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The correct pronunciation of the names of popular brands


Orthoepy. Pronunciation of female names

Patronymics from the names on-her (Andrey, Aleksey, Sergey) are pronounced not only, that is, they instead of -evna sounds -evna, for example, the names: Liu bov Andes [r'e] vna, Nina Alek [s' e] vna, In er a Ser [g'e] vna. But female patronymics from more rare names and have pronunciation with -evna, for example, patronymic Torn eevna, eliseevna, dorofeevna .

Female middle name Nikolaevna about from worn incompletely: Nico-la [vn] a. Less common Ermolaevna, according to the rules of orthoepy, it can be pronounced without contraction. Patronymics formed from names on -v are pronounced without a combination of -ov- if it is unstressed: Vyachesla [vn] a, Svyatoslav [vn] a, Bronisla [vn] a.

In cases where the combination of -ov is dressed under stress, it, according to the norms of orthoepy, is preserved. For example, in the middle name - Lvovna. Not pronounced -ov- in female middle names from names that end in -m and -n. In the middle names of the names for-n id, the pronunciation in these cases of the long consonant [n]: Anto [n:] a, Iva [n:] a, Semey [n:] a. The middle name of the names in the ith name is the pronunciation with the combination [mn]: Efi [mn] a, Aki [mn] a, Maxi [mn] a. Female patronymic from them and Aleksa ndr - Aleksa [n:] a. Female middle name Mikhailovna, pronounced as Micah [ln] a - with the loss of not only so-o-, but also an iota. middle name Pavlovna pronounced as Pa [ln] a, that is, it falls out not only -ov-, but also [in].

If female patronymics are formed from names for strong consonants -p, -l, -s, -t, -d, then there is a complete pronunciation and coherent. For example, they say Vladimir [uvn] a and B la dimir [n] a, Fedor [uvn] a and Fedor [n] a, Boris [uvn] a and Boris [n] a. The lower stylistic coloring is pronounced without -ov-, and sometimes colloquial ju is characteristic (Fedot [n] a, Prokhor [n] a). The norms of orthoepy are answered with pronunciation sov ([b]).

If female middle names are formed from names on -b, -p, -g, -k, -x, then they have a pronunciation with a combination of -ov-: Gle [bjvn] a, Kar [pvn] a, Ole [gvn ] a, M ar [kvn] a, Aristar [hvn] a.

Female patronymics, which are formed from names on the second (Vasily, Gregory, Porfiry) are pronounced differently. The first option with the preservation of the combination is -ev-, but without an iota: Vasi [l'vn] a, Grigo [r'vn] a, Porfi [r'vn] a. The second option - and without an iota, and without a combination of -ev-: Vasi [l'n] a, Grigo [r'n] a, Porfi [r'n] a. The first pronunciation variant prevails. The second, due to the reduced stylistic coloring, is undesirable.

Pronunciation of male names

In male patronymics, which are formed from names ending in a strong consonant, instead of an unstressed suffix, the ovich is worn [h]. So middle name Antonovich, Semenovich, Borisovich, Fedorovich will sound like A nt o [nch], Seme [nach], Bori [nbsp], Fedo [rch]. Pronouncing these and similar middle names with a distinct suffix: Anto [nych], Semey [nych] - not recommended.

Mikhailovich pronounced as Micah [lach]. Pavlo witch - like Pa [lach]. Alexandrovich - like Alexa [nych]. The pronunciation of the middle name as [Sanch] has a colloquial character.

If masculine patronymics are formed from the names on -i and -i, then they have a pronunciation with the combination [ich] in place of the unstressed suffix - ev ich. So middle name Andreevich, Alekseevich, Sergeevich, Nikolaevich will sound like Andre [ich], Alex [ich], S er ge [ich], Nikola [ich].

Male patronymics for -evich, which are formed from the names for -i, are also pronounced with the suffix [ich]. The preceding iot is most often lost. For example, instead of Anatolyevich, Vasilievich, Grigoryevich, according to the norms of orthoepy, they pronounce Anatol [ich], Vasil [ich], Grigor [ich].

Some masculine names with names have a different pronunciation than when they are pronounced separately. So name Michael sounds the same as it is written - M them [ail]. And if with a patronymic, it starts to sound like Mux [al]: Mux [al] - Vasilievich, Mux [al] - None to olayevich.

Name Alexander has a pronunciation - Ale ks a [ndr], but in combination with a patronymic that begins with a consonant, it will sound without two final consonants: A leksa [n] - Sergeevich, Aleksa [n] - Nikolaevich. But if the middle name begins with a vowel, the name will be pronounced in full: Alexa [ndr] vanovich, Alexa [ndr a] ntonovich.

