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Tips to quit drinking beer


In this article I will present a specific plan. how to quit drinking beer every day. Let's do without common phrases. I will give step-by-step instructions on what needs to be done specifically to stop drinking beer once and for all.

Immediately make a reservation, the article is given personally my opinion, and personally my beliefs on this topic . And they may disagree with the majority, but this does not mean that these beliefs are not true.

On the contrary, thanks to these principles, I myself quit drinking beer every day. And at the moment I haven’t been drinking for more than 3 years, although I poured beer with a bang for more than 10 years almost every day.

I think this fact deserves you to read the article to the end and try to gather valuable information for yourself.

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So, let's get down to business immediately.

Beer - low alcohol?

Many people justify their use of beer, considering beer a weak drink.

The fact that you drink beer, and not vodka, for example, or cognac, does not justify and does not protect you.

If beer - low school drink, does not mean that you cannot form a strong alcohol addiction!

And the main reason why it is difficult to quit drinking beer every day is precisely because beer is considered to be a light drink. There is a false assumption that, as a matter of fact, dependence on beer cannot form in our country.

Guys, beer really destroys the psyche. And your denial of this fact only makes it easier to continue this destruction.

I examined this issue in detail in another article, The effect of alcohol on the nervous system and brain. I advise you to read at your leisure.

The volume of beer drunk

Answer honestly: Personally, can you have a glass of beer and stop?

Can you limit yourself to one bottle of beer and say “stop” to yourself?

I think the answer is no. I couldn’t either.

It's all about quantity. Beer is drunk much more than other drinks: we slash it in liters. Therefore, beer can compete with any alcoholic drink in terms of developing addiction.

A person who sees 4% in beer, and 40% in vodka, forgets to multiply this by the volume of drink. I will not do arithmetic, consider for yourself, but the meaning, I think, is clear. Final numbers will be comparable.

And 5 bottles of beer or 5 glasses of wine will be equivalent to half a bottle of vodka.

Awareness of this fact to make you think that it is time to stop drinking beer every day.

Master of excuses. Why am I drinking beer.

There are many other excuses that prevent us from quitting beer every day.

If at one time there was a nomination "Master of Beer Excuses 2016", On it I would definitely take first place.

And how do you justify the fact that you drink beer every day?

Make your excuse list "why i drink beer"And kill every excuse in your own head.

As long as there is at least one false benefit in your brain that you think you get from the infusion of a foamy drink, you will not be able to stop drinking beer every day.

This is what my excuse list looked like.

TOP excuses. Why am I drinking beer.

  1. Beer helps me relax
  2. Beer relaxes and makes me more fun
  3. Beer helps relieve stress after a working day,
  4. With beer, have fun with friends,
  5. Tasty beer
  6. Beer is a very weak alcohol and no dependence can be formed on it,
  7. I drink beer, not vodka, therefore, I can’t have any problems,
  8. Beer makes me happy.

I gradually destroyed these excuses. It was not easy to do, because they seem so righteous that questioning them seems absurd.

They seem bold plusesabandoning which, it seems that your life may become meaningless. But this is a mirage that engenders fear in which we continue to believe.

Your own excuses for why you can't stop drinking beer every day are powerful weapons that alcohol uses against you.

While you say "It's not about me. I have no problems with beer", Alcohol continues to successfully capture your psyche abroad, steeper than Hitler with his plan Barbarossa. You and only you voluntarily open the doors to him in your fortress.

If at least one brick in your own beliefs has moved, then continue reading. Then more discoveries will come.

If not, it’s better to close the site, in your case the self-deception turned out to be much stronger than I expected.

The addiction control center within us

Now you do not choose how much and when you will drink beer.

Dependence itself chooses when and how much you will drink beer. The psyche has long been controlled not by you, but by addiction.

I know this sounds like nonsense, but it does.

The longer you deny your underlying problems caused by drinking beer, the more difficult it is to quit drinking beer.

You notice that in sobriety:

  • the colors of life darken
  • an unexplained constant fear appears,
  • feeling of anxiety
  • it fetters your life activity.

