy photos and videos from external media. Please note that the program should run in the background, which means that it is going to start automatically at the start of the system.

In any case, such desktop clients are a good complement to the new photo storage service. This is a useful tool for service users who store most of their photos on desktop systems.

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1. Get BlueStacks App Player

The Instagram app for Android is great, and you can run it on your desktop using the free BlueStacks App Player Android emulator, which lets you upload photos to Instagram from your PC or Mac.

Download and install BlueStacks, and then wait a few minutes for the engine to start for the first time.

After you have installed BlueStacks App Player, you will need to log in using your Google account.

2. Log in to your Google account.

Click Continue, then log in to your Google Account.

The following checkboxes are completely optional.

After you have installed BlueStacks App Player and logged in, you are ready to install the Instagram mobile application

3. Install the Instagram app

You will now see the version of the Google Play Store.

After a while, the Instagram icon will appear on the My Applications tab.

The process of uploading photos and videos to Instagram using the BlueStacks App Player on your PC or Mac is identical to using a smartphone or tablet

4. Download, apply filters and split

BlueStacks will change to the size and shape of a vertically oriented smartphone.

Click the plus sign below, then select Gallery.

Now you can crop the picture, add filters and a title and share them with your followers through all the usual social networks.

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