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How to wash berries

RIAMO - Jun 27. Before eating, strawberries and raspberries should be washed in a mild soapy solution or the berries should be left in water for half an hour, said Nikolai Malyshev, MD, professor, head of the department of infectious diseases of the Moscow State Medical and Dental University during an online conference.

He emphasized that it is necessary to wash with soap all fruits and vegetables, whose consistency allows you to do this. In particular, bananas should be washed with soap before peeling them.

“You and I cannot wash raspberries or strawberries with soap, in solution - you can. Even if we leave it for half an hour just in the water, gradually the same worm eggs will drop down from them (berries - ed.), ”Malyshev said.

He emphasized that it is important to make the right solution for washing berries, since too strong a concentration of soap can damage the gastrointestinal tract.

You can also use boiling water to disinfect vegetables, fruits and berries, the infectious disease specialist added.

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