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Drinks for a good sleep


This situation is not uncommon - you went to bed, but the clock goes by the clock, and you toss and turn in bed from side to side, and you can’t fall asleep. In addition, some unpleasant thoughts constantly pop up in the mind, and you can not relax. Perhaps someone will not seem so terrible the problem is how to fall asleep. However, imagine that tomorrow you have an exam or an important meeting scheduled, you need to drive. And you need blood from your nose to get enough sleep, otherwise the next morning everything will fall out of your hands. What to do in such a situation? Of course, the psyche of everyone works differently, and the causes of poor sleep can be different. If you don’t know how to fall asleep quickly, you should try different methods, and you may find among them those that suit you the most.

Sleep in comfort

First of all, you should pay attention to the room in which you sleep. It should maintain the optimum temperature - not too hot and not too cold. Drafts should be avoided.

The air in the room should be fresh. Therefore, before going to bed, it is recommended to ventilate the room. If there is little oxygen in the room and it is filled with unpleasant odors, then you are unlikely to be able to fall asleep quickly. To flavor the bedroom, you can use oils of lavender, linden and chamomile.

Very bright light often leads to insomnia. It is worth remembering that the hormones that regulate falling asleep are produced only in the dark. Make sure that the windows are tightly curtained and that there are no other light sources in the room. You can purchase a special mask for sleeping.

If you need silence for sleep, then buy earplugs at the pharmacy. Unobtrusive noise, for example, the monotonous hum of a fan, helps some to fall asleep. To quickly fall asleep, you can also use relaxing music or recording natural sounds.

Sometimes a person cannot fall asleep because he takes an uncomfortable posture. Lie down so that you are comfortable. It is better to use a pillow of medium hardness. If it has become warm from the body, turn it over. Wear spacious pajamas for sleep. It’s convenient for some people to sleep without clothes, so try this too.

Do not forget about hygiene, regularly change bedding. It is not very pleasant to sleep on pillows and sheets soaked with sweat. The blanket must be selected so that it would not be too light or heavy, too warm, or vice versa, would be poorly protected from the cold.

Proper food is the key to good sleep

Pay attention to what you eat for dinner. It is not recommended to eat tightly at bedtime, but on the other hand, going to bed on an empty stomach is also not the best solution. There are foods that promote good sleep: banana, milk, nuts, whole grain bread, lettuce. But protein can interfere with good sleep, the same applies to caffeinated drinks, spicy, fatty, sweet, nicotine, alcohol. Often a cup of warm milk or herbal tea drunk at night helps to fall asleep.

What to do to relax your psyche

Sometimes there is advice not to think about anything while lying in bed. But in practice this is impossible, moreover, in a dream some parts of the brain work even more intensively than during wakefulness. Therefore, moderate loads for the mind, on the contrary, will be useful.

Reading for the night helps some. However, one must observe the measure. It is best to read something light, not burdensome, but not so exciting that it could make you spend hours on the book. You can also try to make some notes or drawings. For example, to record the most pleasant impressions of the day, an opinion about a movie.

But as soon as you feel while reading that you are beginning to be very sleepy, immediately stop your activity, turn off the light and go to bed. If any thoughts arise in your head, try using your imagination to color these thoughts in black. Meditate, let go of thoughts that bother you.

Think of something nice. Imagine yourself in a boat floating on a river, or you are flying in the clouds, or swimming in the ocean, or walking on a flowering field, etc. Slowly delve into your fantasies, noticing more and more details.

The advice has long been known to count in the thoughts of some animals, for example, sheep or elephants. Although the advice does not help everyone, nevertheless, it is not without meaning, since it contributes to a moderate load on both hemispheres of the brain, which gradually puts it into sleep mode. Of course, you can choose some other objects or animals, the main thing is that they would not cause negative emotions. You can imagine a pendulum swinging from side to side, and consider its movement.

