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What is Apple TV and what is it for?


  • Personal Internet Connection *
  • TV or other display with HDMI port
  • HDMI cable (Apple TV 4K requires an HDMI 2.0 or later cable)

To set up Apple TV using your iOS device, first follow these steps on your iOS device:

* Apple TV does not support public or subscription networks where registration is required.

Connect to power and TV

Connect the Apple TV device to a power source and connect it to the TV using an HDMI cable. To watch 4K HDR movies on your Apple TV 4K, make sure you are using an HDMI 2.0 or later cable and the TV supports 4K and / or HDR. You can also set up your Apple TV 4K to play Dolby Atmos audio.

Turn on the TV and select the HDMI input the Apple TV is connected to. Can't see the settings screen?

If you do not want to connect to a Wi-Fi network during setup, you can connect your Apple TV to your router using an Ethernet cable.

Why do I need an Apple TV

Consider why this device is needed. This gadget from Apple is a network type device of a small form factor and was created for downloading and subsequent playback of media content on a TV.

The gadget runs on the Internet-TV protocol and synchronizes with the latest generation of IPTV.

Services from which you can play Apple TV media files:

This receiver can play back information taken from gadgets that run on Mac or Windows operating systems.

The average cost of Apple TV in Russia is 5.3 thousand rubles.

Films and TV shows

With this set-top box from Apple, you can watch movies and TV shows in high quality 4K HDR.

In the media library, the user will find a variety of genres: from blockbuster to the latest news and weather forecasts. Programs for children, concerts, podcasts and much more are available for viewing.

In order to play music through this device, you must purchase a subscription. There are various options for such a service: student, annual, individual, family. A trial free version is provided.

Subscription gives you access to 40 mlg of songs that you can listen to online and without ads.

Airplay is a technology designed to transfer audio and video content from a computer, tablet or mobile phone to the set-top box.

In order for the system to work properly, it is necessary:

  1. Install the latest software.
  2. Check device compatibility.

This technology is not intended for transferring data between iOS devices or from an iOS device to a Mac computer.

How to connect Apple TV

Many users have a question about how to connect to Apple TV. The set-top box should synchronize with the home TV. At the same time, the TV should have a connector for an HDMI cable or Wi-Fi.

To access all the functions and features of the Apple console, we recommend using a wired connection via an HDMI cable. If you connect Apple TV via WIFI, iTunes will not be available.

An HDMI cable is not included with Apple’s set-top box.

For the synchronization procedure, you need to prepare:

  • bundled with Apple TV device,
  • TV with connector for HDMI cable,
  • cable,
  • Provide an internet connection.

To connect, do the following:

  1. Using an HDMI cable, connect the set-top box to your home TV.
  2. Turn on your gadget and TV. If connected correctly, the hardware setup menu should appear.
  3. Turn on the remote control. To do this, click on the touch surface of the remote control.
  4. Perform initial setup.
  5. Set the interface language, region and Siri (virtual personal assistant).
  6. Connect to the Internet and activate your accounts on services.

Now the Apple prefix works, you can download and play multimedia content from your devices and through the available services right on the TV screen.

If the set-top box and the TV are synchronized using an Internet cable, it is also inserted into the device, and all other steps are repeated, as if connected via an HDMI cable.

Advantages of Apple TV in comparison with analogues

Apple’s set-top box has several advantages over similar devices. Other gadgets have a narrow range of possibilities, they are intended either only for television, or only for games. And in the console from Apple there are both of these functions.

This set-top box differs from Smart-TV in a simple, convenient and intuitive interface. It is made by analogy with applications for devices with the iOS operating system.

The Apple remote has a convenient touch panel, it is also equipped with an accelerometer and a gyroscope, which allow you to diversify the gameplay. Such a remote control does not need a battery, it is charged using the Lightning cable that comes with the console. One battery charge lasts for several months of operation.

All previously purchased media content purchased in iTunes can be transferred to the console console.

You can install an application with the karaoke function on this gadget - this is another difference from similar consoles.

To the console, you can connect wireless speakers via Bluetooth, all gamepads marked MFI.

Compared to its competitors, Apple’s set-top box offers licensed content at more affordable prices.

The gadget is equipped with the latest memory management technology: applications are not downloaded completely, but in parts. This means that only the part that is needed now for normal functioning is loaded. Gradually, the remaining elements are loaded, and unnecessary ones are deleted.

What is Apple TV for?

