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How to dress for a pre-wedding dinner

Each wedding adheres to the most diverse traditions that have developed over the centuries among different peoples, but have survived to this day. We know a lot about wedding traditions: bride redemption, first dance of the newlyweds, exchange of rings, white dress of the bride, eating a loaf, bride tossing a wedding bouquet and her garter by the groom, showering with flowers (rice, sweets or coins). The list of wedding traditions can be continued for a very long time and in each of them you can find something that will suit your couple exactly. Today we will talk about some of the most common wedding traditions that have not lost their novelty and relevance after years and even centuries.

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The solemn event itself, called the wedding, always promises to be vibrant and eventful. According to one of the European traditions, there is another small event - “pre-wedding dinner”, which is increasingly observed by domestic grooms and brides. A wedding dinner is a meeting of the bride and groom, their parents, relatives and close friends, in order to get to know each other before the upcoming grand event, after which two families alien to each other will become close and dear to each other. What you need to know if you decide to take advantage of this new wedding tradition?

  • First of all, the time and place of the dinner. This event is unofficial, so it is not necessary to hold it in a restaurant. You can have a picnic, a sortie out of town or barbecue in the country. It is best to arrange a pre-wedding dinner a few days before the wedding, because on the eve, there will still be a lot of worries before the main holiday.
  • Who should organize this dinner? This holiday can be organized by the parents of the bride and groom, relatives or even friends. It also depends on the circle of people invited to this event, either it is a holiday for relatives and close friends, or a holiday only for relatives, in order to get to know each other better.
  • What to entertain guests at the pre-wedding dinner? This is probably one of the most important issues. Since this event is aimed at rapprochement, you can think of anything. For example, friends or relatives can organize a photo show using slides of future newlyweds, show their joint photos. Young people can tell the story of their acquaintance, confess their love, and give oaths written by themselves to each other. You can also note the help of parents in organizing a wedding and give them small gifts. You can arrange competitions - who knows the bride and groom better. Or you can just chat with loved ones, discuss different experiences of married couples (preferably successful). In any case, it is better that the organizers of this dinner agree on its details with you, so as not to get into a mess.

For example, in some Western countries, a pre-wedding dinner is a complete rehearsal of a wedding ceremony, and sometimes even a subsequent feast.

Now we will talk about wedding traditions and customs on a solemn day.

  • Throwing a wedding bouquet by the bride is perhaps one of the most pleasant and vibrant traditions of the wedding. The bride gives a chance to one of her unmarried friends to get married in the same year. Some brides throw a bouquet right after the wedding, others prefer to do it during a feast, and others and everything around the curtain of the event.
  • Garter of the bride - this tradition has appeared recently, which is very popular at weddings. Here everything happens just like with a bouquet, but in this case, the groom removes the garter and throws it to his unmarried friends, whoever catches, he will marry this year.
  • Home hearth - these wedding customs are considered Old Russian, since the hearth was lit even in antiquity. Today, mothers of the bride and groom light the hearth, thereby conveying the traditions, harmony and experience of their families to the young. In fact, this is done by lighting candles.
  • The first wedding dance, at first glance, does not look like tradition at all, it seems that this is just a demonstration of festive clothing and dancing skills. In fact, the first dance of the newlyweds reflects their relationships, harmony and mutual feelings.
  • Wedding dress, or rather its white color, is also a good old tradition. After all, the white color, as you know, is the color of purity, harmony, innocence. Recently, modern brides have been revising established traditions and making some adjustments to this tradition, choosing various, sometimes even very “non-wedding” colors: from pale pink, cream, ivory (completely natural colors for a wedding dress) to bright red or even black (which is less natural, but there is a place to be).

And remember, this day should become the most unforgettable in your life and it is up to you to decide exactly what traditions and customs will be at your wedding so that this day is filled for you only with positive and vivid emotions.

October 24, 2014 Holiday Factory: Wedding 2015. 5 Ways to Show Respect to the Family at the Pre-Wedding Dinner

What do you think about the pre-wedding family dinner? In my opinion, this is a great tradition and an opportunity to thank your families. Relatives and friends near and the atmosphere is filled with festive energy, and a small circle of people makes dinner somehow special. This is also the first time that newlywed families get together, which makes it an excellent opportunity to focus on family and traditions. I offer you five ideas to pay tribute to your families.

1. Cook according to a family recipe. It doesn’t matter whether it’s grandmother’s lemon pie or your brother’s unfamiliar dish. Cooking with family recipes creates the feeling that your newly made relatives are now part of your family. And do not forget to tell some story before serving dishes to the table.

2. A toast to your near and dear ones. We offer you to raise a glass of Chardonnay in turn and your lover, to thank your parents, grandparents, other close relatives for the love and support that they have provided you for many years.

3. See family photos together. While it’s not a novelty for a couple to show their own baby photos, the idea of ​​viewing family photos at a pre-wedding family dinner seems very touching. Wedding photos of parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts will please everyone and will serve as a topic for starting a long and pleasant conversation between families.

4. Put on something special that respects important family members. Your mother’s earrings or your grandfather’s chain, which will give a touching shade to the evening. This will help you feel much closer to your family.

5. Do not let guests go empty-handed. Great tradition - newlyweds give parents presents at dinner. Improve this tradition and give everyone present a small pleasant gift. It will be very kind of you if you send them home with a slice of lemon cake or a hand-made handkerchief for their happy tears at the wedding. A bottle of excellent wine can also be a wonderful gift for every member of the family!