Lie quietly, do not move, mentally relax all the muscles, starting from the tips of the toes and ending with the head. Lying in bed, stretch. Stretching helps the body relax, the tension goes away, and the person falls asleep. Try holding a pillow between your knees. This helps relieve stress and even reduces pain.

Perform a set of breathing exercises. Slow deep breathing helps the body relax. Lie on your back to control how your stomach rises. By focusing on breathing, the brain is freed from extraneous thoughts.

Sleep preparations

If you went through various methods, but did not understand how to fall asleep quickly, it is recommended to use medicines. However, this must be done carefully so as not to cause addiction. It is best to consult a doctor for the selection of the drug.

  • On the basis of herbs - valerian, motherwort, mint, hop, chamomile.
  • Tranquilizers - drugs that depress the nervous system, dull emotions. If insomnia is caused by severe stress, this may be the only way out.
  • Sleeping pills - affect the nerve receptors and stimulate the production of sleep hormones.
  • Preparations containing the main sleep hormone - melatonin.
  • Vitamins Often, chronic insomnia develops due to a deficiency in the body of B and D vitamins, trace elements - magnesium and calcium.

What you need to do during the day to sleep well at night

If you play sports, then the last training should be no less than three hours before going to bed. Nevertheless, walking before bedtime very well helps with insomnia.

Night water treatments are also a good way to relax. Best in this case, a bath helps with special soothing additives - sea salt, eucalyptus oils, pine. If you have problems falling asleep at night, it is best not to sleep during the day, but wait until the evening and get enough sleep.

Look for a way to deal with stress. Stress is the main problem of insomnia. Find a hobby that will relieve stress. Try to adhere to the regimen: go to bed at the same time. If you want to shift the mode, then change it gradually, starting from 10 minutes. Before going to bed, do not dig into the phone, do not sit for a long time in front of the TV or monitor.

Bad dream: causes and effects

Up to 15% of adults suffer from sleep disorders, this percentage increases with age. The most common problem is insomnia. It occurs for various reasons. It can cause:

  • uncomfortable sleeping place
  • the use of drinks that interfere with falling asleep,
  • noise,
  • bright light,
  • overeating at night,
  • alcohol,
  • fatigue,
  • nervous strain.

Drinks Affecting Sleep Quality

The use of various fluids is an integral part of human life. The diet includes not only water, but also fruit drinks, juices, decoctions, teas.

Many people do not think about how to use them correctly, so as not to cause insomnia, nervousness, fatigue. To do this, you need to study the properties of each drink, side effects. If sleep disturbance is present, be sure to consult a doctor, paying attention to the issue of nutrition and fluid intake.

Good to drink at night

There are a number of drinks that help calm, relieve nervousness, facilitate falling asleep, and make rest complete. They are not medicines, contain only natural components.

Their use is not harmful to health. You only need to understand what you can drink before bedtime, consider the possibility of allergic reactions to the components.

Herbs for insomnia and recipes based on them

The aromas of many herbs soothe, they can be put in special bags under the pillow, use oils based on them. Very common recipes for teas, decoctions with their addition.

To prepare one of them, you should take a teaspoon of lavender and chamomile, pour a glass of boiling water, let it brew. You can add to your taste milk, honey. The most commonly used is a decoction of valerian. You should take a tablespoon of crushed root, pour 250 ml of hot water, boil for 15 minutes, let it brew for the same amount, strain and drink 20 ml three times a day.

Milk products

Dairy products such as kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt are very useful, they have a beneficial effect on the intestines, do not cause heaviness, improve the microflora, and help to sleep peacefully. They can be used to eliminate hunger before bedtime.

A widely known way to fall asleep is a glass of warm milk before bedtime. You can add a teaspoon of honey, a little cinnamon. You should not just make it too hot.

Fruit and berry drinks

Cherry is the natural source of the sleep hormone melatonin. The berry regulates the rest and wake cycles. You need to drink drinks from it half an hour before bedtime, preferably without sugar. With caution should be used by people with gastritis, other stomach problems.

