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How to change the font on WhatsApp: bold, italics, strikethrough


In this article, you'll learn how to highlight text in bold, italics, or strikethrough in a WhatsApp chat window on Android.

  1. 1 Launch WhatsApp Messenger on your Andro device> Click on a contact in the Chats window. The Chats tab will display all recent private and group messages. Click on the conversation to open the chat in full screen.
    • The user can also click on the white-green dialog cloud in the lower left corner of the screen. So you can display the list of contacts and select a contact to start a new conversation.
  2. 3 Click on the field to enter a message. At the bottom of the conversation, “Enter message” will be written. Click on this field to display the keyboard.
  3. 4 Switch to special characters. Special characters include asterisks, dashes, and other punctuation marks, such as question marks and exclamation marks. To apply an effect to a text, it must be printed between two special characters.
    • If you are using a Google keyboard, click on the “? 123” button in the lower left corner of the keyboard to switch to special characters. On other devices, this button may be called “Sym” or have a different combination of special characters.
  4. 5 Press the * button twice to highlight the text in bold. Two stars on each side of the message will make it bold.
  5. 6 Press the _ button twice to highlight the text in italics. The two underscores on each side of the text will make it appear in italics.
  6. 7 Press the button twice

to cross out the text. Two tildes on each side cross out the text in a straight line.

  • If there is no tilde sign among special characters, press the button = Switch to the regular keyboard. Now enter your message on a regular keyboard.
    • As a rule, to return to the regular keyboard, you must click on the "ABC" button in the lower left or upper corner of the screen.
  • 9 Click on the field to enter a message between special characters. To make text bold, italicized, or strikethrough, you must enter it between two previously entered special characters (asterisk, underscore, or tilde).
  • 10 Enter a message between the two special characters. Enter text on the keyboard or paste it into the field from the buffer.
  • 11 Click on the “Send” button next to the field for entering a message. This button looks like a white paper airplane on a green background. In the chat window, your text will be bold, italicized and / or crossed out.
    • When the message is delivered, none of the special characters will appear in the chat window.
  • Instructions for Iphone and Andro>

    There are no fundamental differences in changing the font for Andoid and Iphone, let's figure out what needs to be done?

    Do not worry, before you change the size you do not have to perform any serious manipulations and therefore you do not need to search separately for information on replacement. So, on the fact that on another device you just need to use special characters.

    What are the texts in the application? It is worth mentioning right away that you won’t be able to scatter much, there are only four pins in the application.

    The first three we will consider a little later, but now let's try to write something in the developer's font. It is also called FixedSys. It is not in the settings of the messenger, however, this will not prevent us from using it.

    Developer Font

    By logic and why? What has changed? But in fact, everything looks something like this:

    The differences are slightly noticeable!

    We are not sure that the developers write this way, however, in order to intrigue friends in the correspondence it will be more than enough. Well, now, if you want to find out other "tricks" in Votsap, then go to the next paragraph of the article.

    How to make bold in Whatsapp

    Let's figure out how to write in bold in Whatsapp. Why might you need such an inscription of words? Yes for anything! For example, you can highlight words in the text that are especially important to you, or if you are angry, emphasize how much you are unhappy. In any case, it will be very useful.

    If you are not updating the application, there are other options :)

    1. Open Chat WhatsApp.
    2. Type the message you want to send.
    3. The application or part of it that you want to highlight with bold face on both sides of the circle with dots (*). After you send the text, it will become bold. After you make bold in Watsap, the text in the unsent message will already change.

    Well, now you figured out how to write text in bold in Whatsapp - in fact, everything is very simple!

    How to write italics in Whatsapp

    What might italics be for? Of course, to write something cute and beautiful. Or, some simply write in italics, because the standard style does not suit them very much. So, before you write italics in Whatsapp, make sure that you have opened the right chat.

    If there is no way to upgrade:

    1. Write the text in the window.
    2. The word or sentence that you want to write in italics is separated on both sides by an underscore (_).

    After all these manipulations, you will get Italic.

    So, we figured out how to write italics in Votsap. As with bold, italics are very simple.

    How to cross out a word on Whatsapp or write cross out

    A crossed out skittle can come in handy when you wrote something wrong and it seemed funny to you. Strikethrough can be used to remove and at the same time highlight a joke. Also, using strikethrough, you can focus on what should have been, but as a result it became a bit different. You can cross out both the word in Whatsapp and the whole sentence. So, let's look at how to make strikethrough text in Watsap:

    Instructions for those with older versions:

    1. Open the chat you need.
    2. Write a message.
    3. On both sides, enclose the word or sentence to be crossed out in the “tilde” sign (

    ) After this manipulation and sending the message, it will become crossed out.

    How to select italics in WhatsApp, make the font bold or strikethrough

    I have been using this feature for a long time in WhatsApp, and I know that most people do not know about it.

    If you want to highlight the word in bold, simply put an asterisk (*) at the beginning and end of the word. For example, if you want to highlight the word bold in bold, write so *fatty*. Same thing with in italics, but instead of the stars, put the underscore (_). To get crossed out text you need to put a tilde sign (

    ) at the beginning and end of the desired fragment. It is also possible to create a monospaced text, add three quotation marks on either side of the text.