Name Pavel along with those with patronymic will be pronounced as Pa [v'l]. According to the norms of orthoepy, pronunciation p [al] is not recommended, which is found in fluent colloquial speech, if it is combined with a middle name, which begins with a consonant: P [al] - Max im ovich, P [al] - Petrovich.

3. Dsquared

There are many versions of the pronunciation of a popular brand, since it is very difficult for Russian-speaking people to pronounce it. The most common, but incorrect versions are: Discovery and Diskverd. Correct is only one name, which is worth remembering - "Diskuaed."

4. Philipp Plein

The most common pronunciation for this brand is Philippe Plain, but this English version is incorrect. Since the designer was born in Germany, his name must be pronounced in the German manner - “Plein”. Here it will be appropriate to mention the famous brand of lingerie - Calvin Klein, which reads as “Calvin Klein”.

5. Moët & Chandon

Problems of correct pronunciation touched the world famous brand of champagne. Many are sure that during the translation it is necessary to remove the letter “t” in the first word, but this is not so, since the second “n” in the second word is excluded. Ampersand (the & sign) is read in the French manner as "e." The result is Moet e Chando.

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One of the most famous manufacturers of expensive sports cars is based in Italy, and it produces not Lamborghini, but Lamborghini. At the same time, it is worth noting that it is the first incorrect variant that is common in Russia, so even Google’s automatic search engine gives it out.

7. Christian Louboutin

The brand of shoes that many girls dream of is often called incorrectly. A huge number of people, and even those who are interested in fashion, make mistakes in pronouncing the surname, for example, “Louboutin” or “Lobutan”. At the same time, the real name of the designer is translated as “Christian Louboutin”.

Another car brand, whose name is often distorted. It was chosen in honor of the founder of the company - Ferdinand Porsche, therefore it is correct to say “Porsche” with emphasis on the first syllable. Many people either emphasize incorrectly or do not pronounce the last letter “e”.

9. Agent Provocateur

Translating a well-known brand of lingerie, many are guided by the rule - as I see and read, therefore they call it “Agent Provocateur”. Although the brand is located in the UK, its owner insists that the name be pronounced in the French manner, so the correct option is Ajan Provocateur.

10. Samsung

Another shocking information, especially for fans of the technology of this brand. Russian-speaking people pronounce it as “Samsung”, but according to the rules you need to say “Samson”, emphasizing the first syllable. In translation, the name means "three stars."

11. Balmain

Another brand of clothing, which is mistakenly called "Belmain", and this could be due to the fact that its founder is Pierre Balmen. If in the case of some brands this rule is justified, then another option is true - "Balman". Moreover, at the end of the letter "n" is practically not pronounced.

Few people know that the name of this brand has a connection with the goddess of victory, Nicky, and in the original it sounds like "Nike." In Europe and in the territory of the countries of the former CIS, many, due to ignorance of this fact and the English language, pronounce “Nike”. It is surprising that the wrong name has taken root so much that it is used even for the official representation of the company in Russia.

Many will be surprised that the most popular manufacturer in the field of printing technology does not pronounce Xerox. In America, if the word begins with the letter “x,” then it will always be read as “z.” It would be interesting to look at the bewilderment of sellers in the store if they were asked to show the new Zirox model.

14. Hyundai

Many will not believe it now, but the common car brand is not called Hyundai or Hyundai. According to the correct Russian transcription, the name sounds like this - “Hyundai”, and the emphasis is on the last syllable. During advertising, the brand in most cases is not called, but simply written, so the right option for many is a mystery.

15. Garnier

Most often, people pronounce P at the end of the name, which is fundamentally wrong, since this letter is not pronounced in French. Good examples: Gauthier, couturier, which means Garnier will be the correct pronunciation.

Translated into Russian, this huge conglomerate is called "Great W", named after the founder Kim Woo Chun. As for the pronunciation, instead of the letter D, you need to pronounce T - "Teu".

The name of the Chinese electronics manufacturer is Huawei Technologies Co. translates as "Chinese achievement." Like the vast majority of Chinese words, 华为 consists of two syllables (and not three!). The correct pronunciation is Wawei.

18. Proper pronunciation of designer names and brand names

Let's pay attention to a few other famous brands whose names people like to distort:

Alexander McQueen - There are no problems with the name Alexander, but his surname is often pronounced incorrectly: you need to say McQueen instead of McKeen.

Azzedine alaia - Three vowels in the name of this designer should not scare you, his name is Azzedin Alaya.

Badgley mischka - This is not the name of one person at all, but the names of the founders of this designer brand, Mark Badgley and James Bear.