A good effect is given by a banana smoothie. To prepare it, beat one banana with a tablespoon of almonds and 0.5 liters of milk. Walnut is rich in magnesium and potassium; these microelements relieve muscle spasm and promote relaxation.

Bad effect on rest

There are a number of drinks that negatively affect falling asleep. A person can drink them without even knowing why he has insomnia.

Such fluids cause an overload of the nervous system, it is not able to relax. A person cannot rest qualitatively, gets up with fatigue, a headache, and decreased working capacity.

The quality of rest depends more on the REM phase. It is during this period that one can see dreams, the body relaxes as much as possible, and restoration of strength occurs.

Alcohol disrupts this process, a person does not fully relax, gets up broken, with a headache and swelling under his eyes. This is why you should not drink strong drinks before going to bed. Long-term drinking leads to a breakdown of daily biorhythms, which makes attempts to fall asleep unsuccessful, and increases the risk of serious illness.

Carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks have a negative effect on the body. With their frequent use, problems with falling asleep arise. Most people with a sweet pop diet suffer from insomnia.

Energy is causing even greater problems. These are the same drinks, but with a high caffeine content. They provoke nervous excitement, increased heart rate, impaired relaxation. Their frequent use leads to diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Strong tea, coffee, cocoa

Tea has a negative effect on a person if you use a low-quality drink. There are many types and varieties, the main ones are:

The first helps to cheer up, tune in to vigorous activity. The second is a strong antioxidant, helps to eliminate toxins. The third causes increased attention, improves memory.

You need to drink only freshly brewed tea. Additives of various herbs and fruits should be considered as possible allergens. For problems with falling asleep, do not consume more than 3 cups per day, preferably in the morning.

The effects on the body of coffee are softer than tea. For some people, it is a remedy that helps you fall asleep well. It depends on the individual characteristics of the person and the type of drink. Its negative effect is based on the provocation of the accumulation of toxins, the weakening of the nervous system. This leads to nervousness, increased irritability.

A cup of sweet cocoa before bedtime will give pleasure, help you relax, cause good emotions. But you should remember about possible intolerance to the product. Drinking in large quantities can cause insomnia.

What drink from snoring

Such a phenomenon as snoring interferes with the normal sleep not only of the person himself, but of everyone around him. They are forced to listen to the roulades displayed at night, involuntarily listen to apnea attacks, when breathing stops for a short time, and then resumes after a deep breath. There is a popular way to help combat snoring. The therapeutic composition includes the ingredients:

For cooking, you need to take one root crop and one fruit, half a citrus and a ginger root. Mix everything in a blender. Consume two hours before rest.

To get rid of snoring, you need to lose weight, excess weight provokes its occurrence. Do not drink alcohol, especially before bedtime and in large quantities. Dinner should be light, not giving heaviness to the stomach. If such techniques do not help, special devices should be used.

Sleeping pills: pros and cons

There are people who, when having problems falling asleep, resort to various folk remedies, rituals, and set themselves up for sleep in advance. Others, when it is impossible to relax, just take the pill. For them, the only question is what to drink before going to bed in order to sleep better.

You can not use such funds in the following cases:

  • alcohol was taken
  • the person is driving
  • during pregnancy
  • breastfeeding occurs
  • work requires great care.

You should study the instructions, possible contraindications. Be sure to consult a doctor. Evaluate whether everything is done from other methods to normalize sleep.

Only if the other methods do not help, you cannot fall asleep quickly, you can think about taking pills. A good therapeutic review is given by the homeopathic medicine Tenoten, which has a calming effect and relaxing muscles.


The problem of bad sleep should not be ignored. Constant lack of sleep is very harmful for all body systems. He is experiencing increased stress, depleted. What to drink before going to bed, to fall asleep, the specialist will tell you if the situation is out of control.

At the first signs of a disturbance in rest, it is imperative to analyze all the factors that could cause this phenomenon. If you can’t overcome it yourself, you should consult a doctor.