The truth is not always pleasant, but it resonates in your soul. You understand that, his mother, the way it is. And maybe this is what made you look for the answer to the question, what is happening to me? And how to finally stop drinking beer every day?

I also recommend scrolling through the article How to Determine if You Have an Alcohol Addiction. To pull others out of their false excuses.

The surprise that awaits you after you stop drinking beer every day

The second step is to learn to recognize the symptoms of weaning caused by drinking beer. They then make you drink again and again.

With special force, these symptoms begin to act only through 4-7 days after you stop drinking beer. Such a delayed effect in time, prevents you from seeing a direct connection between the horseradish mood and the fact that you drank beer 7 days ago.

The existence of such symptoms explains why a person who drinks beer cannot abstain for more than one to two weeks.

If with incredible difficulty you manage to hold out longer than this period, the psyche will still sooner or later force you to go to the store and buy beer again.

I wrote in more detail in a separate article about the symptoms of weaning. This is a kind of instruction on how to remove the symptoms of weaning.


I recommend an experiment to confirm this scientific nonsense.

  1. Try not to drink beer for a while,
  2. Soon you will see how your own psyche makes you drink beer,
  3. An incredible negative state will overtake you,
  4. Drinking beer seems like the best solution
  5. You will find a good reason to justify yourself and drink.

Only then, making sure of this, be sure to return to find out what to do.

Recognizing the problem is an important step to stop drinking beer every day.

Admit, comrade, that you have lost control. Admit to yourself that addiction rules you. This is a necessary step towards further purification.

This is the only opportunity that will help you stop drinking beer every day.

By doing this, you will see the enemy in person.

  • Distinguish and recognize how addiction makes you drink beer,
  • Recognize inappropriate feelings that lead to drinking beer.

It sounds simple, but 96% of people attribute the symptoms of addiction to external causes and circumstances. Making a fatal mistake, they constantly return to their addiction again and again.

Arm yourself with knowledge.

The next step to stop drinking beer every day is that you need to arm yourself with knowledge.

Do not minimize the importance of the enemy.

You need to get a whole arsenal of knowledge that will be your weapon in the fight against alcohol.

You must understand how alcohol addiction deceives you and does not allow you to stop drinking beer.

You must have your own effective tricks and master the methods of struggle.

I recommend downloading my book The Golden Guide to Sobriety. Only recently completed it.

Stop drinking beer every day is the easiest

And in general, the very statement of the question “How to quit drinking beer every day"A little wrong.

Because everyone can quit drinking beer.

But what is the use of this, if, for example, you stop drinking beer for 1-2 weeks, and then you break again? Why such ostentatious heroism without results?

The focus should be on the goal of “How not to start drinking beer after you quit?”

And for this you need:

  • learn to avoid disruption, (instruction here)
  • learn to maintain sobriety (instruction here)

    Legend breaker

    I don’t want to destroy now fictional legends like "Doctors say a glass of beer a day is good". If you are used to believing the prejudices of society, fables and gossip, driven like a granite stone into the majority opinion, you and I are not on the road. I still hope that your IQ level is high enough to independently distinguish folk fiction from the truth.

    Therefore, you need to understand that stopping drinking beer every day must be completely and irrevocably.

    I also recommend reading my last article. Can I drink in moderation? To completely destroy in his mind the false legends about the moderate use of beer.

    Brief Abstracts

    How to quit drinking beer every day

    For those who have forgotten 90% of the information they just read, here's a short list of the main points of the article:

    1. Get rid of the main excuse that beer is a low-alcohol drink. Understand that beer can be more addictive than vodka.
    2. Destroy your other excuses and the reasons why you drink beer every day. They do not allow you to take a step in the direction of sobriety.
    3. You need to distinguish between inappropriate feelings that make you drink again and again. If a person does not recognize the symptoms caused by weaning from beer - he is doomed to breakdown.
    4. Understand that you should not drink beer moderately. The only norm is zero!
    5. Before you stop drinking beer, get ready and gain knowledge about your addiction. Do not minimize the strength of the enemy.
    6. Learn the mechanism of maintaining sobriety for life in the video training Arsenal of Sobriety

    It was a short outline on the topic of “Kak stop drinking beer every day". The direction is set. Now move.