In short, Apple TV is a gadget designed to broadcast multimedia data from the iTunes Store and other Internet services to the television screen, as well as from the iTunes library on computers and mobile devices of the user. He is able to turn any, even the simplest TV into a smart one, adding smart functionality to it. Namely:

  • access to a collection of high-quality video on specialized resources,
  • access to a large repository of music, podcasts, trailers, games, images, etc.,
  • the ability to display multimedia data on the TV screen from smartphones, tablets, iPods, as well as from the home network of computers running Mac OS and Windows.

Appearance of the device.

You can play video, images and sound using Apple TV only in streaming mode - the latest generation of devices cannot be used to store data due to the lack of a capacious drive. In exchange, the user gets the opportunity to "rent" any copy from the iTunes multimedia collection, paying only for viewing.

The device is equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi adapter, which receives a signal from a home router and connects the TV to a wireless network, so for communication between devices you do not need wires or any other connectors. It is enough to install software for synchronization with TV on your computer and gadgets - and your media collection will open directly on the TV screen (AirPlay technology). You can manage data using the remote control that comes with the Apple TV, or use a smartphone instead. In addition, the remote control can serve as a "mouse" to control your computer.

The Apple TV's performance capabilities are pretty good: without any delays, even heavy video in HD and Full HD quality with multi-channel sound is played back. This is achieved thanks to the fast Apple A5 processor and 8 GB flash memory used as a stream data buffer.

What is Apple TV +?

Apple TV + is the name of Apple’s new television service, which will be home to original Apple TV shows and movies. In the work of more than 30 works.

Apple strives to compete with existing streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Showtime and others, with its original content and has won huge names starting from Stephen Spielberg and J.J. Abrams to Oprah.

Well-known actors and actresses such as Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell are participating in future Apple television shows.

Using your device as a set top box

How to use Apple TV? The device works on the basis of a special version of the iOS operating system and, due to the similarity of its desktop with the iPhone or iPad interface, everyone can figure out where to look and where to click. All icons and thumbnails have clear signatures, many of which are in Russian. The only inconvenience arises when typing using the remote control, because it is not equipped with a keyboard. There is only a joystick and a couple of buttons, which is what you have to be content with.

Various widgets.

You can solve the problem in different ways, for example, using a smartphone instead of the remote control or connecting a wireless keyboard to the TV via BlueTooth. You can control the functions of Apple TV from your smartphone or tablet using the Remote app, which can be downloaded from the Apple Store. It will be useful not only for typing, but also, for example, for games (Apple TV can serve you as a game console as well). However, for games there are their own programs and services.

What is the purpose of Apple with original content?

Apple says it wants to make Apple TV + the home of “the world's most creative storytellers,” providing funding and a platform for TV shows, films, and documentaries with “inspiring and authentic stories with emotional depth and compelling characters.”

Apple wants Apple TV + to offer an original narrative of "the highest quality."

What other features does Apple TV give?

Having paid for viewing the content, within 48 hours you will have access to it from any device - a TV, computer, tablet, etc., and from them you can go to the menu and settings of the console. By the way, recently there was an opportunity to synchronize the iPhone and Apple TV options via BlueTooth, which users noted as a significant achievement.

Games on Apple Tv.

The set-top box operating system has its own browser for Internet surfing, although not very convenient, and a separate application for quick access to the YouTube service. A number of other popular services also have their own desktop icons, for example, the Wall Street Journal news channel, Flickr photo hosting, Vimeo video hosting, Internet radio, etc.

Apple’s own film library of TVs is not very diverse yet, but this restriction is removed by the ability to buy films on other resources, such as ivi. True, you will have to scroll through the catalogs and choose a movie on the computer, but watch on the TV screen.

How much is?

Apple has not announced prices for Apple TV +, but if the company wants to be competitive with Hulu, Netflix, HBO and other streaming services, it should be in the range of 10 to 15 dollars.

It was rumored that Apple was going to make its original content available for free, but it seems that this is not so.

Differences from analogues and advantages of Apple TV

If you compare the device with television and game consoles, the latter provide a narrower range of possibilities - only television or only games. Here, both are collected.

Compared to Smart TV, which is equipped with modern television technology, Apple TV, although losing in variety, but significantly wins in price. So, if your TV does not have “intelligence and quick wits”, it’s cheaper to buy a set-top box and separately connect “brains” to it than to buy a new one. This will save in your budget 2 - 3 tens of thousands of rubles. Agree, the amount is substantial.

