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Burlesque Queen: 7 great dancers who conquered the world


Burlesque Dance is an excellent video tutorial that will bring you to burlesque dance. This dance is a real show, which is distinguished by brightness, sensuality and coquetry. It burlesque will help a woman to fully reveal her emotions and splash out the accumulated energy. To learn how to skillfully dance burlesque, you need not only to know the movements, but also to carefully work on your own image.

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Cases past

Burlesque first appeared in Europe in the middle of the 19th century. You will be surprised, but in those days the girls had not danced on stage, instead they read poetry and made the audience laugh! The word itself came from the French “burla” - a joke, a mockery.

It was often a humorous parody of some serious dramatic work or classical work.

Burlesque in a form familiar to us was popular in London from the middle to the end of the 19th century. American burlesque suggested small stage sketches, witty, provocative, and sometimes - self-conscious.

And the first elements of striptease appeared in the United States by the 1930s. It was then that the stars of the genre began to rise one after another: Sally Rand, Gypsy Rose Lee, Dixie Evans and others.

The rooms became more and more frank, clothes on the actresses remained less and less. Inability to dance, the artists successfully compensated for the scenery and unimaginable costumes.

Burlesque theaters offered the audience performances for every taste: trained birds, underwater performances or performances on the trapeze were used.

Sally Rand

The beautiful blonde gained fame in 1933. Having run away with a mobile theater as a teenager, she sold cigarettes in line, and also worked as a dancer and model. Once she was even arrested for allegedly obscene appearance, however, this arrest only attracted viewers who wanted to admire the performance of Lady Godiva, as she called herself.

Sally became famous thanks to dances with huge fans and “bubble dance” - a technique in erotic dance, when there is a bubble between the spectator and the speaker, which does not allow to see the nakedness of the artist.

However, Sally never performed naked - she always wore a flesh-colored suit.

Gypsy rose lee

It is considered one of the greatest striptease dancers in the history of burlesque. If you find her videos, you will never guess from the very beginning that this charming girl is going to undress. Her career began by chance. Once, during the performance, the strap of her dress was torn, and it fell to the floor. The audience went berserk, and Rose Lee liked it. Then she thought that combining a performance with a striptease was a great idea.

Rose Lee is often called the “intellectual dancer,” because her sketches on the stage are full of witty jokes and subtle allusions.

Blaze Starr

Blaise herself recalls how she got into show business: “I was 15, I worked as a waitress in a donut shop in Washington. Somehow a man named Red Snyder came up to me. He told me that I was beautiful and simply obliged to get into show business. I was sure that dancing was a sin, but I knew how to play the guitar. He said he would make me a star. He asked me to dress as a cowboy, play the guitar, and then undress. I had never heard of striptease before.

Red spoke to me very kindly, he convinced me that only the most beautiful girls undressed. When you have never even shown your belly button to anyone, the thought of exposure is scary. So for the first time, I just covered myself with the cowboy hat that I was wearing. But at the end of the show she threw her away. Emotions overwhelmed me, I realized that there is nothing to worry about undressing. ”

Although she cannot be called the most graceful burlesque dancer, she is certainly one of the most beautiful artists of the "golden era" of burlesque.

Rosita Royce

The dance came into her life all of a sudden. When Rosita (then Marjorie) was still a little girl, doctors discovered her heart problems. Then the girl’s father invited her to do dancing - as an exercise. She traveled and performed across America until one producer told her: “Rosita, it's just a shame to cover up a body like yours.” She took this into account and decided to do something unusual. So her dance with pigeons appeared. By naming each bird by name, she trained them in such a way that they took turns removing elements of her clothes.

Betty Roland "Fireball"

So called Betty for the fiery red hair that captivated the audience from the first minute. Betty had a hard life. She and her sisters wanted to go to college, but because of the Depression they were thrown out of there. Their father could no longer pay for dance classes for Betty, and she was forced to go burlesque dancing to somehow help her family with the money. There were times when due to the arbitrariness of the police, which fought against the immoral behavior of the dancers, she worked for dinner, not for money.

Betty left burlesque in the early 60s after she got married, but fan letters still come to her.

Dixie evans

She is called "Marilyn Monroe from Burlesque" - the artist skillfully used the image of a sex diva for her performances until the death of the actress herself. Although Dixie's youth was far from so frivolous: having fallen during the time of the Great Depression, she had to earn a living by dancing, including in nightclubs.

Dita Von Teese

The icon of modern burlesque began to perform with its show since 1992. According to Dita herself, she wants to return the playfulness to striptease. One of her signature rooms is the famous Martini Glass.