    Is it too complicated for you? Then just highlight the desired word or a part of the text, press “more” and select highlight in bold, italics, strikethrough or monospace. I want to warn that this is not on all devices, so it is better to use the first method.

    How to quote a message on WhatsApp

    If a chat or a group is active and new messages are constantly arriving, quoting is the best way not to get confused about who, whom, and what answers.

    To quote someone, you need to press a message for a few seconds, and then select the arrow pointing to the left (this is the first arrow). Thus, the quoted message is attached, it remains only to type the answer and send.

    How to disable automatic upload of photos and videos on WhatsApp

    One of the tricks with WhatsApp that you should be aware of will help you save mobile Internet traffic.

    There are several ways to save WhatsApp Internet traffic while still receiving notifications and messages. Firstly, disable the ability of the application to download media files via the mobile network. This can be done in the settings for this, click on three dots in the upper right corner, further “Settings» — «Data and Storage» — «Media Startup - Mobile Network«.

    In this section you need to uncheck the media content that does not need to be downloaded using the mobile Internet. After that, in order to see the sent photo or video in the chat, you just need to click on the file and the download will begin. I especially recommend turning off the video, as they have a lot of weight and eat traffic most of all.

    WhatsApp calls are eating traffic? Enable data saving

    Calls on WhatsApp are very convenient, after launching them, I refused Skype. But they can use a lot of traffic, especially users with a limited tariff plan should pay it. Fortunately, there is an opportunity in vatsap to lower the bandwidth for calls, thereby saving traffic. To enable the data saving function, go to "***» — «Settings» — «Data and Storage» — «Call setup"And check the box next to"Saving data. "

    How to see WhatsApp traffic usage statistics

    All Android phones released in the last five years have statistics on the use of traffic, Google even released applications to save traffic. WhatsApp also has statistics on traffic consumption, statistics are conveniently broken down into categories.

    To get into the WhatsApp traffic usage log, you need to go to "Settings» — «Data and Storage» — «data usage". Here you can see all the statistics of the application, such as how much Internet traffic was spent on calls, messages, the number of messages sent, etc. The biggest drawback in these statistics is that there is no breakdown of the used traffic on Wi-Fi and cellular communications.

    How to see how much memory a chat took

    If you go to "Settings» — «Data storage» — «Storage“Then you will see impressive statistics.

    In this section you can see how much chat with a contact or group has taken up space on the device. After you select a contact or group, you can see detailed statistics, such as how much space is taken by photos, videos, audio, documents, the number of text messages. You can immediately delete certain media content.

    How to remove specific content from chat

    You can do more than just see how long a chat with a specific contact takes. You can remove specific media content from a specific chat.

    All you need to do is visit the repository again ("Settings» — «Data storage» — «Storage"). Here, select a contact or group and click the "Manage community" button. Now you can note which categories of content you need to clear. Therefore, if the group has 80 clips with a volume of 350 MB and you need to delete them, simply mark it with a daw and click the "delete messages" button.

    Request your account information

    On WhatsApp, like Facebook and Twitter, you can request a ZIP archive with your account information and settings. But I want to note that there will be no messages in the archive.

    If you decide to receive such an archive go to "Settings» — «Account» — «Request account information", And then click" Report Request. " It takes two to three days to get the report. Also, the request will be canceled if you decide to delete or change your account number.

    You can’t see this file in WhatsApp, you can try to open it with another program directly on your phone or transfer the file to your computer and open it there.

    How to send chat history by e-mail

    In WhatsApp, you can not only backup chats in the cloud, but also send all chat correspondence to e-mail.

    If you need to send a chat by mail, go to "Settings» — «Chats» — «Chat History» — «Email chat mail“, After which the entire list of available chats will open.

    After you have selected the right chat, WhatsApp will ask if you want to turn on the media or send only text and emotions. After choosing, the standard e-mail application will open, with the attached chat log it will be in .txt format, it remains only to enter the addressee and click the send button.

    How to activate 2-step verification

    By default, when changing a device, WhatsApp asks for a phone number and one-time password. But enabling two-step verification means that attackers can gain access to your account, even if they have a SIM card.

    To enable it, you need to go to "Settings» — «Account» — «2-step verification". Here you will need to create a 6-digit PIN, which you will need to enter when registering new devices. You can also add your e-mail here if you suddenly forget the PIN code.

    There is one drawback, it is that you can disable two-step authentication from the source device without entering passwords and PIN codes. Very strange.

    How to add a contact shortcut to the desktop

    You can also add contact shortcuts to WhatsApp on your Android desktop - ideal for popular and selected contacts.

    To add a chat shortcut to your phone’s desktop, open a chat or group, and then tap three dots in the upper right corner. From here click "Yet» — «Add icon to screen". Then simply click confirm to confirm the decision.

    How to disable read notifications on WhatsApp

    x, the infamous blue checkmark. For the uninitiated, it means that the message has been read. If you need to hide from your contacts and turn off the read notification (blue checkmark), go to "Settings» — «Account» — «Privacy"And uncheck"Read Reports«.