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    The consequences of drinking beer

    This hop product is not considered dangerous to the body, but in vain. Beer contains up to 14% alcohol, which is why it is addictive. Many people think that it is better to drink a glass of beer than a glass of vodka. But one bottle with a face value of 2 liters contains as much ethyl alcohol as 0.5 liters of vodka. Statistics say that “beer” alcoholism develops 5 times faster than “vodka”. What happens if you drink beer every day:

    • Changes in the cardiovascular system. Blood circulates abundantly, the walls of the heart thicken. Due to increased loads and cobalt content in beer, heart cavities expand. Chest pains appear.
    • Increased risk of cancer. Due to disruptions in the endocrine system, estrogen is produced in men and women. An increase in the level of this hormone in women leads to infertility and changes in appearance (tendrils, excess weight, and cellulite grow). Blocking the production of testosterone in men leads to impotence and obesity of the female type (chest, sides grow, hips expand).
    • Kidney problems. Beer has a diuretic effect. It flushes out all the beneficial trace elements from the body and makes the kidneys work in an emergency.
    • Memory impairment. Beer “dulls” the brain, destroying its cells during the decay of alcohol in the body. The nervous system also suffers. The “beer” alcoholic is irritable and aggressive. This is due to the narcotic substances in the composition of the drink.

    How to get rid of addiction to beer

    Experts argue that the most important thing in eliminating addiction is desire. Further, the process proceeds quickly and without emotional shocks.

    Step number 1. Explore the dangers of alcohol on the body
    First of all, realize how detrimental the use of beer affects your health. In men, the stomach begins to grow, the breast enlarges, excessive vegetation appears on the body. Malfunctions of the nervous system are also observed, and renal and hepatic insufficiency develops.

    Often, from beer lovers you can hear that the drink adversely affects the activity of the heart muscle and blood pressure. Of no small importance for a man is reproductive function, in particular, potency and the ability to have sex. In people who consume foam in large quantities, sex happens less every month.

    Step number 2. Cut down on beer
    Not all people can boast of excellent willpower. If you relate to a similar number of individuals, reduce the dose gradually. First, drink not 3, but 2 bottles at a time, go to one field at all. No need to enter yourself into a state of stress by refusing to give up beer. Try to act logically in order to exclude from your head the constant thought “I want beer!”.

    Follow the sequence in everything. If you are used to drinking beer after a working day, keep this tradition, but, again, reduce the amount. After a certain period, you will notice that the craving disappears. It is at this moment that you need to abandon the addiction completely. If the phrase “stop drinking completely” is scary, replace the alcoholic drink with a non-alcoholic counterpart.

    Step number 3. Find a hobby
    Many people, especially men, drink beer because of the large amount of free time in the evening. Instead of getting comfortable with a bottle of foam, take the end of the day correctly. You can sign up for a boxing section or run an hour jog before bedtime.

    Some men prefer to spend time in a circle of non-drinking buddies, this recommendation will also be useful. If you can’t relax in this way, look for other ways. For example, take the habit of visiting the sauna or grilling kebabs in nature.

    Consider outdoor activities as an alternative. Absolutely everything will do: skiing, snowmobiling, ice skating, snowboarding, cycling, etc. Engage in rock climbing, wood carving, swimming. Gradually, a hobby will begin to occupy all thoughts, as a result of which the desire to drink will go by the wayside.

    Step number 4. Replace beer with other products.
    Of course, there are many other drinks that taste superior to beer. Try changing your usual “diet”, for example, freshly squeezed juice, strawberry smoothie, a cup of real coffee, cocoa, premium leaf tea and other pleasures of life. Milkshakes and yogurts are considered equally tasty.

    Clicking on seeds, nuts, and dried fruits helps many men get rid of beer addiction. It is worth careful to lean on such products, since they are quite high-calorie. Follow the rules: if you wanted a beer - ate or replaced the foam with another drink.

