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Makeup for glasses: some simple recommendations


The makeup option depends on the frame and on what you want to draw attention to. There are two types of frames. Firstly, massive ones - colored, metal, with large lenses. With this accessory, you need to do rich makeup carefully, because it can turn out very brightly, not everyone is ready for it.

The second type - the frame is absent or very thin and almost imperceptible. With such glasses, choosing makeup is much easier, you can afford almost anything.

When applying makeup with a massive frame, you need to pay attention to what kind of lenses you have. If they reduce eyes, then smoky eyes. They will make your eyes visually larger. It is not at all necessary to make them black, dramatic, the size of a fan. It can be a neutral brown or gray shade, just well shaded. Smokey is not only drama, just shaded makeup always visually enlarges the eyes.

If the lens enlarges the eyes, then the best option is to circle both mucous membranes. The same effect is obtained when you wear black tights of medium density. They seem to outline the leg and visually slim it. The same thing happens with this makeup. The main thing is that the circuit is closed. It is better to exclude pearlescent shadows, they attract attention, highlight the eyes and can also visually increase. We do not need such an effect in this case. Neutral shades, matte, ashen shades are perfect. A stroke along the contour just gives a neat effect. The pencil does not have to be black; it can be either brown or gray. And if you have brown eyes, then you can experiment with color. For example, a blue eyeliner will successfully combine with an iris and will draw attention to itself.

When you wear glasses, it’s quite difficult to make graphic makeup that gets along well with them. Therefore, some dramatic arrows may intersect with the pattern of the frame or the lens may distort makeup. Before wearing arrows with glasses, it is better, of course, to practice.

If you have closely set eyes, then you need to optically move them apart so that they do not look heavy. If you make smokey, then they must be stretched to the temples. And if you just circle your eyes along the contour, then you need to add a light, golden, pearl or silver highlight to the corner of the eye.

The secrets of makeup for the far-sighted

Here you need to consider the important point that glasses give the eyes a convex shape

To achieve the perfect make-up for girls with farsightedness, you should pay attention to a couple of important points.

  • Firstly, stylists recommend using the eyeliner of the inner line of the upper eyelid. At the same time, apply only shades of simple natural shades to the moving eyelid.
  • Secondly, it is important to ensure that the line itself is sufficiently smooth, because lenses will show all the disadvantages of makeup. And all your work will go down the drain.
  • Third, use concealers that have the best masking ability. So you can qualitatively hide wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes and other skin defects.
  • Fourthly, in no case should you paint with mascara the eyelashes located below. This will make the eyes appear more rounded.

Nuances of make-up for myopic

Women with myopia should always remember that minus glasses of glasses visually reduce eyes.

Therefore, the most important goal of any makeup, in this case, is to make the eyes more expressive.

Feel free to use eyeliner and mascara of any bright colors. And also remember the clarity of the lines.

Video. Lisa Eldridge shows how to apply cosmetics with myopia and farsightedness (without translation)

In general, no matter what frame you wear, you should first give a good shape to the eyebrows. Then, it is important to consider the features of plus and minus lenses, the type of frame. If the glasses do not have diopters, but are used only as a stylish accessory, then you need to focus on the features of the frame.

Makeup for metal frames

Experts advise choosing the color of the shadows, focusing on the color palette of the frame. In this case, the shade must be chosen a tone lighter.

Let's look at frames in different colors and suitable everyday face makeup.

If you wear a rim of golden hue, then ivory shades are perfect for you. With frames made of white metals, gray and silver shades will look very good.

When making a make-up, the arrows should be carried out very close to the contour of the eyelashes, while the arrows should gently expand to the outer corner of the eye.

When applying mascara to the eyelashes, see that all the roots are well stained. If you want to complement the image, you can balm or lipstick nude shade.

Makeup for thick color frames

If you are the owner of a massive colored frame (including a black shade), then a bold make-up will suit you perfectly.

The only thing is that it should be kept in neutral tones.

You can draw arrows on the upper eyelid in the same way as described in the first case.

Shades of brown shades will look very harmonious. Using eyeliner on the lower eyelid, make sure the line is soft. Blend it if necessary.

There is an unspoken rule: the more massive the frame of the glasses, the thicker and brighter it is necessary to draw an eyeliner line.

So, move on to a step-by-step lesson and do eye makeup for those who wear thick colored frames.

To begin with, we need to prepare the face and make the skin perfectly smooth and even, make eyebrows, nose and blush.

Step 1. We apply a primer on the upper eyelid and blend it towards the eyebrow.

