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How to use the phone as a webcam via usb, webcam through the phone

Smartphone owners do not have to purchase a webcam. Modern gadgets replace us with a camera, and a player, and a navigator, and much more. So if you have a broken video transmission device, or it is not at all, we will tell you how to use the phone as a web camera.

How to make a webcam from a phone

You will need to install special software on both your smartphone and computer. It consists of two parts, each of which is installed separately on the device.

You can use a USB cable or WiFi network. The platform for the phone must be Android. Others, such as Bada and Symbian, do not support this functionality. After installation, a simple setup follows.

Please note that for most users it is possible to control their computer from the phone from anywhere in the world!

We use the phone as a web camera via usb

First, in the Android phone, you need to activate the developer mode and put a mark on the usb debugging. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Find the settings on the smartphone’s desktop and go to them.
  2. Select "About device".
  3. Then scroll to the build number and click on it sequentially until you see a message about opening developer mode.
  4. Go to the settings menu and look for the corresponding item.
  5. Open and check the box "USB Debugging".
  6. Next, we use the USB Webcam for Android application. Download the part for the smartphone and install it. Open and set the gadget aside, after connecting it via the usb cable to the PC.
  7. Then download the part for the USB WebCam PC Host computer and install it too. When installing, remember the path where the application is installed.
  8. Next, you need to open the folder and find the usbwebcam.bat file in it.
  9. This is the batch file that will launch our application. Double click on it and you will see the command line. Press Enter and it will close.
  10. Connection established. Go to Skype settings.
  11. Open the "Video Settings". First you will see a blank screen. Choose a device.
  12. If everything went well, then you will see an image.

How to connect a webcam to your phone using DroidCam

You can download the more robust DroidCam app on Google Play. You will need the part for the smartphone and the client for the PC - DroidCam Client. Download it.
Install both parts on the gadgets in sequence. Here you no longer need the cord, we will use WiFi to connect. So check the connection to the same network on both devices.
On the phone you will see such a picture.

Open the application on your computer and enter the specified data in the field. Activate the video and sound, and click Start.
You should see an image on your computer.

Try logging in to Skype. There, too, check in the settings. Everything should work. Only first you need to use the right camera.

If you do not have a Wi-Fi network, you can use the usb cable. Connect it and select the second icon in the client application.
Click start.

You will get a usb connection and the web gadget will work.

How to use iPhone

You need to buy the PocketCam application or you can use the free Lite, but then you will get only a black and white image. Download it from the AppStore.
Download the computer application from the official site.

The software works with Windows and Mac OS operating systems. Select the version you want.

Owners of Windows 10 may not worry about the lack of their version in the list. The software is installed on it.
Launch PocketCamServer on the computer and PocketCam on the iPhone. On the phone you will see the IP address of the camera on the network.

Specify it in the application on the PC.

And then you can use the iPhone as a web camera. You will see the image in the program on the PC. Launch Skype and select your PocketCam camera. An image will also appear here. If you do not have a camera, then PocketCam will not even have to choose, it will be displayed as the only one.

So, we told you how to use a smartphone as a web camera. You can use other applications from the Google Play Market. But of all the tested DroidWebCam, it seemed to us the most convenient.

How to use the phone as a webcam?

First of all, consider the docking of Android devices with computers running Windows. This is the most common scenario, since Google’s operating system is installed on 85% of all mobile phones in the world, and Microsoft’s OS dominates the PC market with an impressive 92%. Of course, we will remember about iPhones with their iOS, but a little later.

Phone as a webcam via USB

All computers released over the past 20 years are equipped with a universal port (no matter which version). Similarly, any modern smartphones are equipped with a micro USB connector, which they need to charge and transfer information. We will use it to transmit video broadcasts. We will need a standard “USB (Type A) - micro-USB” cable, as well as the DroidCamX application and the Windows software client, which can be downloaded for free on the manufacturer’s website or on Google Play.

  • connect the phone to the computer using a USB cable,
  • select the file transfer mode and enable "USB debugging" in the settings,
  • we launch the application on the phone and the client on the computer,
  • in the client, click the button with the USB icon,
  • set the checkbox "V>

we start the application for broadcasting and in the settings we select Dro> This is a simpler option, but it requires the presence of wireless equipment - a Wi-Fi router to which the computer is connected. We will also need the free IP Webcam app available on Google Play.

  • connect to a Wi-Fi router,
  • download, install and launch IP Webcam on the phone,
  • click the “Run” button to start the broadcast,
  • in the upper left corner, click the "How do I connect" button,
  • select “connect directly” and “I use Wi-Fi”,
  • we get an address like,
  • drive the address in any browser on the computer,
  • choose your preferred viewing and listening mode,
  • configure other parameters - quality, magnification, and so on.

Phone as a webcam on iOS

For Apple devices, the algorithm is the same, only the software changes. The most popular application for turning any iPhone into a webcam is iVCam, available for free download in the official AppStore store. There is also a link to the manufacturer’s website (e2eSoft), where you can download the client for Windows.

After starting the application and the client, they automatically “find each other” without any fuss with IP addresses. In this case, in any messengers your phone will now be immediately recognized as a web camera. In the application settings, you can set the quality and resolution of the video, frame rate, screen orientation, sound source and much more. Alternative utilities with similar functionality are also available in the AppStore - WebCamera, iCam and others.