Balmain - in English-speaking manner, the name of this brand is pronounced “BalmEin”, but it has French roots, so “BalmAn” will be correct.

Bulgari - the jewelry brand sounds like “Bulgari”, not “Balgari”.

Burberry - With this English brand there are a lot of discrepancies, and in order not to confuse you, we will not list them: the correct option is “Burberry”.

Carolina herrera - the first letter in the designer’s surname turns out to be dumb, therefore, "Karolina ErAra."

Cartier - with emphasis on the last syllable, "Cartier" will be correct.

Céline - in spite of the imaginary accent icon above the letter E, it will be correct to put emphasis on the last syllable: “Selin”.

Chloé - This is a true French brand, its name is pronounced in the French manner "Chloe" and not "Chloe."

Christian louboutin - The famous shoe maker's name is CHRISTIAN LUBUTAN, and his shoes are abbreviated as “Lubis”.

Christian lacroix - Meet Christian Lacroix, and the last letter in his last name is not readable.

Comme des garçons - This Japanese brand pronounces its name in the French manner, so “Com de GarsOn” without the final letters C will be correct.

Dolce & gabbana - memorize and never make mistakes, this is "Dolce End Gabbana."

Dsquared - the complex name of this Italian brand is a pun, which reads as “Diskuert”.

Emilio pucci - Emilio in this case is Pucci with emphasis on the first syllable, but not PUSi and not PUKki.

Etro - The Italian brand has an emphasis on the first letter, therefore, "Etro" and not "Etro".

Hermes - in Russia for a long time this brand was called “Hermes”, although the shorter name “HermE” with an emphasis on the last syllable would be the correct version, taking into account French phonetics.

Herve léger - bandage dresses are produced by the Erwe LajE brand, but certainly not some Herw Ledger.

Giambattista valli - This is JAMBATTIS WALLY, and his colleague Gianfranco Ferre sounds like GenfrAnco Ferre.

Giorgio armani - you should not offend the great designer, so remember that his name truly sounds like “Giorgio ArmAni”.

Givenchy - not Jivenchi, not Givenchy, but only Givenchy.

Jean-paul gaultier - With Jean-Paul, everything is simple, but there are snags with the surname - it sounds like "GotE".

Jimmy choo - The brand of shoes and ACCESSORIES is pronounced as Jimmy CHU.

Guess - Please, just not Guyos, but simply "Geos."

Lacoste - read as spelled, but with an emphasis on the letter O.

Loewe - as soon as the name of this Spanish brand is not distorted, although it sounds quite simple: “LoEve”.

Louis vuitton - not LouIs, but LuI, and not Vuiton, but Vuiton. Write yourself like a cheat sheet!

Marchesa - according to Italian rules, the name should be read as "Marcheza", not "Marcheza".

Miu miu - almost like a meowing cat: “MIU MIU”.

Moschino - The brand name comes from the name of its founder, Franco Moskino.

Nina ricci - by analogy with GUCCI pronounce Ricci.

Proenza schouler - the name of this American brand can practically "break the tongue." Remember how the correct version is read: "ProAnza Skuler."

Ralph lauren - The pronunciation of Loren, and not Loren, will be true, because it is an American brand.

Salvatore ferragamo - inhale deeply and exercise: “SalvatOre Ferragamo”.

Sergio rossi - not Sergio, as in Spain, but Sergio, in the Italian manner.

Sonia rykiel - Everything is clear with Sonya, and the name of the designer reads as “Rickel”.

Tommy hilfiger - This is a simple name for many for some reason causes difficulties. It will be true to say "Tommy Hillfiger."

Uggs - not “uggs,” but “ags,” which, however, does not prevent everyone from calling these shoes simply uggs.

Versace - we say “VersAche” with emphasis on the penultimate syllable.

Vionnet - not “Vyonet” in the English manner, but “VyonnE” with the last letter lost.

Yves saint laurent - this is the name in connection with the release of the biographical film is now well-known to everyone, so do not make mistakes, this is Yves Sen LorAn and no one else.

How to pronounce the names of fashion brands

Buying clothes and shoes from famous brands seriously complicates our lives. Now we can not only live without our beloved Christian Louboutin boats, but we don’t know how to pronounce the brand name correctly. You should not try to translate the brand name into Russian on your own, at best they simply will not understand you, and at worst you will look ridiculous.

French brands and brands

Azzedine alaïa - French designer with Tunisian roots. Typically, difficulties in pronunciation are caused by his last name with a letter of the Latin alphabet. Azzedin Alaya - everything is simple and easy.

Balenciaga - correct answer "Balenciaga". Everything is very simple!