    Remember that this works both ways, i.e. your contacts do not see when you read their messages, and you cannot see when they read yours.

    How to see who read a message in a WhatsApp group

    One of the WhatsApp life hacks that you probably did not know about is the ability to see who read your message in the group. All you need to do to see the list of readers is to hold your message to highlight it, then touch the three-point menu and select “Info". Here you will see the list of people who read the message, and at what time it was read.

    How to enable stealth mode in vatsap

    WhatsApp has a feature that shows when you were last online, or rather, when you last opened the WhatsApp.

    If you decide to disable it, go to "Settings» — «Account» — «Privacy". Then click "Visit time»And select who can see the time of your last visit to the network. There are three categories to choose from: "All«, «My contacts"And"Nobody«.

    Using the same scheme, you can change the visibility of a profile photo and contact information. They can also be viewed by everyone, only by your contact or not at all.

    How to see the list of blocked contacts

    Feel free to block unwanted contacts on WhatsApp. View the full list of blocked contacts, go to "Settings» — «Account» — «Privacy". Next you need to scroll to the "Messages"And click"Blocked: X«.

    Here you can also add to the list of blocked ones by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner. The "Contacts" page will open, where you will only have to select a contact to block.

    Turn on real-time location tracking

    Send your location to WhatsApp chat is very simple, click the paperclip icon and click on the "Place" icon. But, what if someone needs to see your location in real time, for example, a friend or parent? It turns out that such a function is WhatsApp, and it will be a real find primarily for parents.

    You can activate the function by clicking on the paperclip icon again. Now click "A place» — «Share geodata"And indicate the time, from 15 minutes to 8 hours. If you suddenly change your mind about sharing your location, end the tracking manually by clicking on the “Stop sharing«.

    How to put an original sound to a contact

    An ordinary WhatsApp user has a lot of contacts in the address book, and if they write a lot to you, it is not clear when the liquefied message arrived. Fortunately, there is one way to sort incoming messages by notification sound.

    To create an individual notification, you need to go into the chat with the desired contact. Here, click on his name at the top of the window and select “Individual notifications”.

    After you get to this section, check the box next to "Use". Here you can change the chat notification sound, call notification, vibration, indicator light, etc.

    How to temporarily turn off chat or group sound

    You probably have a group in which memes and viral videos are constantly posting. You can set up notifications according to the previous tip, or simply disconnect a group or contact.

    To temporarily turn off the chat sound or a group, press and hold the contact’s chat. A few icons will appear at the top of the screen. Touch the mute icon (crossed out speaker). Specify the mute period (eight hours, week, year) and select whether to show notifications of new recordings.

    How to use WhatsApp on computer

    If you prefer a full-size keyboard or just the convenience of a large screen, use WhatsApp Web for WhatsApp Web.

    To continue, you must download WhatsApp for Windows or Mac (download) or switch to the WEB version of the client ( Now you need to scan the QR code using the WhatsApp mobile application. On the phone, tap the three-point menu in the upper right corner, now select WhatsApp Web to start the function of reading the QR code. Now scan the QR code from the website or detoscope program using your phone and that’s all.

    The biggest drawback of the computer and web version of WhatsApp is that it is completely attached to the phone. You cannot use WhatsApp on a computer if the phone is turned off or if the phone does not have internet. However, it is better than nothing.

    How to transfer files from phone to computer (and vice versa)

    WhatsApp для компьютера дает возможность обмениваться файлами между компьютером и телефоном.

    Все, что вам нужно сделать, это создать группу с любым из ваших контактов, удалить выбранный контакт, а группа останется. Thus, you will have your own private file sharing hub. It remains only to send files from the phone to the group, and then download them to the computer (or vice versa).

    Take Beta Tests

    To be the first to learn and try new features, you need to join the beta program. This means that sometimes errors and other shortcomings will appear, so it’s worth considering.

    To become a member of the beta program, go to the WhatsApp page in the Google Plya Store and scroll down until you see the “Become a beta tester” section. Click the "I ..." button and you will be credited to the beta program. Updating the beta version works the same as updating the stable version, just click the "Update" button to get the new version of the application.

    Instructions for Iphone and Android

    WhatsApp font change instructions for iPhone and Android are almost identical. To do this, you do not have to resort to the help of third-party programs and services if you have an updated version of the messenger. And your interlocutor will also see unusual fonts that you send him, in the presence of the same updated version. Otherwise, it will just be a character set of the wrong encoding.

    How many font options are available on WhatsApp? Four:

    • Fatty,
    • Italics,
    • Crossed out
    • Developer Font

    If the first three are more or less less clear, what does the font of developers look like? Just like a regular one, only slightly larger and with large gaps between the letters. Not the most pleasant font to read, but still makes at least some variety in the correspondence.

    To use the WhatsApp developers font, you need to highlight your message on two sides with three apostrophes, like this: `` Message

    And now let's talk a little more about the other three messenger fonts for older versions of the application.

    Flip text to Vostap

    Surprise the interlocutor with the inverted text, follow the instructions:

      • Open our service in the browser (phone or computer - it doesn’t matter),
      • Write whatever you want and then copy it,

    • Insert into chat with correspondence,