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How to reduce jpg file size? 4 quick ways!


If you send a message that exceeds the size limit for the mail server of the sender or recipient, the message will be returned to you and will not be delivered. Such a letter is called "returned." Optimizing the size of images and attachments for e-mail helps to avoid exceeding the maximum message size in most email accounts. Follow these steps to automatically reduce image size and attach them to emails.

What is a jpg file.

Jpeg (pronounced "jeep", eng. Joint Photographic Experts Group) - the most popular raster image format. Files that contain images have the extension jpg

If you pay attention, the names of many graphic images on your computer have the form ("photo name" .jpg or "photo name" .jpeg). The .jpg extension is the most popular.

JPG files are perfectly compressed with or without loss of quality. Accordingly, it all depends on what the user wants to get in the end result. There are a huge number of programs and online services for image compression. Therefore, let's look at how to reduce the size of a JPG file, in various ways and programs. In order to determine the initial weight of the image, you need to right-click on it and select "Properties".

How to reduce image size using standard Windows tools?

If you do not have to change the image size often, then the standard Paint program is suitable for such purposes. Its functionality will be enough for our purposes. So Paint allows you to perform the following functions:

  • The ability to add different text to the image,
  • Fill individual elements
  • The ability to trim unwanted fragments,
  • Insert another image and more.

If you are editing an image while adding new elements, then its size will change.

In order to reduce the jpg file size using the Paint graphical editor, follow the instructions below.

  1. Select the desired image file and right-click on it. From the menu that appears, select the “Change” item. The Paint editor opens automatically.
  2. We are looking at the toolbar button "Resize",
  3. A window will open in which you and I need to specify a new image size. Resizing is available in percent and pixels.

How to reduce JPG file size using Microsoft Office programs.

Since the MS Office software package is installed on most user computers. Then we will use this tool to edit the JPG file size.

In order to figure out how to reduce the size of a JPG file using MS Picture Manager, we do the following:

  1. We open the program.
  2. We add an image or choose to open on the desired file using MS Picture Manager.
  3. In the toolbar, look for the item “Image” and in the drop-down list, click the button “Compress image”. Next, adjust the percentage of image compression.

Reduce the size of the JPG file using online services.

If the above methods do not suit you or you need to compress a very large number of images, then you can use the online image compression services. One of these services is

With it, you can reduce the image size to the maximum possible, while the program itself will perform all the actions for you. You will only need to add an image to the online service.

After adding a picture or photograph, the program will automatically analyze the file, and if possible, compress it. At the same time, the image size, length and width, remains unchanged. The service works with different graphic image formats, so it is suitable for many users.

Another online service that allows you to resize a file with an image is The service supports working with various image formats. Unlike, the user chooses the settings for the created image.

You can set the image size manually or choose from the proposed options.

For better compression, the program has various filters. In the save options, you can also set values ​​that reduce the size of the output file.

Reduce the size of the image using the Snagit editor.

Not so long ago, I wrote an article on how to take a screenshot, in this article I touched on the consideration of the Snagit program, which can take not only screenshots, but also edit the received images. This program is perfect for our purposes, now I will show you and tell you how to reduce the size of the JPG file using the Snagit editor.

I propose to carry out all the points.

  1. Open the Snagit editor,
  2. In the menu bar, click "File" and in the drop-down list, select "Open",
  3. Select the desired image,
  4. Next, in the menu bar, open the "Image" tab and in the toolbar click "Resize",
  5. In the menu that opens, set the desired image size,

  1. After, save the image using the “File” menu - “Save As”.

After resizing the image, the file will have less weight. In order to further reduce it, I recommend using the online services described above.


Today we looked at how to reduce the size of a JPG file. Now, you can easily resize the image and its weight. This will help you save space on your computer’s hard drive, flash drive or phone memory card. Also, compressed files will be transmitted faster over the network. As you can see, in most cases, you can change the file size without losing quality.

About Standards

The universal width is considered to be the range of 550-600 pixels, but now we can even see 900. Why is it so important and where do the standards come from?

More than 10 years ago, Microsoft Outlook was a key email service and standard monitor screens were low resolution. Marketers had to adapt to these limitations. Hence the rule of 600 pixels and its widespread use around the world.

But a lot has changed since then:

97% of screens with a resolution of 1024 × 768 pixels or more

1366 × 768 the most popular resolution at the moment

53% of emails open on mobile devices - only 26% on iPhone

Due to such statistics, we can observe a revolution in email marketing - a revolution in design. More and more emails look like websites. The most effective email campaigns in the world are full of large, vibrant and “full width” images. How do marketers do this?

600 pixels is the size that the letter will correctly display, because few people will use the horizontal scroll that appears if it is too wide. Users prefer the usual actions. Do not forget about smartphones and tablets that adapt letters in their own way. This width will protect you from many troubles and will show your letter in the form that you created.

What width is right for your email campaigns? Many marketers have addressed this question just to get confusing answers that seem like relics of the past. Let's analyze in detail and go through all the possible options.

To make a decision, it is important to consider different mail services, devices, display sizes, type of template.