    Step number 5. Make a plan
    You can not get rid of addiction to a foamy drink without specific deadlines. Set a goal to quit drinking beer in 2-3 months. If the addiction manifests itself too much, keep a diary, write down your thoughts and achievements in it. Ask relatives for support, agree that they will not drink beer in your presence. You can choose a period of about six months, the main thing is that you are constantly in the assembled state. Otherwise, thoughts will begin to arise in my head: “I still have a lot of time, I have time to quit. Today, I’ll probably drink two bottles, not one! ”

    Divide the selected term into four time intervals. The first one says that you can drink beer no more than 4 times a week. The second reduces the amount to 2 times a week, the third - 1 time per week, and so on. Ultimately, you must come to the conclusion that the rejection of beer occurs in full. Clearly follow the schedule, do not violate the timing and amount of drunk foam, no matter what.

    Step number 6. Reward yourself financially
    The most common causes of addiction to alcohol are considered to be a depressed emotional state, financial problems, disorders in the family and at work. It is important to remember forever that with the use of beer, problems do not disappear. Ultimately, you will sober up and become aware of the whole miserable essence of being. To encourage yourself at the entire stage of refusing alcohol, establish a tradition of monetary rewards.

    Get a big piggy bank, preferably transparent. Daily send in the amount that you spend on beer. After a month, open the piggy bank and calculate the savings. The amount will be impressive, for you it will serve as an additional incentive. You are shocked by the number you spent on harmful alcohol. Similarly, you can do while quitting smoking or other alcoholic beverages.

    Once the piggy bank is full, take the savings and spend them on something worthwhile. It can be an exercise bike, a trip abroad, a fur coat to a wife, etc. The main thing is to put money in a “useful” channel.

    Step number 7. Think about the future
    It's no secret that craving for alcohol is harmful to health. Задумайтесь о будущем, вам наверняка захочется иметь детей (если их ещё нет). При частом употреблении пива появляется риск бесплодия как для мужской половины населения, так и для женской.

    Psychologists have concluded that 45% of families are falling apart because of one of the spouses' addiction to alcohol. Such people are not interested in career and personal growth, they suffer from mental health, a person loses the desire for more.

    An unpleasant odor emanates from people who regularly drink beer; they are felt by interlocutors and colleagues in particular. Try to analyze what is happening, draw a happy future for yourself with many victories. Strive to become better every day, develop materially and spiritually.

    Step number 8. Do not give up beer on holidays
    Psychologists have come up with an interesting fact, which proves the connection between the rejection of alcohol and the desire to consume it even more. If you regularly deny yourself the usual "joys", this will lead to the fact that one day the shutter speed will drop to "no." For this reason, take the habit of pampering yourself during the holidays. It is not necessary to get drunk "in the insole", just one bottle is enough for complete satisfaction.

    At the same time, it is important to observe a culture of drinking: first they ate, then slowly drank (relished) the foam. If after the celebration you have come to the conclusion that the habit is disgusting, give it up altogether. This fact indicates that the brain has already been rebuilt to other foundations.

    Practical recommendations

    1. First you need to love yourself. As practice shows, you can’t stop drinking beer as ordered by your wife or acquaintances. It is important to do this for your own good.

    It’s easy to stop drinking beer if you follow a certain sequence. In order not to break your life and put your financial situation in order, you need to develop a plan and take a different look at familiar things. Love yourself, enlist the support of family, find a hobby.

    What happens if you refuse

    Birthdays, weddings, New Years, professional holidays and mourning events - not a single event is complete without alcoholic beverages. If you drink a small amount of alcohol several times a year, then the body will have time to recover. The problem appears when a man or woman does not recognize his dependence on alcohol. Things are even more complicated with "beer" alcoholism.

    The first step to getting rid of “beer” addiction is to accept the fact of the problem. Studying the composition of the hop product and its effect on the body as a whole will help to quickly recover. During the first week of a sober lifestyle, facial swelling disappears and normal healthy skin color is restored. A month later, the extra pounds go. In men, the sides and “female” breasts disappear, the “beer” belly decreases. Due to the normalization of the hormonal background in women, constant nausea passes. Girls can lose weight. Appearance becomes attractive. The work of internal organs is normalized. The heart, kidneys, digestive tract and genitourinary system are restored. The stress resistance of the body increases.