Step 2. We continue to work with the upper eyelid and apply shades of light shades, as a basis.

Step 3. Apply dark brown shadows to the inner and outer corners of your eye, using a thin brush for accuracy and accuracy.

Step 4. Use the same brush to fold on the upper eyelid.

Step 5. Now you need to blend the shadows, blurring the boundaries of the application.

Step 6. We color the eyelash growth line, both from below and from above with dark brown shadows.

Step 7. Using your finger, apply light and shimmering shadows to the middle of the upper eyelid. And finally, apply mascara.

Our make up is ready!

Make-up for horn and tortoiseshell frames

It is important to shift the focus from the eyes to the lips and cheeks. Use blush with a slight flicker, reflective effect.

If the frame of the glasses looks massive, then stylists recommend that you circle your eyes completely with a bronze or copper pencil.

The desired result is when the bottom line is slightly thinner than the top. When choosing a lipstick color, look at the tone of the blush. Lipstick should be a little darker and brighter. Orange lipstick goes well with coral blush, and fuchsia lipstick with cool pink blush.

And finally, some tips:

  • Pay attention to the weight of the glasses: the lighter the frame, the less likely that the marks from the glasses will remain.
  • A few words about the care of the skin around the eyes. Nutrient creams should not be used; gels or serums for the skin are best.
  • Be sure to use good quality concealers. They are often labeled “persistent”.

So, combining the correct make up with the frame and lenses of the glasses, you can create a harmonious image suitable for any event.

Rules for Makeup for Myopic

With myopia, you wear glasses with lenses that visually reduce the eyes. Therefore, your task is to make your eyes big and expressive.

  1. Do not apply in three layers of foundation on the nose - it will roll down and form ugly lumps on the nose. In addition, they can cause irritation and acne. If you have combination or oily skin, be sure to use a matting primer on the nose and around it - this will fix the tonal product and prevent it from “moving” under the glasses.
  2. Glasses create a shadow under the eyes, so the concealer is a must have. Choose products with reflective particles that will "highlight" this part of the face.
  3. Glasses with myopia reduce eyes, so you need at least three shades of shadow - light, very dark and transient to create a light haze effect. You can also make arrows. But you should avoid dark shades close to the line of growth of the oysters, especially the lower ones - this will even lessen the eyes.
  4. Apply matte light shadows to the entire moving eyelid, darken the outer corners and crease with a darker color, stretching your eyes with a light haze towards the temples.
  5. On the center of the eyelid you can apply a few shimmer shadows.
  6. With a dark shade of shadows, emphasize the growth line of the lower eyelashes and blend. On the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid, apply a white or beige pencil.
  7. Be sure to curl your eyelashes so that they do not smear the lenses with mascara. Apply mascara in several layers to visually enlarge the eyes.
  8. Highlight your eyebrows with colored eyebrow gel.

The rules of makeup with farsightedness

  1. Use light tonal products on the face and a very thin layer in the nose - dense textures will roll on the bridge of the nose, which leads to irritation. If you have combination or oily skin, use a matting primer on the nose and around it. If there are pimples or blemishes on your nose, paint over them dotted with concealer.
  2. Under the eyes, be sure to use a concealer with reflective particles to remove the shadow that appears from the glasses.
  3. Lenses with farsightedness increase everything, so there should be no oversights in eye makeup. So that the shadows do not slide into the folds of the eyelids and do not crumble under the eyes, apply a timer or base under the shadows on the upper and lower eyelids. It is best to take transparent or beige.
  4. Glasses with farsightedness increase your eyes, so you're in luck. But many are afraid to use bright and dark shadows. Lisa says that they are afraid of nothing while makeup looks perfect. Therefore, you will have to spend more time shading.
  5. For farsighted, the smokey makeup technique with matte shadows is more suitable.
  6. Apply the primary color to the entire moving eyelid. With a darker shade, slightly darken the crease and the outer corners of the eyes. No need to go too far beyond the natural boundaries of the orbital points. That is, do not stretch your eyes with the help of shadows, blending them to the temples.
  7. Put a pencil on the eyelash line, do not extend the arrow beyond the borders of the eyelash line. Blend the pencil well. Do the same on the lower eyelid.
  8. Apply a dark pencil to the mucous line of the lower eyelid, blend the line well.
  9. Curl eyelashes and color them with mascara, remove excess so that each eyelash is clearly visible and does not stick together with neighboring ones.
  10. Emphasize eyebrows.

Further, you can continue your regular makeup by making easy contouring and adding color to your lips.