Balmain - “Balmain” sounds according to English rules, but the brand is named after the creator of French designer Pierre Balm Balman.

ChloéChloe - just like that, with an emphasis on "e." Don’t say you thought “Chloe”.

Christian lacroix - brand name sounds right Christian Lacroix with emphasis on the last syllable. Moreover, the sound "p" is practically not pronounced, as if you burr.

Christian louboutin - the name of the French shoe designer, recognizable by the signature red sole, sounds like Christian Louboutin. But even professionals are mistaken in saying: "Louboutin", "Louboutin", "Lobutan."

Givenchy - The French Fashion House, created by designer Hubert Givenchy, respectively, should speak Givenchy.

Guy laroche - the name of the French designer is spoken correctly Guy Laroche. But many people sometimes call them Guy.

Hermes - The brand name is often pronounced by Erme. It seems that according to the rules this is true (the sound “c” in French transcription should be absent), but in this case it’s correct to say Hermes. The same applies to the brand. Rochas - sounds right Rocha.

Herve léger - The French brand, which became known thanks to the invention of the bandage dress. Previously, Hervé Peugnet, but Karl Lagerfeld advised the designer to change the unpronounceable surname to Léger. Pronounced Herve Leger.

Lanvin - I immediately want to say Lanvin, but correctly Lanwan.

Louis vuitton - correct pronunciation of brand name Louis Vuittonand not Louis Wuitton or Louis Vuitton.

Maison martin margiela - It’s difficult for a newcomer even with good knowledge of the French language to pronounce the name of the famous French brand. And it actually sounds quite simple - Mason Martan Margela.

RochasRocha with emphasis on the last syllable.

Sonia rykielSonia Rickel - this is the name of the queen of knitwear and the founder of the eponymous Fashion House Sonia Rykiel.

Yves saint laurent - French fashion house, founded by Yves Saint Laurent, and therefore we speak only Yves Saint Laurent.

Zuhair murad - sounds literally in Russian Zuhair Murad.

American and English brands

Anna Sui - very often the name of famous designers can be heard as Anna Sue, but it sounds right Enna Sui.

Badgley mischka - you might think that this is the name of one person. In fact, the name consists of the names of the two designers who founded the brand - Mark Badgley and James Mishka, and it sounds like no other Badley Bear.

Burberry prorsum - An English company recognizable by its brand name - “cage”. Pronounced Burberry Prorsumbut not Burberry or Barbury.

Carolina herrera - Venezuelan-American designer. Typically, difficulties arise with the pronunciation of the surname. You need to speak in the Spanish manner, that is Carolina Herrera.

Gareth pubh - in Russian, the name of the English designer sounds like Gareth Pugh.

Coach - Many love the bags of the famous Coach brand, but not everyone knows how to pronounce the brand name correctly. Coach - this is what the name of the brand known for its fashion accessories sounds in Russian.

Levi’s - the creator of the famous jeans was called Levy and by all the rules you need to talk Levisand not Levays. Although both options have long been included in general use. By the way, in the states everyone says exactly “Levise”. You can argue on this topic endlessly.

Manolo blahnik - An English brand specializing in the production of women's shoes. In Russian, the brand name correctly sounds like Manolo Blahnik.

Marc jacobs - The designer and founder of the fashion brand of the same name is Mark Jacobs. Although some manage to pronounce Marc Jacobs - it sounds funny.

Marchesa - an English brand, but its name is pronounced according to the rules of the Italian language - Marqueza.

Mary Katrantzou - Despite the fact that the designer was born in Greece, the brand is English. Therefore, we pronounce it in the British manner - Mary Katranzu.

Monique lhuillier – имя известного дизайнера роскошных свадебных платьев правильно произносится как Моник Люлье.

Naeem Khan – имя американского дизайнера индийского происхождения звучит Наим Кан, но точно не «Хан».

Prabal Gurung – как пишется, так и читается – Прабал Гурунг.

Proenza Schouler – никакого «Шулер», правильно говорить Проэнза Скулер. Именно так правильно произносится американский бренд.

Ralph lauren – несмотря на то, что фамилия дизайнера французская и многие ошибочно произносят «Лоран», бренд то американский. И правильно говорить Ralph Lauren with an emphasis on "o".


Roksanda ilincic - but the name of the brand Roksanda Ilincic, despite the fact that it is English, is pronounced according to the rules of Serbian transcription, since the designer was born in Belgrade. And it sounds like Roksanda Ilinchich.

Vera wang - the surname Wang can be pronounced as Wang and Wong, but the first option is still preferable. Yes, and the designer herself appears as Vera Wang. The same goes for the brand. Alexander Wang.