Mail services do not use full-screen mode of displaying letters. The place is occupied by menus, advertising, navigation, which create their own limitations. Therefore, if you want the email to display well in the mail program, you can make it 550-640 pixels. If you want to go further and create a letter wider - do it, but remember that many mail programs may not display the background or add a horizontal scroll to view all the content. Just check your letter before sending it through services such as Litmus or Email on Acid, which will give you an accurate idea of ​​how it will look in different email clients.


In a message that is wider than 640 pixels wide, Gmail will only show the background if you stretch the browser wider than 1200 pixels

In Yahoo Mail, you can view email at a maximum width of 650 pixels.

Outlook 2007 maximum value of 600 pixels

Outlook 2013 - 550 pixels

On mobile devices, restrictions are set at 320 pixels for vertical and 480 pixels for horizontal viewing.

If your letter is adaptive, then this means that the width will be different for each device. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the maximum sizes of each.

To select these sizes you need to exit from such data:

What mailers do your subscribers use to open letters?

Is your email adaptive for each program or is it too wide and a horizontal page scroll appears?

Often, companies that conduct experiments with email widths of 640, 700, or 960 pixels use adaptive templates, so the width is automatically configured for the mail service and recipient’s device.

There are companies that focus on mobile from the very beginning and create a design for them.

For example, Nike has the same letter layout for all devices:

And Victoria’s Secret creates a universal structure with a width of 520 pixels:

We do not recommend using this method. What is correctly displayed on a smartphone or tablet in the desktop version may seem strange and incomprehensible. For example, Victoria’s Secret often tears letters due to experiments with width. Use the adaptability feature to be suitable for all devices.

The height is not limited and depends on the length of the content, but let's think about the recipients. The longer the email, the less likely it is that they will read it to the end, go to the site and buy something. Write the main idea at the very beginning.

The total height of the web page is 960 pixels, which is usually not enough to enter information for the email. The most commonly used length ranges from 1,500 to 2,500 pixels. This is usually enough for the content and easily scrollable by users.

But Gmail will cut too long and heavy message content. And at the end, as we know, there is an unsubscribe link that the user may not see and, most likely, will send you to spam.

If your letter weighs a lot, there is no guarantee that it will correctly display in Gmail and Yahoo! Mail Both Gmail and Yahoo Mail reduce the size of an email if it increases these values:

Size limit for Gmail is 102 kb

For Yahoo! Mail limit is 100 kb

All other email clients do not reduce the sent message. Often the 100 kb limit is too small and not enough to create an email template. The size often depends on the editor you use. As a rule, there is an additional code that will be automatically added when creating a letter template. You can delete this code manually and significantly reduce the size of the email, or simply select the email editor that will do this.

Main part

This block indicates the information for which the letter was opened. The maximum length of text content should be about 500-600 pixels. This is enough to highlight any topic with 5-7 sentences.

The length of the text. General recommendation - 45-75 characters in one line. If your font in the mobile version is the same as in the desktop one, then you can embed approximately 45 characters per line, and 75 characters if you use the maximum width in the template of 600 pixels.

E-mail is not a place where you can read an article with long stories or explore a new field of knowledge. Write the text if you are sure that it will be useful to the target audience, but stick to one topic. A letter with different messages has a low chance of high conversions.

You can use as much text as you need without affecting the overall weight of the email. But remember: the longer the content you use, the less likely it is for users to read it. Better publish an intriguing short description with the ability to read on your website, because the goal of any business is to sell, isn’t it?

Placement of goods. Place no more than three products in one line, so that the recipient will be easier to consider them.

There is an unwritten rule to show no more than 6-9 recommended products in one email. Do not use too many items, do not be aggressive. No one likes obsessive promos. Say less than more. It’s best to post popular offers and provide a link to a website.

If you use an image with large sizes, there is no guarantee that it will be in good quality and have optimal weight. For example, if you use an adaptive template no matter what images you upload to the letter, their quality will not be changed, so the overall size will be large enough to affect the download speed.

Control the weight of the pictures. The larger the weight of the image, the longer it will load. Half of the users will not wait and you will miss buyers. Simplify the process of viewing letters by reducing the image in our editor. Read more about working with the picture block at the link.

Create content blocks with a maximum length of 900 pixels. This is enough to make 3 different information blocks. Each time you add a new one, ask yourself if this information is appropriate and mandatory.

Consider the location of goods from other companies:

Call to action. These are not only successful titles and pictures, but also buttons. They seem to prompt the reader the next step. The main requirement for the button is to stand out, but also to match the design of the letter. There are no size restrictions. The clearer a call to action you post, the more conversions you get.

Often companies make a footer with a menu and a full address, so they are more than standard options for this element.

Some marketers include a privacy policy or any other additional information to comply with the “40% of images and 60% of text” rule. This is a common practice with foreign companies, but so that all users do not read it, but only those who are really interested, this information goes down.

Another design option for the footer is to place a long company address. Do not expect someone to send you a real letter or visit your company after receiving the email. The best solution is to give a link to the About Us page, where this information will be fully disclosed.

We recommend using concise ones that contain the most relevant information. The classic footer should contain contacts, the ability to unsubscribe and social network icons. The standard size is 600x200 pixels. This is more than enough to collect all the information listed.