Some television service providers offer subscribers their set-top boxes to expand the capabilities of TV and access to exclusive content. But this is a monthly fee at rather high tariffs, which are always more expensive than the fee for a separate movie show of your choice. Here - if you want to watch a movie - pay only for it, no one will take money from you for inaction or viewing free content.

We can not say about the fact that fans of "apple" gadgets will have at their disposal one more, so to speak - Apple-TV: a large screen that resembles an iPod.

Apple TV Video Reviews

Many will say: they say, it’s not necessary to buy a set-top box to watch video from the Internet - you can connect a TV directly to a computer. Yes, but how convenient is it? After all, you have to stretch the cable, constantly connect and disconnect it. It will "roll underfoot", "stretch along the walls" and "reduce the aesthetic perception of the interior." The compact Apple TV set-top box is completely invisible - just put it behind the TV. You need to connect and configure it once, and the rest of the time, you need to enjoy the capabilities of smart TV without restrictions. But, by the way, what is better for you is up to you to decide. Therefore, we can only wish you a good choice.

What is the difference between Apple TV + and channels?

The updated television application will also include “Channels” which will allow you to subscribe and watch services such as HBO, Starz, SHOWTIME, CBS All Access, Smithsonian Channel, EPIX, Tastemade, Noggin and MTV Hits, right in the television application. without having to open another application. The channels are completely separate from Apple TV +, which can be considered as Apple’s own channel.

Along with channels and Apple TV +, the Apple TV app will provide recommendations and suggestions for shows and movies from iTunes and more than 150 streaming applications and cable services such as Canal +, Charter Spectrum, DIRECTV NOW and PlayStation Vue, although the content is not owned by Apple. and not included in the channel, you will need to watch in a third-party application, as in the original television application.

Where will Apple TV + be available?

The upgraded Apple TV app will appear in May in more than 100 countries, and since Apple TV + only supports Apple’s own content, it will be available worldwide wherever the TV app is available.

Apple TV + content will not be available outside the TV app.

What devices will support Apple TV +?

Apple TV + will work wherever the TV app is available, including iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, and Mac. There is currently no television app for the Mac, but Apple plans to release it this summer.

Apple is also expanding its television app for Samsung Smart TVs in the spring and Sony, Vizio and LG TVs later this year. The television app will also appear on Amazon Fire TV and Roku.

Choosing a language and turning on Siri

Swipe on the Touch surface of the Apple TV Remote to select a language and country or region. To select the desired option, click on the touch surface of the Touch. If you select the wrong language, press the menu button to return to the previous screen and try again.

If prompted, select whether to activate Siri.

Continuing setup using an iOS device or manually

To automatically add your Apple ID and Wi-Fi settings to your Apple TV, select Configure By Device. Then unlock your iOS device, bring it to your Apple TV, and follow the instructions on the screen of your iOS device and Apple TV.

If you don’t want to use your iOS device to set up your Apple TV, select “Configure manually.” Then, follow the instructions on the Apple TV screen to set up your home Wi-Fi network and login using your Apple ID.

If you don’t have an Apple ID, create one. If you forgot your Apple ID, find out what to do.

Selection of settings

Turn on the Home Single Screen feature to sync your Home screen and programs on all of your Apple TV devices. Select the room where the Apple TV is located and it will be automatically added to the Home program on your iOS device and Mac. Also download the “Aerial Pictures” screensavers.

If your Apple TV 4K device is connected to a 4K TV with HDR or Dolby Vision support, a short display test may be requested. To run the test, follow the on-screen instructions to make sure the image is clear enough. Learn more about supporting 4K, HDR, and Dolby Vision on your Apple TV 4K.

If the remote control does not work

You may need to charge the Apple TV Remote. If the remote control is charged and does not respond to pressing, press and hold the menu button and volume up button for two seconds.

If you purchased your Apple TV device with or without a remote control, you need to buy an Apple TV Remote to set up your Apple TV.

Unable to set up Apple TV or error message

If the Apple TV stops responding during setup, disconnect the Apple TV from the power source, and then reconnect.

If you are unable to return to the previous screen during setup, try connecting your Apple TV to another Wi-Fi network, for example, using a phone in modem mode. After completing the settings, go to the Settings menu on the Apple TV and connect to your home Wi-Fi network.

If you have other problems, contact Apple Support.