    How to stop drinking beer every day

    The first time after refusing to drink beer, there is still a painful craving for it. Attachment to a hop product has been forming for more than one year, getting rid of can be much more difficult. Refused beer suffers from insomnia for the first three days, feels bad, he is tormented by dizziness. Recovery from drunkenness is a long process. The formation of new habits can help stop using it every day. The body requires a state of euphoria, which gave beer. A source of endorphins can be a previously forgotten hobby. The "hormone of joy" is formed as a result of actions that give positive emotions.

    Laughter helps get rid of "beer" alcoholism. It is worth looking for reasons for joy: Watching comedies, going to a humorous show, reading jokes. To raise your mood, it is worth increasing the level of vitamin D in the body. This can be done with the help of pharmacy drugs or sun exposure. If possible, then while getting rid of alcohol addiction should go on vacation for the sun and new experiences.

    The painful craving for beer is eclipsed by other physical pleasures: hugs, active sex, massage.

    It is worth changing the diet to increase serotonin. The following foods should be added to the diet: green and orange vegetables, dairy products (especially cheeses), dark chocolate. They contain significantly more nutrients than beer. The gradual rejection in favor of new eating habits will make the treatment process less painful.

    For medical treatment, you should consult a doctor. You can get rid of any kind of dependency using coding. This hypnosis, and stitching "torpedoes", and acupuncture. An individual approach and strict control of a narcologist are required. Throwing addiction requires willpower.

    How to stop drinking in the evenings

    It is worth changing your usual way of life and finding a new hobby. If booze is part of an evening ritual, replace it with another soft drink. “Hypnotic” products (seeds, chips, crackers, apple slices) will also help. If a “beer” alcoholic consumes an intoxicated drink mainly at home or in a sports bar, you should spend less time in this familiar place. The evenings in front of the TV are replaced with walks in the city or a relaxing bath. Friendly meetings in pubs should be canceled and more often go to the gym.

    Often a drunkard simply does not realize what he looks like from the outside. You can install the camera in the living room or turn on video mode on the phone and shoot three nights in a row. A collapsed body and an indifferent flaccid facial expression look repulsive. This may be an occasion to quit “thumping” in the evenings forever.

    Each time, deciding to purchase another box of beer, a strong-willed decision is to put this money into the piggy bank for a specific purpose. If there is not enough money for new entertainment or a vacation, then getting rid of addiction will be the first step to a dream.

    Group treatment

    Advice from former alcoholics: Combating addiction is easier with like-minded people. There are many courses and trainings at which several people work together throughout the entire treatment period. They give lectures on the dangers of beer, do auto-training and do gymnastics. Often used yoga and meditation. The alcoholic understands that he is supported by the same dependent and vulnerable people. Someone else's success inspires hope for healing and faith in their own success. It is worth every day to "persuade" yourself and tune in to a sober lifestyle.

    Folk methods

    Traditional medicine offers many options for curing "beer" alcoholism. Folk methods involve the use of the bowels of nature in the fight against illness. You can quit drinking on your own at home. Herbs based on herbal preparations are sold in phyto pharmacies. They can replace evening tea. Quick removal of toxins from the body contributes to powder from the root of fins. Means based on the dung mushroom cause an aversion to any type of alcohol. Ink mushrooms are consumed both in powder form and as a separate dish.

    The use of alternative methods reduces the craving for beer due to nausea and poor health when drinking beer. You can brew thyme, pouring it with boiling water and insisting for 40 minutes. Paradoxically, treatment with alcohol tinctures, which are used in small doses. They come from the acorn, lovage, oleander.

    Herbs and other natural resources have a powerful effect and have a number of contraindications. It is important to examine whether the alcoholic is at risk.

    Inpatient treatment is often required to control the process of getting rid of dependence. “Beer” alcoholism spoils the life not only of the “prisoner” of the intoxicated illness, but also of his entire family. It is important to recognize the problem in time and start fighting for your health.