As a bonus, we give another name for a popular brand that does not get along in the heads of Russian fashionistas.

Nike - Everyone knows the brand as Nike. In fact, it’s right to say Nike. But the first option has taken root in Russia so much that even the official representative office of a company sounds different to us like Nike.

Italian brands and brands

Bvlgari - the brand name is based on the Latin alphabet, where “V” is equivalent to “U”. There is one more “but” - stress, so we say: “Bulgari", And not like many Bulgari.

DSquared2 - Italian brand founded by the Canadians should be pronounced Discoursebut not at all.

Ermenegildo zegna - a real brain explosion. It’s quite difficult to pronounce the first time, but, having trained, Ermenegildo Zena pronounced as easily as the well-known brands Chanel and Christian Dior.

Fausto puglisi - Another Italian brand, the pronunciation of which can often cause difficulties. Speak correctly Fastu puisi.

Miu miu - an Italian brand that is pronounced according to the rules of Italian transcription - Mu mu.

Moschino - according to the same rules this Italian brand is read. Pronounced Moskinoand not Moschino, as it sounds in English.

Giambattista valli - nothing complicated - Giambattista Valley.

Other designer brands and brands

Ann demeulemeester - the Belgian designer will correctly call Anne Demelmeister and nothing else.

Dries van noten - It’s difficult to make a mistake in the name of this brand. You guessed it sounds right Dris van notten.

Elie saab - Lebanese designer whose name sounds Eli Saabbut not El Saab.

Issey miyake - Finally, the Japanese designer also got into our list of “unpronounceable brand names”. The name of the legend of Japanese fashion to speak correctly Issei Miyake. The name of the second famous designer Yohji yamamoto sounds from the land of the rising sun Yohji Yamamoto.

Loewe - when pronouncing something should happen between Louvee and Loeve.

Peter Pilotto - the name of the international brand is pronounced correctly Peter Pilato, but not "Pilot", as it seems at first glance.

Philipp plein - German designer, so the name is pronounced Philip Plein, not Plain. Same case as with Calvin klein - because we say Calvin Klein.

To understand, the British i-D magazine decided to hold a fashionable lesson on illiteracy, releasing a training video. In a four-minute lesson, along with showing collections, models voiced brand names, starting with Azzedine Alaïa and ending with Zegna.

How to pronounce the names of beauty brands

The same story with the pronunciation of the names of cosmetic brands. For example, everyone knows the brand l'occitane, many of us even use it. But as they just do not call it: Lokitan, and Lossitan, and Locitan. There is even a joke that the brand name has about 40 pronunciation options, but only one is correct - Loxitan.

Kiehl’s - The American brand founded by John Keel, therefore, is pronounced in the same way as its last name is read - Kills.

Sephora - most of us pronounce the name correctly, the only thing that needs to be emphasized is the last syllable, “a”, that is Sephora.

Babor - The name of the German brand is also perplexing to many. Read correctly BABOR with an emphasis on "a".

La roche-posay - the name of the brand of cosmetics is read according to the rules of French transcription - La Roche Pose.

Pierre fabre - Another representative of the pharmacy quality French cosmetics. Read - Pierre Fabre.

Payot - I bet you didn’t even suspect that the brand has Ukrainian roots - its founder was born in Odessa. Only at the time the brand was created, it was already Mademoiselle Payot, so the brand name is read in the French manner - Payowithout pronouncing the letter "t".


La biosthetiqueLa Biosthetic.

Methode jeanne piaubert - it looks like French cosmetics seek to win the love of Russian beauties. Another popular beauty brand based in France is the Jean Puber Method.

GuerlainGuerlain, and no other way.

Estée lauderEste Lauder - this is the name of the founder and the name of the brand itself.

La prairie - one of the best beauty brands for luxury cosmetics reads like La prairie.

Erborian - Another cosmetic brand that combines the traditional methods of Korean medicine and modern European technology. Korean-French brand Erboria sounds in Russian Erborian.

OribeOrbe Canales - A famous stylist and creator of the same name brand of professional hair products. By the way, this is one of any stylists Jennifer Lopez.

Essie - the brand of world-famous nail polishes is correctly called Essy.

Lalique - the creator of unique aromas is Rene Lalique, therefore we pronounce the brand name only Lalique.

Nyx - the name of the American brand, consisting of three letters, is pronounced briefly and clearly - Nyx.

If you carefully read everything to the end, you will no longer make stupid mistakes in pronouncing the names of famous brands. Speak clearly and confidently, as if you always knew that it was right to say Sephora, and not Sephora or Sephora.